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Strathcona Science Park Exploration Walk

Explore the Strathcona Science Park

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 2.423 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Strathcona Science Park is the only Provincial park in the River Valley Alliance park system. Over the past century, this area has... more »

Tips:  -You can get to the Science Park from the 17th Street Exit and by driving along Petroleum Way if you are coming from Sherwood Park.
... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead

This is the beginning of this walk, just off of the main parking lot.

2. Trail marker

There are still some of the original trail markers here and there in the park.

3. Old stairs

A staircase hiding in the trees leading to a different gravel trail

4. Bottom of ski hill

This is the bottom trail at the bottom of the ski hill

5. Just a nice shot

A beautiful shot of the valley

6. Ski lifts

Looking up at Sun Ridge's ski lifts

7. Pedestrian bridge

This is a great shot of the pedestrian bridge which connects the Science Park to Rundle Park.

8. The Bridge

View from the bridge looking towards Rundle park

9. Science park info

One of the only two signs with Science Park information on it that are still around.

10. North Saskatechewan

One of the wonderful views of the River Valley

11. Another shot

Just another picture