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KBR National Park Hyderabad
You can have your leisure time with your family and friends.Its worth visiting the K B R park in the morning because the early sunrise is awesome with the trees and green grass in front of us, more over its quite...
One of the Best natural parks in the country, it still maintains its surroundings and its flora and birds (peacocks and peahens) are a treat to watch.
white Bengal tiger i liked more, safari park is also available there,it will be a good picnic spot for family because full of green inside, nature and animal lovers like would really enjoy this most amazing to me...
... month ago "Peaceful safari"  Overall Rating               7/7 20509 58 traveller reviews for Nehru Zoological Park  Gv, Mumbai  Connoisseur  24 Reviews "Wonderful place to enrich your body and mind"         ...
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NTR Garden Hyderabad
NTR Garden is a small public and urban park located adjacent to hussain sagar lake.This park is very beautiful and has various games to enjoy.The destination of the park is also very nice.Very good picnic spot for...
NTR garden is located near Hussain sagar lake and it is best place for picnic spot and we can enjoy the nature very much.
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Hussain Sagar Lake Hyderabad
An ideal place to watch the Tank Bund with statues of great personalities, lumbini park, Necklace road etc.. surrounding it helps us to see a lot of Hyd at one go and in a short duration... Must see place...
Good for: Nature Lovers Photo Fanatics Timings: All days of the week 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Quick Tips: The best time to visit the lake is October-March.
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Lumbini Park Hyderabad
... monolithic statue of the Gautam Budha stands there, laze around here and there having glimpses of colourful flowering plants in the park, and finally end up the visit after watching a spectacular laser show.
very nice place water body, if you want relax from busy city you take break and the park is very nice there is boat trip also which will take you to Buddha statue with in the middle of the lake.
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Osman Sagar Lake Hyderabad
Ocean park and Chilukuri Balaji temple are nearby attractions
Park your car near the entrance and eat some yummy fried fish in the evening.
It is a wonderful setting for relaxing in the nature.Watch sun rise and sunse tover the lake.Take a long walk into the forest.The accommodation is good.A/c rooms are available.Try the cottages to enjoy stay in per...
Laknavaram Lake Beckons Nature Lovers for a Sprightly Vacation
Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad
Start your day early morning@ 4am and then take a lovely bike like Himalayan and travel and keep on enjoying the Nature and fresh air.
A must visit place for all nature loving tourists, one of finest hill station and best place to travel in ur trip vishakha patnam.
Sanjeeviah Park Hyderabad
Its a pretty big park near the Hussain Sagar lake and is beautiful too.
it is beautiful park with full greeenary, rose garden at the front of hussane sagar it is located.
Lotus Pond Hyderabad
The spot usually used to attract nature lovers, bird watchers, photographers and morning walkers
It is nice park in Jubilee Hills area which is covered with lush greenery in Rainy season.
Bogatha Waterfall Bhadrachalam
Amazing water falls....Road is too good...can experience the nature while travelling to water falls.. approx 160kms from warangal...on the same route we can visit ramappa temple, laknavaram lake....
Its a great weekend spot to visit from Hyderabad.The lake is beautifully located in the midst of nature.You can enjoy walk on suspension bridge and can also enjoy boat ride.
Beautiful nature
Anantagiri Hills Hyderabad
A nice place for Photoshoots and one day trip from Hyderabad.The place is a heaven for birders and nature lovers.Long stretches of greenery would be seen everywhere along with the beautiful waterfalls.
Superb place Awesome Nature is pleasant Superb place Awesome Nature is pleasant Superb place Awesome Nature is pleasant
Sanjeevaiah Park Hyderabad
well maintained park to spend relaxed evenings in hyderbad
*cycling inside the park is allowed which is a very nice thing as one can get the view of the whole park in shorter span of time.
Himayat Sagar Lake Hyderabad
A must visit place for nature lovers.
Indira Park Hyderabad
Indira Park, Hyderabad, India Indira Park, Hyderabad, India I love to visit it daily, ping me if you are around, Will, take you there.
indira park is very neat park and must visit places for families and childrens to enjoy a day picnic
Ramappa Lake Warangal
Dont be surprised when suddenly nature flashes up its best with mountains and a beautiful lake out of nowhere.
Pakhal Lake Warangal
Will go a long way to attract more nature lovers to this paradise.
Public garden is very famous for nature and it is famous walking spot and the rose garden is very beautiful.
Now it has been taken by so many other Facilities, But it is still a nice park in the Heart of the city.
One of the big waterfall good location in forest park also available biside waterfall good to see....
A haven for nature lovers and joggers, this botanical gardens is an excellent place to breathe in fresh air, exercise, yoga and fun activities for early go getters.
Great park with good variety of plants
True gift of nature
Due to difficulty in accessing this place, there is not much of rush here and hence you can enjoy nature to its core.
What this place is: Inside Warangal fort, close to Kush Mahal, this is a gated park with unearthed artifacts of the beautiful temples (and more) build by the Kakatiyas.
Through the Review they are work to bring together lovers of historic parks and gardens across the Telangana.