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Gourmet Tour of Greek Food in Athens

From bustling markets to fragrant pastry stores and colourful spice emporiums, a culinary tour of Greece's capital
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Moussaka and souvlaki might be emblematic Greek dishes, but there's a bigger culinary picture waiting to be discovered in the... more »

Tips:  Since you'll be strolling through the heart of Athens and visiting some of the city's most popular areas, make sure to keep an eye on ... more »

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Points of Interest

Known as The Varvakios Agora to locals, what better place than the city's central market to start a Greek foodie's tour of Athens, capital of the country that invented the word gastronomy?

With squishy vegetables and fishy water on the ground it's best to wear sensible shoes (not sandals) before wading into the vibrant sea of sights and sounds.... More

2. Diporto Sokratous

The streets around Athens central market are dotted with good value restaurants serving hearty home-cooked meals. Head for pick-of-the-bunch Diporto and order giant butter beans in rich tomato sauce, grilled fish, tripe stew and wine served straight from the barrel
Menu from 8 euros

Daily: 6am-6pm
Sometimes closed in August - check... More

3. Evripidou Street

From cumin to coriander, basil to bay leaves, you'll find herbs and spices scattered over tomato and cucumber choriatiki salads, sprinkled on top of moussaka or adding a punch to lamb stew.

A vital part of Greek cuisine, you can soak up an aromatic slice of the country's spice culture along Evripidou Street, but you won't be alone: this... More

4. Athinas Street

In the country that invented the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is a must-buy.

Just a short stroll from the spice shops of Evridipou Athinas Street, linking the Acropolis with Omonia, is a vibrant artery lined with blue-flowering jacaranda trees and packed with quirky little craft emporiums,clothes stores and shops selling Greek gastronomic... More

After trawling past all that fine food you're probably feeling peckish so wind up your tour at one of the best home-food-style eateries in this part of town.
Follow Athinas street and it's a ten minute walk to Monastiraki.

At the heart of the city's Monastiraki flea market district you'll find Cafe Avissinia, a colourful eatery decked out with... More