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Zugspitze and Höllentalklamm

The trip to the highest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitze. Starting in Hammersbach and through the Höllentalklamm.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.4 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  This tour takes you up the highest mountain in Germany the Zugspitze. It is 2962m (9 717 ft) high and on this tour you have to do a... more »

Tips:  The best timing in the year from August to end of September. Check the webcams for snow before you start the tour. In the webcams link... more »

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Points of Interest

1. magic forrest

This is a attraction for kits. For small children it almost feels like a fairy tale. There are many stations, that are fun for children to look at or play with. Everything is made of wood and stones. Fun for the whole family. All the signs are in German.

2. Höllentalklamm

The "Höllentalklamm" is a flume and the German name means the flume of Hell. The entrance cost you 3€ per adult. The flume is quite cold and wet so you should put on a pullover and a rain-jacket. The path is always secured and suitable to take kits with you. In the flume you won't have GPS connection.

3. The Zugspitz glacier

This is the true Zugspitz glacier. It is far bigger than the one the tourists see from the "Münchner Haus". At this point you have to put on your crampon or pack out your other glacier gear. Usually there are always a few people on the glacier. Although the glacier is a bit steep (max. 25°) and there are a few gaps the glacier, it is not dangerous... More

4. The Zugspitz summit

Unfortunately the summit is very crowded, because there is a cogwheel train and a cable car going up to the "Münchner Haus". The cross marking the highest point of the Zugspitze just got renewed a few years ago.
The view is great and you can see all the surrounding peaks like the Krottenkopf, Benediktenwand, Heimgarten and many others.

5. The Münchner Haus

The "Münchner Haus" is not just a hut like all the other mountain hut in the alps. It has three beergardens, a lot of shops, a post office, places to sleep, a science station with an observatory and of course the cable car and the cogwheel-train down to the "eibsee"(lake) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen(city).
The food and drinks are pretty good, but... More

6. Rams and Birds

The left over gravel from the melting glacier is a place where much wildlife is hanging around. On the ground you can find rams and deer. Up in the air you'll see many birds. Most of the time you see smaller birds, but you may also spot some hawks and falcons.

7. via ferrata 2nd

This time the rope secured path is a bit harder to climb and you have to take some magnesia to prevent your muscles from cramping. (Bananas) The iron-rope just had some poles renewed so it is in a good state.

8. Waterfall

There is a waterfall, which is a great place to rest. From this spot you have a good view to the Waxenstein and the Alpspitze. Also this is the last point where you can get clean water. Most of the time the waterfall is very small but it becomes big during the melting season.

9. via ferrata

At this point you have to gear up, because the rock is getting to steep.
On a hot summer day the walls are full of butterflies. They even land on you.

10. Höllentalangerhütte

This is the Höllentalangerhütte. The small house offers a variety of foods and drinks. Also you can sleep or take a bathroom brake. The prices are moderate for Germany.
From this point you can see the new viewing platform of the Alpspitze.

11. parking lot

The parking lot is 5€ a day and you can stay there for a maximum of three days.