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Marmion Marine Park

Perth's submerged wonders

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 13.67 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  The clear shallow lagoons, reefs and small islands of Marmion Marine Park are a diver’s paradise, forming ledges, caves and... more »

Tips:  Boating, swimming, whale watching, windsurfing, kite syrfing and kayaking are all popular activities in the park. You are welcome to... more »

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Points of Interest

Trigg Island is a popular diving and fishing spot (no spearfishing is permitted). There are picnic facilities onshore.

The reef platform north of Trigg Island provides a safe and interesting environment to learn to snorkel, and has access for divers or snorkellers with disabilities. This site has a depth of 1-4m but can be subject to huge swells,... More

Sheltered Mettams Pool is a good family spot in which you can see a range of marine plant and animal species close to shore.

It is less than 2m deep inside this naturally formed lagoon. There is also access for the disabled. A reasonably good range of fish species resides within the pool, particularly in the holes and crevices in the southern... More

3. Offshore from Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club

Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club (MAAC) is one of the most popular shore dives within the Marmion Marine Park. It is excellent for both SCUBA diving and snorkelling, although the combination of shallow depth and swell may make snorkelling more comfortable and less arduous. Be aware that the dive is very susceptible to swell and poor visibility, so... More

The marina of Hillarys Boat Harbour has a range of services such as shops and food outlets, as well as fishing and diving supplies, and public boat launching areas.

Numerous privately operated whale watching (from August to November), diving and fishing charters operate from the marina. Fun and educational attractions at Hillarys Boat Harbour... More

5. Boyinaboat Reef

Boyinaboat is just 75m from the sea wall of Hillarys Boat Harbour, and its location and beauty has made it one of the most popular dive sites in Perth. It lies within a Department of Transport boating exclusion zone so no boats may enter the sanctuary zone surrounding the reef (see the Department of Transport link for boating regulations).

... More

6. Cow Rocks

Cow Rocks, only 500m west of Hillarys Boat Harbour with a depth of about 6m, is probably the jewel of the chain of reefs lying one kilometre offshore in Marmion Marine Park.

Cow Rocks consist of two small reefs which are easily found, as each has a peak rising one metre about sea level. These can be seen as soon as you leave Hillarys Boat... More

7. Wanneroo Reef

Wanneroo Reef, north-west of Hillarys Boat Harbour, consists of a main reef about 90m long, with two lumps at the northern end.

The maximum depth around Wanneroo Reef is 6m, with the reef flat being exposed. If there are onshore winds, start on the eastern side, beginning at the north-eastern lump. Marine life is similar to the main reef, with a... More

8. Little Island

The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) recommends that visitors do not land on Little Island. The island comprises crumbling limestone rock and there is a high risk of rockfall. It is also an area where sea lions rest or 'haul out'.

Australian sea lions (Neophoca cinerea) are marvellous divers and in the Perth area spend their time at sea... More

9. Wreck Rock

Wreck Rock features numerous crevices and overhangs lined with a diverse range of invertebrates. This is an excellent dive in eight metres of water.

Beginning on the western side of Wreck Rock, just beyond an area of broken reef, you will come across a large cave, followed by a ledge and more broken reef. Baler shells may be seen in areas of... More

10. Whitfords Rock

Whitfords Rock, just north of Wreck Rock, is easy to find, close to Hillarys Boat Harbour and offers a rewarding dive. It has many intricate overhangs, ledges and swimthroughs in 7m of water. The south-western side, in particular, has some spectacular limestone formations.

At the northern end of Whitfords Rock is an area of broken reef. A very... More

11. North Lump

Located within ‘The Lumps Sanctuary Zone’, North Lump offers a rewarding dive within a small area, with interesting arches, caves and tunnels, and excellent invertebrate life. The reef is entirely submerged and lies in eight metres of water.

North Lump is 4.5km north of Hillarys Boat Harbour. It is suggested that you anchor on the leeward side.... More

12. Burns Rocks

Burns Rocks are at the northern end of the Marmion Marine Park, a little more than 1km offshore. They cover an area about 150m in length and comprise three jagged remnant limestone islets, rising about 3-4m above sea level. The islets are set on a reef platform, which is exposed at low tide and skirts the rocks. Access from the south by boat is... More