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Irene Parlby Park Segway Tour

Take a ride on a Segway to explore this park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.045 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a trip through Irene Parlby Park on a Segway that people can rent in Louise McKinney Park from River Valley Adventure Co. In ... more »

Tips:  -There are also Segway tours of the other parks nearby.
-River Valley Adventure Co. plans on staying open year round and will be... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Starting out from Louise McKinney Park

This is home base for River Valley Adventure Co. and our Segway Rental.

2. Entering Irene Parlby Park

A narrow, but beautiful park that runs along the riverside in Rossdale.

3. Look way up the road

If you look up at this point, you can see the legislature buildings.

4. Rest area in Irene Parlby

There are a couple of nice rest areas in this park.

5. Sculpture at the rest area

You can always find new things in the river valley.

6. The Mill Creek Ravine runoff

This is where the storm waters enter the North Saskatchewan from the Mill Creek Ravine

7. Future play area

The city is currently building a playground by the park.

8. Looking out at the river

A great location for a break

9. Small pedestrian bridge

A small, but attractive bridge

10. Another great river view

All along this park, you are right next to the river

11. Information signage

A rest area and information station explaining the Epcor site

12. Watch your head!

You might have to duck to get through the construction area.

13. The Walterdale Bridge

The soon to be replaced Walterdale Bridge

14. Epcor Power Plant

Hard at work removing the old power plant

15. Segway through the trees

The Segway's are great, even on mixed trails.

16. Under the bridge looking upriver

From here you can see the Queen of Edmonton at rest