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Traditional Meets Contemporary in the Born

Find gourmet food and Picasso in the sleepy streets of this shabby-chic neighborhood
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Barcelona is a city of contrasts, where the old and the new Spain live together side by side and where its disparate elements combine ... more »

Tips:  Wear good walking shoes and watch out for pickpockets.

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Points of Interest

Architecture fans will lose their hearts in Barcelona, perhaps starting with this stunning early 20th century music hall. The Modernista facade of bright mosaic pillars and brick arches is awe inspiring. Note lavish details such as the floral-tiled columns topped with the busts of Bach, Beethoven and Palestrina on the main façade and Wagner on the... More

The covered market, part of Barcelona daily life, is where people go to buy everything from ham to jam and often stay to eat, too. This magnificent structure has been architecturally restored and revamped in recent years and newly designed by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabu. It now sports a stunning, undulating colored roof. Inside are a... More

Christopher Columbus sailed into the port of Barcelona with an exotic cargo of foodstuffs from across the globe, including a few sacks of cacao beans. Chocolate making has been part of the Spanish culture for centuries and now gourmet chocolate is on the ascendancy in chic boutiques and cafes in a city known for its high-quality food culture.

... More

The medieval street of Calle Montcada is now home to the Picasso museum, housing the world's largest collection of the artist's early works in a beautiful medieval palace.

The city's famous adopted son spent formative years mixing with Catalonia's fin-de-si-cle avant-garde. The fine collection includes works from his famious Blue Period as well ... More

This is a traditional working man's venue for a bite to eat and some fizzy stuff in old-fashioned champagne glasses. Run by the jovial Esteve family for three generations, you can get real insight into the tapas culture of this city: fresh anchovies, succulent grilled peppers on toast, spicy sausages and slices of Serrano ham.
Address:... More

The heart of this community is the wide open, tree-lined Passeig del Born. As this area has become increasingly fashionable, the street has become synonymous with stylish bars and trendy boutiques. A good place to shop, window shop and break for refreshments.

7. La Botifarrería de Santa María

Barcelona is a gourmet's delight with foodstuffs ranging from chocolate to chacutarie. La Botifarrería de Santa María is just behind the Santa Maria del Mar church. Its specialty is homemade "butifarras," Catalan sausages based on pork loin, bacon, salt and pepper. The attention to detail is evident in sausage varieties ranging from classic... More

The beautiful Gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most popular religious centers for the city's inhabitants. The feeling that it is an authentic, functioning place of worship is apparent when you step inside to glimpse a baptism or a wedding service or witnes someone pausing on their way home to pray.
The sense of serenity a visitor... More