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Windermere and Bowness

A 12 Mile circular cycle route.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 11.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  A 12 mile circular cycle route around the popular South Lakeland villages of Windermere and Bowness.

The route is a fairly even split... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Starting point

The route starts at the enterance to Green Hill.

Green Hill is a new native woodland that was planted in 1997. The 12 Hectare site was formally rough fell land with some scattered mature trees. It has been transformed into a young upland oakwood by a mixture of planting native trees and also providing suitable conditions to encourage naturally... More

2. Track to A5074 Winster Road

The bridleway which runs through Green Hill starts as a Tarmacadam road but quickly progress into a stone track and then finishes on a grass section.

There are some lovely view towards the distant fells.

3. Winster Road Junction

The bridelway ends at the junction with the Winster road. Proceed straight across onto Green Lane.

4. B5284 Crook Road

There is a relatively short stretch of the route on the N5284 Crook Road which can get quite busy at times.

5. Cleabarrow to Lickbarrow Byway

The byway which quickly turns to a track runs the 3/4 mile to High Lickbarrow.

6. Heathwaite Bridleway

The Heathwaite Bridleway runs around the outskirts of Windermere.

7. End of Heatwaite Bridleway

The bridleway finishes at Thwaites Lane. Turn left and follow the road round and take the third right into Claife Avenue. Follow Claife Avenue to pass under the railway arch into Thwaites Road. There is a short steep unhill section to join the main Kendal - Windermere road.

8. Kendal - Windermere Road A591

Turn left and follow the road into Windermere.

The town of Windermere lies 1kilometer from Lake Windermere, the town itself dosn't touch the lake, and is sometimes confused with the older town of Bowness On Windermere, over the years both towns have grown in population and are sometimes mistaken as one.

Windermere has changed considerably over the past centaury or so, not only in it' s... More

Bowness-on-Windermere is a sprawling tourist town on the shore of Windermere, about halfway along the 12 mile length of the lake between Waterhead at the North end, and Lakeside at the South end. It developed after the opening of the railway line from Oxenholme and Kendal to Windermere in 1847. Bowness was the nearest accessible point on the lake.
... More

11. Final Stretch

The final strech of the route is a fairly steep climb up to Ghyill Head and then back to the Start of the Green Hill Trail.