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Kauai Beach House Questions & Answers

Kapaa, Hawaii

Private rooms have solid doors and NOT rattan doors. The person who commented did not stay at this hostel.

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Kapaa, Hawaii
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We are sorry you did not enjoy your stay on Kauai; but it is apparent that you have made an error on what hostel you stayed at. First off we have no “rattan” doors in our building anywhere; and certainly we would never allow them on a guest room due to their lack of privacy. You must have stayed at another hostel.

Please allow me to address some of your other concerns:

You complained of the hostel having mattress covers. Our hostel does have mattress covers. Mattress covers are used for sanitation and cleanliness as well as, as you yourself say, a way to prevent bed bugs from moving in as they live in mattress seems according to the internet. This is something we have fortunately never had the bad experience of having; but even many top hotel chains have suffered with these insects.

    Hostels and hotels use mattress covers and plastic pillow covers for your protection as both peoples bodies and their hair give off things that can go through sheets and pillow cases; including hair and body soaps and shampoos and oils, and lotions. We go the extra mile (kilometer) and the extra cost of providing this extra protection for you as well as do the other hostel owners we know. Mattress and pillow covers are sold at bedding stores worldwide, perhaps you are unaware of this.

You mentioned clientele, to prevent un-kept people from staying at our hostel, we Reserve the Right to Refuse Service/lodging to any people we feel are unsuitable to our clientele based on their appearance or cleanliness or lack thereof.

You mentioned the other hostel you tried to book at was full, that sounds more like our hostel as we turn away people most every night due to how popular we are for many reasons besides our waterfront location.

As to our bedding, we use quality bedding, no holes are tolerated, and even a bleach mark on a sheet makes us remove the sheet from our inventory. As well we pull sheets from our inventory when they look a little worn as they are inexpensive when bought online and we choose only 100% comfortable cotton (NO POLYESTER).

It is possible that a guest may be given a double size top sheet for a single size bed but that is not much to complain about.

We are also very sorry if one of our guests keeps other guests up an night. This is an issue shared by any hostel dorm anywhere, there is no way we could know in advance if a guest snores or talks in their sleep. That is just part of the deal in a shared accommodation dorm room! However when it is brought to our attention that someone snores or is disruptive to other guests when sleeping or at any other time we offer them, based upon availability the option to move into a private room or leave our hostel and move to a hotel where such a person is better accommodated . We agree that it is unfair for guests to bother other guests at any time or anywhere at the hostel. Did you notify our staff of this person's sleep disorder so we could make an immediate change of their accommodation or direct them to a hotel?

Another reason that it is apparent that you are critiquing the wrong hostel is that you complain of no bathrooms on our 2nd floor, when in fact we have 4 bathrooms on the 1st floor and 2 bathrooms on the second floor adjacent to the accommodations.

You mentioned you moved from the hostel to a hotel. When you stay at a hotel on Kauai, unfortunately it is not a “little extra money” but usually no less than a few hundred dollars per night more for an inexpensive hotel.

We are fortunate to be set right in front of a Blue Lagoon and the ocean with whale watching views from all of our 4 decks and we are inside of Kauai’s largest community (Kapa’a Town) having walking access to 20 restaurants and shops and 3 super market grocery stores and shopping centers. We are not isolated, there are over 60 restaurants in Kapa’a Town.

Of course you are NOT expected to turn off the water while soaping yourself in the shower at our hostel, HOWEVER, this is the modern world, and of course saving water and lessening the burden on island water and sewage systems is prudent, and sane, and a critical issue in some parts of the world. We are an ecologically conscious hostel; and a portion of your cost of accommodations is being saved for installation of solar water heating and solar electric. As well, saving on your utility use keeps the rates down at our hostel in order to provide you an affordable stay on Kauai. Try to remember that everything costs more to bring to the near middle of the Pacific Ocean, including the costs for fossil fuel to burn to produce electricity.

Thank you for letting us bring this to your attention.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Kauai Beach House Hostel

over a year ago
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