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The Louvre to Notre Dame

A walking tour of must-see attractions in the heart of Paris
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.2 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour of major sites in Paris starts out at the Louvre Museum. Along the way you'll have the chance to see stunning views of the... more »

Tips:  When planning to visit the Louvre, it helps to buy your tickets beforehand. You can escape the lines completely by purchasing your... more »

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Points of Interest

Home of that infamously ambiguous smile, this enormous collection has a lot more to offer than Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." Art history fans will be overwhelmed by iconic masterpieces; trying to see it all would take you weeks. Since the museum is separated into different wings, a good way to avoid exhausting yourself is to choose one or two wings that... More

Exit the Louvre on the east side and walk along the Seine toward the Pont Neuf. When this bridge was built in 1607 it was named "New Bridge" in French to distinguish it from the older bridges that surrounded it. These days the name is ironic, as it has outlasted all of its medieval neighbors and is now the oldest bridge in Paris. The bridge looks ... More

In the middle of the Pont Neuf you will find steps that descend down onto a narrow part of the île de la Cité Island. Just east of the bridge is the Place Dauphine. This public square in the First Arrondissement is actually a triangle. Bordering the Seine, it's perfect for a picnic. On one end you can see the quays (banks) of the Seine and on the ... More

On the opposite side of the Pont Neuf from Place Dauphine is the lovely Place du Pont Neuf. This tip of the île de la Cité juts out into the Seine, offering incredible views of the river and the banks on either side.

5. Café Procope

If you're in the mood for a meal, cross over to the left bank, wander up Rue Dauphine and hang a left on Rue Mazanne to find Café Procope. This is the oldest cafe still in business in Paris. Opened in 1686, it started as a cafe where fashionable men would come to drink coffee--an exotic drink at the time.

Today this French cafe serves... More

From Place Dauphine, walk East along Quai de l'Horloge and you will see the large gray walls of the Conciergerie, Paris' old royal palace. Countless prisoners were held here throughout the centuries, including nobles like Marie Antoinette, awaiting execution by guillotine. Tours are offered, accessible by the same door as Sainte-Chapelle on the... More

In this chapel you will find the most ornate 13th century stained-glass windows in existence.

In 1241, King Louis IX began planning the construction of the Sainte-Chapelle to house his collection of precious relics (including Christ's Crown of Thorns and sections of the True Cross). It became an easy target during the French Revolution when it... More

8. Place Saint-Michel

Cross the Seine on the Pont Saint-Michel and you will run into this popular square, Place Saint-Michel, with a fountain of St. Michel fighting a dragon dating from 1860 at its center. Linger long enough to be entertained by the many street performers who stop here to delight the crowds. Feel free to stop into one of the many sidewalk cafés for a... More

This popular ex-pat English-language bookstore is a tribute to all of the great literary minds that have called Paris home throughout the years. Named after the bookstore that was frequented by Hemingway and James Joyce during the early 20th century, this narrow shop crammed with books of all sorts is full of dusty, intellectual charm.
37 Rue ... More

The Cathedrale Notre-Dame's exterior has been photographed, painted and filmed so many times that by now the sight of it will feel familiar. That does not make it any less magnificent. In recent years, workers have successfully removed decades of dirt, soot and pigeon droppings from the building, making it a bright alabaster white. The improvement... More