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A walk in Ixelles

A 4 hours walk in the neighborhood of students and artists of Brussels. Local atmosphere and hip bars await you!
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 2.7 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  Starting with a nice walk in some of the buzzling streets and squares of Ixelles' neighborhood. The tour continues to the relaxing... more »

Tips:  A good time to start the tour is on a Saturday or Sunday after lunch. You will be able to see the last hours of the Flagey square... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Place Blyckaerts, Ixelles

We start the route in Place Blyckaerts, and go down Malibran street. This street has some remarkable buildings from the beginning of 20th century (look at number 51), and lots of Moroccan and Middle Eastern shops and restaurants. If you want some Moroccan pastry, my favorite is the pastry shop on the corner between Maes St. and Malibran St. We... More

2. Place Flagey, Brussels

Flagey square or Place Flagey is the most famous square in the Ixelles' neighborhood. Always full of life, with children playing football or riding the bike, and full of bars and concert halls. Saturdays and Sundays morning there is a street market in the square, where you can sample some local food, such as oysters or some cheeses from the region... More

3. Etangs d'Ixelles - Ixelles' ponds

Two magnificient lakes surrounded by wonderful art-nouveau houses are ideal for a walk. If the day is sunny, you can also enjoy sitting on the grass close to one of the lakes and relax. We will continue past the second lake (around 1km walk) towards our next POI.

4. Abbey of Ixelles

The Abbey of Ixelles is an ancient Abbey that is still in use. It has a beautiful a church and wonderful gardens that you can enjoy. From here go back to Place Flagey from the other side of the lakes to complete a full turn.

In Flagey square, there is a bar/coffeeshop that it is in itself an institution in this neighborhood. Go inside and order a beer or a coffee and enjoy live as people from Ixelles do. Next to it you will find a concert/exhibitions hall. Take a look to see if there is any interesting event you would like to attend to while in Brussels!

6. rue Lesbroussart and rue du Bailli

Take tram number 81 from Place Flagey for 2 stops (stopping at Eglise de la Trinite). If you feel like walking, you can walk up Rue Lesbroussart, cross Avenue Louise and continue on Rue du Bailli until you reach the church. These two streets are famous for their restaurants, bars and shops.

Very close to the church there is Place Chatelain (Chatelain square). On Wednesday afternoons there is a street market with lots of food carts, but on any other day there are lots of bars and restaurants surrounded by beautiful buildings. One of the streets meet at Place du Chatelain, Rue du Page, is famous for its restaurants. Try Mamma Roma for ... More