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Fulltofta: lilla rundvandringen

Fulltofta: the small circular trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.728 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  In the centre of Skåne, east of the Ringsjöarna Lakes lies the exciting recreation area of Fulltofta. Fulltofta is an old country... more »

Tips:  A complete map of the Fulltofta recreation Area can be downloaded from: http://en.skanskalandskap.se/recreation-areas/fulltofta/

... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Hästhagen

There is a car park, toilet, information signs and a barbeque area here.

Här finns parkering, toalett, informationstavlor och grillplats.

2. St Magnhilds Spring/Sankta Magnhilds källa

Spring. St Magnhild was one of the most important local saints in Skåne. On the way to her funeral at Fulltofta Church in 1215, the coffin bearers lay down the coffin here to have a rest. According to legend, it is said that this was when the spring water appeared. The remains of the saint are hidden in the massive walls of Lund Cathedral.

... More

3. Andrummet

Newly opened site for meditation, quiet and reflection with a wonderful view over the eastern Lake Ringsjön.

Nyinvigd plats för meditation, stillhet och eftertanke med underbar utsikt över Östra Ringsjön.

4. Bäckaslingan

You are now following the red-marked footpath through beech woodland. After a few hundred metres, just after the bridge over the little woodland stream, you leave the marked footpath and follow the slope of the ravine passed impressive ancient beech trees.

Genom bokskogen följer du nu rödmarkerad stig. Efter några hundra meter, precis efter... More

5. Ravinslingan

After you have passed by some of the structures which relate to the outdoor education activities run by Drömmarnas hus (The House of Dreams) you come up to the Ravinslingan Trail which has been adapted for disabled visitors. Take the opportunity to take a look in the newly built water mill which can be seen down by the dam.

Efter att ha passerat ... More

6. The bee house/Bihuset

During the warm season and if you like honey, you can see how it is made. This is a demonstration building for beekeeping and honey production. You can also taste the honey.

Gillar du honung kan du under den varma säsongen beskåda hur den blir till. Här finns ett demonstrationshus för biodling och honungstillverkning. Och här kan du även... More

7. Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre/Fulltofta Naturcentrum

A centre for the senses. Touch and feel. Listen. Take a peek at what is hiding behind the doors. This is the best way to experience the exhibition at Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre. People, the countryside and the traces we leave behind us are the main themes of the exhibition, which is situated in a renovated barn. You can have a cup of tea... More

8. Camp site/Lägerplats

There are two shelters for those of you who enjoy sleeping outdoors.

Två vindskydd för dig som tycker om att övernatta i det fria.

9. Burial site/Gravfält

Impressive burial site in a beautiful location. There are several remains from different periods in history. The burial mounds from the Bronze Age, which have a diameter of about 12 metres, are the ones which stand out.

Mäktigt gravfält som ligger vackert beläget. Här finns flera olika lämningar från olika tidsperioder men gravhögen från... More