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Kapu Beach Udupi
heaven on earth, clean n beautiful beach one of the best beaches in dakshin kannada.... decent crowd
One of the cleanest beaches with a superb view from the light house
Paradise Beach Gokarna
Very nice and clean beach A must visit for all the people who love serene beaches and have a good time in Gokarna
Myself and a few of my friends went trekking in the forest along the beaches and at last after a 3hr trek we finally reached paradise beach which was like completing a race and during the night we went to paradise...
Kudle Beach Gokarna
Very different from Goa beaches, the crowd is different, everything around is serene and I just loved it.
It is with four of India’s most secluded and pristine beaches nestled nearby.
Murudeshwar is famous for its large Temple complex, 240’ tall 20 storied Rajagopuram tallest in the world, and 123’ second highest Siva statue in the world and also its beaches.
Both sides of the temple surrounded with beautiful beaches.
St. Mary's Island Udupi
One of the rarest beaches with clean blue water..Divine nature ..scenic beauty..Island worth visiting ..An unforgettable experience ...Do visit...
A short ferry ride will see you in an almost isolated paradise with beautiful beaches and scenery.
Half Moon Beach Gokarna
The beach is small as compared to Om and Kudle beaches but offers you the luxury of a private beach as there are only a handful of people at this beach at a given time.
And for the trek seekers, you are sure to enjoy the beach forest trek where you can reach this amazing beach called paradise beach after a tiring 3-4 hrs trek, climbing rocks, hanging to a vine and swinging like t...
Malpe Beach Malpe
This beach is an awesome alternative to ones dreaming to experience the beaches in Maldives or Thailand or Goa... Its absolutely beautiful and has a vibrant atmosphere and culture around.....We have to promote and...
One of the most wonderful beaches in India.The beach is very clean and well maintained beach.
Tannirbhavi Beach Mangalore
it is one of the cleanest beach among the all mangalore beaches and highly peacefull and great place to visit
one among the beautiful beaches and must visit with your family or friends on summer day and look into the sky and spend the time until sunset.
Om Beach Gokarna
Perfect place for people who are always confused between what they love more... hills or beaches!!! very relaxing... good food at the shacks... and extraordinarily cheap!
I focused on the Karnataka stretch and decided to cover the Beautiful Temple town of Murudeshwara ,the increasingly popular beaches of Gokarna & the quiet untouched beach of Karwar.
Maravanthe Beach Kundapur
I have seen many beaches in Goa but this is cleanest beach I ever saw with serene blue water and white sand.
This is one of the finest beaches in Karnataka.
Surathkal Beach Mangalore
One of the beautiful and clean beaches that I have visited in Mangaluru, with an additional attraction of a light house.
One of the best beaches along the west coast.
Panambur Beach Mangalore
One of the most Pristine beaches of West coast, beach games, food, waves you have it all.
Mangalore,the No.1 city for excellent & healthy living in India having it's finest beaches too.
Ravindranath Tagore Beach Karwar
It is one of the best beaches for witnessing a beautiful sunset.
The Ravindranath Tagore beach is one of the cleanest beaches that i have visited.
Kodi Beach Udupi
There are innumerable beaches in this coastline and kodi beach is excellent as Maravanthe is almost one KM in length and there is a river on one side of the road and beach on the other.
Compared to the beaches in Mangalore and Malpe , Kodi bengre stands out for its cleaniness and beauty.
Devbagh Beach Karwar
Clean beach good Jungle lodges property on it Worth a visit and and definitely a good one night stay Very calm deter full of greenery Good friendly people at JLR
Great location, totally peaceful beach, great sunsets, beach barbeque, fabulous food, very good new cottages, courteous service.
Murudeshwar Beach Murdeshwar
If you love beaches then you should definitely visit this beach.... Been on both side of the temple... Two beaches totally different from each other..One is a where there is Fair with fun rides and lot of people a...
... side of beach after temple is fisher men village..those interested can have a look at fishing activities in the morning and evening even on sundays..we stayed in beach till 11 pm in the sand and it was lively...
Sasihithlu Beach Mangalore
Out of all the beaches in the Mangalore Region, this is one of the Secluded one's and Mostly because of this, you get to see a lot of birds here, in addition to some amphibious life.
This is one of the very few beaches in the west coastline with very good surroundings.
Karwar Beach Karwar
U have some islands which u can see from the beaches and u can go to the islands by boats.This place is jus awesome.. there is garden wen u can get to see some culture and tradition of this place.
Arguably one of the best beaches of India.
Gokarna Beach Gokarna
Good for Sunset, Can cover many nearby famous beaches Half moon beach, Kudle Beach, OM beach, paradise beach, Light house, Dolphin point etc.
It is with four of India’s most secluded and pristine beaches nestled nearby.
Mangalore Beach Mangalore
This coastline of 320km long dotted with several beaches is visited by nature lovers (and lovers too) amidst nature.
Some of the beaches in mangalore are:tanirbavi, panambur, malpe,someshwar.
Mattu Beach Udupi
Its one of the amazing beaches in coastal Karnataka.
One of the finest beaches I have seen in Udupi.
Majali Beach Village Karwar
Apart from goa place where you find beautiful beaches is KARWAR and one of them is majhali beach just 5 kilometres away from city.
Recommended if you like unspoiled, uncrowded beaches like me.
Nirvana Beach Kumta
Secluded and clean, this is one of the must visit beaches near Gokarna.
this is one of the prettiest beaches to visit and spend a good time if you happen to be in Gokarna.
Eco Beach Honnavar
Eco beach is the best place to spend a weekend with family or if you are visiting Karnataka, one of the must-visit beaches.
Best place to spend evening looking at horizon n dipping sun making sky look orange.. Just sit n relax admire the beautiful beach n sunset that's all I can say..... Place has benches facility and snack shop...
Tilimati Beach Karwar
There is a 1 km trek from the high way, had meet dilip from the village, a local guide, took us to the place and explained us the beauty of the beach.
Ideal thing to do is call this local fisherman who can help you after reaching a more accessible beach adjacent to Tilmati beach .
Kali River Garden Karwar Karwar
A river garden closer to beach.
Padubidri Beach Udupi
Moreover it is one of the cleanest beaches I've visited.
... fav ).so serene and Clean With a stage ,tiled pathway ,clean toliets ,Lifegaurds on duty Just sit on any of the benches and count what you missing in any other beach Walk down to the beach itself is an experience
Kasarkod Beach Kasarkod
Beautiful and easily accessible beach
It is also called Eco Beach & there is a garden right before the beach begins.
Someshwara Beach Byndoor
A private beach kind of environment makes you comfortable in doing all sorts of nonsense unlike many other commercialised beaches.
This is a beach which is very beautiful and very calm.
Hodbandur Beach Kumta
One of the beautiful beaches i have seen.
It's one of the best beach in entire karwar district.