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A Moderniste Morning: Cafe de L'Opera to Palau Guell and Hotel Espana

Sightseeing and dining in Moderniste buildings
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  A relaxing, half-day walk near Las Ramblas including breakfast and lunch in Moderniste heritage buildings.

Visit of newly-renovated ... more »

Tips:  Nearest metro station: Liceu

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Points of Interest

I wake up early one morning, hungry for chocolate, churros and more architectural sightseeing in Barcelona. Most people head over to the Boqueria for fruit juice and other snacks at the food counters, but we want something more intimate (okay, a comfortable chair away from the hustle and bustle of the food market is also on the agenda).

Cafe de ... More

What more can be said about this Market of Markets? I have chosen a hotel nearby so that we can pop in daily for a fruit juice from one of the many boisterous stalls.

I also NEED to be within walking distance so that I can find my way -- eyes closed -- to Bar Pinotxo, home of a xuxo (cream-filled Catalan pastry) that rivals any other I've ever... More

As we head back down Las Ramblas, we find ourselves automatically peeking into the building that houses Pasteleria Escriba, our favorite bakery/cafe. It is properly known as Antiga Casa Figueras and was decorated in 1902 by Antoni Ros i Guell, but we usually refer to it simply as Escriba. It always amuses me to sit inside the cafe and count how... More

It is almost 10 am now and we speedwalk down Las Ramblas to Palau Guell. This was the city mansion of Count Eusebi Guell, the prominent businessman and patron of Barcelona's most famous architectural son, Antoni Gaudi. The property had been closed for extensive renovation for several years and only re-opened in May 2011. It is one of my favorite... More

After Palau Guell, we head back up Las Ramblas to the Hotel Espana. This historic hotel has been newly renovated by a luxury hotel group and converted from a rundown backpackers' hotel into a comfortable, modern hotel with Moderniste elements. I am impatient to see how the restoration has rejuvenated the building, originally decorated in 1902 by... More