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William Hawrelak Park

One of the busiest and best parks in the city

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.056 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Hawrelak Park is one of Edmonton's busiest parks. It is a very accessible park for all ages and all levels of mobility. It is also a... more »

Tips:  -Bring some money if you want to rent a paddleboat
-Keep an eye on the calendar and watch the great festivals that go on in this park.
... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking lot, Hawrelak park

The main parking lot at Hawrelak Park

2. One of the many picnic spots

Picnic locations are available for booking through the City of Edmonton

3. Walking towards the main pavilion

The main pavilion on Hawrelak's man made lake

4. Viewpoint from the pavilion

Looking across the lake on the pavilion steps

5. Inside shot

An inside shot of the pavilion

6. Paddle Rental Centre

You can rent paddle boats for the lake at this location

7. Heritage Amphitheatre

The back side of the Heritage Amphitheatre

8. Looking across the lake

The view across the lake from the other side

9. More picnic areas

There are many picnic areas hidden up in the trees

10. A view of the lakeshore pavilion

A different look of the the pavilion

11. Lakeside Park Bench

A nice spot for a rest

12. Hawrelak Park beach area

A little bit of sand for the kids to enjoy