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Værløse – Søndersø – Sækken – Farum Cycle Tour

På Cykeltur 18 Værløse – Søndersø – Sækken – Farum
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 9.818 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The ride from Værløse Station to Farum Station leads through a beautiful and interesting landscape. The trip invites you to break and ... more »

Tips:  The route is 13.5 km. The proposed detour to the bird tower at Farum Lake is 2.5 km. The route has no distinct markings, but follow... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Søndersø

Søndersø is the second largest lake in the former Copenhagen County. The lakeis with its 7.8 meters at its deepest point a relatively shallow lake. From the middle of the 1800s, attempts were made to drain Søndersø, but due to the ingress of groundwater experiment. was unsuccessful Now it is instead used to recoup large amounts of groundwater at... More

2. Præstesø

Once, Præstesø was a part of Søndersø, but was reclaimed to be used for agriculture. Then when agriculture was abandoned, the area slowly became a swamp, covered by dense willow thickets. In a collaboration between Copenhagen County, Værløse Municipality and the local nature conservation association, part of the former lake and open meadows and... More

3. Kirke Værløse

Kirke Værløse lies atop a low hill with the church dramatically enthroned on the outskirts of town. Archaeological findings testify that the village's history can be traced back to Viking times. Below the Romanesque stone church are found traces of an older wooden church. At the annex farm lands are found remains of a watermill. The farm is a... More

4. Ryet

Before the forests were protectedlay the beautiful, hilly landscape, Ryet as a cultivated clearing between several smaller forests. Ryetgård is one of the relocated buildings from Kirke Værløse.

Før skovene blev fredet, lå det smukke, kuperede landskab, Ryet, som en dyrket rydning mellem flere mindre skove. Ryetgård er én af de udflyttede... More

5. Ryethøj

Park the bikes and take a detour down to the old mound Ryethøj. From the bench at the mound is yet another fine view over the landscape. It's hard to imagine that you are so close to the big city. The mound and its surroundings are overgrown, but after the area was recently protected, Værløse Municipality, Forest and Nature Agency and the... More

6. Ryget Skov

The state-owned Ryget Forest is created by combining several small forests. Go for a detour to the bird tower on the shores of Farum Lake. Here one can be lucky enough to see osprey. Along the shores of the lake, the forest district furnished several bonfires.

Den statsejede Ryget Skov er opstået ved sammenlægning af flere småskove. Kør... More

7. Sækken

After the last ice age, Sækken lit: "the sack" (bog) was part of Farum Lake, but overgrew gradually. Peat moss (Sphagnum) forms a mire in the middle of the bog. Along the edges the bog is overgrown with impressive big red alder. It is impossible to move into the bog, but a path follows the west side.

Efter sidste istid var Sækken en del... More

8. Fugletårn

Bird watching tower

9. Bro over åen

Here's a bridge over the stream where you have to get off and lug your bike over to get to the other side.

Broen over åen skal man stå af og trække cyklen over, hvis det ikke kan lade sig gøre, kan man køre ud til vejen og derfra køre til Farum station.

10. Værløse Station

The Trip starts (or optionally ends) at Værløse train station where you can catch a train to Farum or Copenhagen or a bus everywhere else.

Turen starter her ved Værløse station

11. Fugletårn

Bird watching tower

The trip ends (or optionally starts) at Farum train station where you can catch a train to Copenhagen or a bus everywhere else.

Turen slutter (eller starter) ved Farum Station hvor der kører tog og busser.