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Family-Friendly Bermuda

Where to go and what to do on this now affordable 21-square-mile British isle.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  Bermuda’s clear waters and high-service hotels were, until recently, largely the haunts of wealthy honeymooners and golfers. The 21... more »

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Points of Interest

1. 9 Beaches

You no longer have to travel halfway across the globe to sleep in an overwater villa. 9 Beaches brings these chic and simple bungalows to Bermuda (for a third of the price of those found in Polynesia). The 84 cabanas are really tent-cabin hybrids, constructed out of vinyl and canvas on aluminum frames. The sea-blue-and-white décor is charming, and... More

The 94-room Cambridge beaches may be the preppiest, most conservative place on the island (you’d swear you were at a country club), but the resort, on 30 acres of Bermuda’s remote west end, does think outside the box: it’s the only one that has accommodations with dedicated pools. Each of the three freestanding new suites overlooks the Atlantic... More

3. Elbow Beach

In the next few years, when the last stroke of clotted cream-colored paint is applied to the grand dowager duchess of Bermuda resorts, when the last lacy fan of dried marine algae is mounted in a box frame and hung, Elbow Beach will be rebranded as a Mandarin Oriental resort. Guests can already see the transformation in the 235 guest rooms and the... More

4. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Tea Room

After a 185-step climb to the top of the cast-iron beacon, Bermuda’s highest point, repair to the keeper’s house for a cup of Earl Grey and baked beans on toast, or, later in the day, ice cream sundaes and frozen drinks. If you come between February and May, be on the lookout for migrating humpback whales.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, 68 St.... More

5. Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom

Nibble scones with clotted cream under the gaze of British royals, whose portraits grace the walls of this storybook National Trust cottage.

126 Somerset Rd.

(441) 234-1616

6. Paraquet Restaurant

This diner-style hangout, within walking distance of the Elbow Beach hotel, has thick chocolate milk shakes, roast turkey sandwiches, and fish chowder delivered to lime-green Formica tables.

68 South Shore Rd.

(441) 236-9742

Here’s the place for killer raspberry scones, paintings by local artists, and north-shore gossip, a block from the waterfront.

48 Reid St.

(441) 296-5241

8. The Frog & Onion Pub

The cavernous former barrel-making factory at the Dockyard attracts families who come for the very British fare (pasties, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie) and large game arcade—bloody brilliant!

The Cooperage, Royal Naval Dockyard
Ireland Island North

(441) 234-2900

9. The Reefs Hotel & Club

The resort offers a variety of room options, including cottages nestled among pristine limestone cliffs with dramatic views of Bermuda’s south shore. La Serena, the full-service spa, specializes in traditional Thai massage.

56 South Shore Rd.

(441) 238-0222

10. The Waterlot Inn

Steak and chops are served in a cozy beamed room at this 17th-century dockside residence. Despite the grown-up setting, the waitstaff is amazingly attentive to children, cheerfully cutting meat, spreading napkins across laps, and suggesting, with a wink, N

Middle Rd., Fairmont Southampton

(441) 238-8000