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Kyoto Shopping
As Japan’s former capital and home to the Imperial family for more than a thousand years, Kyoto is one of the country's most beautiful cities. It’s renowned for temples, gardens, machiya (traditional Kyoto houses), Japanese inns, and artisans produci ...
Top Places to Shop in Kyoto
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Ninja Dojo and Store
#1 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Highly recommended for those who are seeking a unique experience apart from eating and shopping in Kyoto.
Highly recommended, and also the souvenir shop has lots of awesome weapons to buy at a good price.
#2 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
We saw a little stand in a shopping mall in Tokyo and got talking to the son of the family who own the business.
Great time spent at a little shop in a less crowded and peaceful area of Kyoto, I made my own tray with paintings and using seashells, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.
Ippodo Tea Kyoto
#3 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
And it's a historic business on a wonderful shopping street.
The attached shop is where you can buy the many varieties of tea that Ippodo sells, which make good gifts, though I also bought a range of them for my own use.
Fuuka-Kimono Shimogyo
#4 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Fuuka-Kimono was about 10 minute walk from the main street shopping area, in an unassuming little backstreet.
Amazing and extremely friendly charming little shop
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Kyoto Station Building
#5 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Great shopping and restaurants 2. Fantastic view from the top 3. Illuminated steps with music (may be seasonable) 4. Musical fountains We loved it!
There's Granvia Hotel, Isetan Department Store, lots of restaurants, shopping stores, Shinkansen Bullet Train Station, JR Station and Metro Subways, Bus Stations, etc. Kyoto Station is a tourist spot by itself, fr...
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Nishiki Market
#6 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Perfect place to visit and spend the day shopping for home goods, souvenirs or delicious treats to taste on your visit or take home as gifts.
Being basically a shopping street full of food vendors, this market has a large number of vendors selling fish, fried chicken, mochi, octopus stuffed with quail eggs, yuzu juice (it's from a citrus fruit, try it,...
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Teramachi Street Nakagyo
#7 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Yes this is definitely the area to go for shopping if you are in this district and is a historical area as you will read when you visit There is s long way to walk if you want to see it all but you will find the s...
Truely amazing shopping and heaps of eatery places Nic nacs
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Maiko Henshin Studio Shiki Honten
#8 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
I shopped around to see which was the best value Maiko experience in Kyoto.
This shop very professional and friendly, also they offer a lot of amazing maikos' clothes to u choose it.
Kiyomizu-Zaka Street
#9 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
After your visit to the temple just walk down to this street it is crowed of tourist and it is shopping street it is amazing you can try samples of the Japanese deserts and tea while you are walking there.
For shopping, I personally liked Yanaka Ginza and Ueno better, but overall it was fun to explore!
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Porta Shimogyo
#10 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
This is an underground shopping mall which is located directly below Kyoto bus station and connects to the Kyoto subway station.
Porta is an underground shopping mall located next to the main tourist bus terminal on the north or Karasuma side of Kyoto Station.
Aeon Mall Kyoto Shimogyo
#11 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
This shopping centre has everything you need even complimentary strollers for your little ones, which is a big bonus!
My favourite shop has to be the large artists' supplies store.
Shinkyogoku Shopping District
#12 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
There are cheap everyday sorts of goods, as well as reasonably priced souvenirs, and there are plenty of local shopping as well as tourists.
Another unique attraction of Shinkyogoku shopping arcade are the 7 temples and a shrine within the stretch of strip.
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Kyoto Shibori Museum
#13 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
They also have a very nice shop with a range of hand crafted items, lovely keepsakes.
Great Museum/Shop
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Kyoto Handicraft Center
#14 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Excellent Souvenir Shopping
Tax free shopping and a lottery for spending the required amount won me some chopsticks!
Rental Kimono Okamoto Kiyomizudera Higashiyama
#15 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
The location of this shop is also a bonus as it's a stone's throw from a very popular temple, which was a perfect spot for taking pictures after you're clad in one of their kimonos.
We were walking around Kyoto temple and shrine areas with traditional shops when we saw this shop.
Musubi Kyoto
#16 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Although ot can be a little pricey depending on what you are getting, affordable in comparison to other shops around and worth the sellers experience and assistance.
We recommend anyone looking at buying Kimonos to shop here first bebore you buy elsewhere because we felt they have excellent quality and valued Kimonos.
Arashiyama Station Hannari Hokkori Square
#17 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
The little arcade surrounding the station is host to several shops where you can buy souveniers, snacks, coffee and unbelievable delicious icecream!
It is surrounded by lots of shops as well as a "kimono alley" which is very pretty.
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Ajari Mochi Hompo Mangetsu
#18 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Hayakawa Hamonoten Nakagyo
#19 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
There are stores that can most definitely sell you a knife, and perhaps many that share his skill, but if you are also looking for a one-to-one personalized reminder of what shopping is supposed to be like, pay hi...
I think this is a great Japan experience, definitely recommend going to this shop and buying a Japanese knife and chatting with the awesome people who work there.
#20 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
A superb shop, a small jewel in this fantastic street of good food.
Fascinating shop with a huge variety of knives for every kitchen task.
Kyoto Denim
#21 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Nishijin Textile Center
#22 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Each time I appreciate the beautiful woven materials, the unique kimonos worn by the lovely models, the creative gifts in the upstairs shop and the women weaving the fabrics.
Visited here with a tour group & it was lovely to see all the Beautiful Models in Traditional Kimino’s, there is a nice gift shop on the way out that sells many souvenirs.
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Shigeharu Cutlery
#23 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Amazing to find such an authentic shop in the center of Kyoto!
There are a lot of nice shops full of great knifes.
The Cube
#24 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Awesome shopping in Kyoto Station
Nice shopping area just next to the Kyoto Station
Touji Temple Kobo City
#25 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
#26 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
On the Philosopher's Walk, this unassuming pottery shop is an experience that will enhance your trip to Japan and bring back memories for many years.
My daughter and I found this pottery shop unexpectedly while walking between temples and shrines along the Kyoto Trail.
Kyoto Yaoichi Honkan
#27 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Maiko Antiques Kyoto
#28 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
We did 90% of all our gift and souvenir shopping here.
Amazing shop with vintage articles, action figures, postcards, toys and many more.
Kyoto Kyukyodo Honten
#29 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto
Imagine a place where several of Japan's traditionally famous arts and crafts traditions converge to create a modern shopping experience, immaculately organized as you could only expect, respecting a heritage of h...
It is a fabulous paper, stationery and card shop located in the famous Nishiki Markets, and is well worth a visit to stock up on quality paper and cards.
Keibunsha Ichijoji
#30 of 615 Shopping in Kyoto