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Trip List by BillLawson

Merida Restaurants

14 Feb 2008  why, my stomach of course!
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A short list of my favorite place to eat in Merida, Yucatan

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  • 1. La Tradicion Yucatecan Restaurant

    If you are not up to driving out of the city to have authentic, home-cooked Yucatecan food, try Chef David Cetina´s La Tradición, on 60 street in Mérida. They use real ingredients, real handed down family recipes and ALL the Yucatecan food you could hope to find. Service is great, the tables are not plastic and there is AC!

  • 2. Hacienda Teya

    A great trip out of the city to have good Yucatecan food for lunch. Try their Queso Relleno, my all time favorite Yucatecan dish. They do a very good version. Their food is served on plates made of locally quarried stone. After your meal, they sometimes offer a grapefruit liqueur made on the premises (they have many trees in their orchard). Yum.

  • 3. La Susana Internacional

    Yucatecans traditionally will have a salbut or panucho in the evening, perhaps accompanied by a tamal, a caldo especial and some horchata. The best panuchos and salbutes (and caldos) are in Kanasin, a small town outside Merida in a restaurant called La Susana Internacional which in turn is located across from a little store called El Chisme II. My mouth waters as I write this. Definitely worth the effort required in finding it and getting there.
    Yes, there is a branch in Merida but it completely lacks the character of the original.

  • 4. Campay Sushi

    Campay Sushi remains my favorite place for fishy Japanese dishes. While their service has gone down a bit, it's still the best place to eat sashimi and all those wonderful rolls, like the Sake Kawamaki, a crispy salmon skin roll.

  • 5. Nectar

    This is Mérida's most adventurous and ambitious restaurant, with on again, off again service and tiny details that prevent it from becoming a consistent classic. Pricey, popular and very good food from Chef Solis who takes local ingredients and combines them in ways you could never have imagined. Oatmeal and traditional Yucatecan relleno negro in the same forkful? Unheard of! Great stuff.