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Sanjusangendo Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Todai-ji Temple
Historic Sites, Sacred & Religious Sites, Monuments & Statues
Himeji Castle
Historic Sites, Scenic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Castles
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Lookouts
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Lookouts
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Walking Areas, Islands
Itsukushima Shrine Torii
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Kinkakuji Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Lookouts
Sanjusangendo Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Todai-ji Temple
Historic Sites, Sacred & Religious Sites, Monuments & Statues
Himeji Castle
Historic Sites, Scenic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Castles
Matsumoto Castle
Castles, Scenic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
Castles, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Sankeien Gardens
Historic Walking Areas, Gardens, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Walking Areas, Islands
The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go Gassho Style Houses
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Dotonbori Osaka
When you visit Japan for first time, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka is a must visit cities. Tokyo with their busy life and nightlife, Kyoto with Unesco heritage sites and Osaka with USJ and Dotonbori.
Dotonbori is easily reach by subway (Namba Station), it is an amazing place for tourist, feasting, drinking, shopping and beautiful river view.
10 Ways to experience it
Along the way you'll see thousands of torii gates and even more cemetery monuments and shrines framed by a backdrop of beautiful trees, foliage, and sometimes views of Kyoto.
Beautiful! my favorite temple! the colors and the view is all amazing!! is definitely a MUST if you go to Japan.
15 Ways to experience it
Kiyomizu-dera Temple Higashiyama
The temple itself is awe inspiring and the main platform offers some great views of Kyoto and the surrounding area There's also an incredible cemetery that sits alongside the temple worth exploring.
Set on the green hills of Kyoto, the breathtaking view of the skyline, serenity of the forest, and the gorgeous temple and pagoda make this our most memorable Japanese temple.
29 Ways to experience it
One of the most incredible sights in Kyoto with gorgeous water features (Pavilion Pond, Carp Rock), beautiful gardens, an awesome Tea House and of course The Golden Pavilion with its three styles of architecture.
... - the serene lake with temple reflecting beautifully on the surface surrounded by a zen garden, perfectly manicured trees and grounds, koi fish swimming to and fro, tea in a forest, and Buddhist site for prayer.
24 Ways to experience it
Okeiko Japan Miyajima Hatsukaichi
We've seen shrines, museums, natural landmarks and similar locations around the country.
I would highly recommend it for authentic view into the Japanese tradition and culture.
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The building was a geisha house hundreds of years ago and also features a samurai museum with many items to view.
20 Ways to experience it
Koyasan Okunoin Koya-cho
We were lucky to have a fascinating monk lead us around for the day, pointing out the burial sites and historical references to almost every revered figure in Japanese history from Toyotomi Hideyoshi to Takeda Shi...
I love a nice tree and I have seen a few in my days but this location is the best I have seen yet (even better than Muir Woods!) the site is a 2 km stroll along a road that for 1200 years was the road into Koyasan...
2 Ways to experience it
Miyajima Hatsukaichi
... food traders it was just a wonderful experience So many tasty treats, a great ambience and fantastic views back to the mainland Very easy to see why this is Unesco heritage listed and so glad we chanced upon a...
Beautiful views of the island, mountains and sea, on the way there...and unforgettable that view once there, looking back over the bay, of the torii gate... Had a lovely traditional Japanese eel dish for lunch in...
15 Ways to experience it
Atomic Bomb Dome Hiroshima
Amazing experience going to see the Atomic Bomb Dome, it is truly incredible and very humbling to see such an important historic site.
Excellent plagues are set out with detailed information and when viewed from the Peace Museum, is a view that is unmissable.
10 Ways to experience it
It was lovely.. enjoyed walking through all the deer to get to the great buddha hall and gardens.. nice complex, cute deer , nice shopping and great sights, what more could you want.
This giant Buddha is Japan's largest and is really a sight to see! Make sure to see the Buddha from all angles, especially the side view as you can really appreciate the massive size by getting a little closer to it.
15 Ways to experience it
Taikoiwa Yakushima-cho
The view is impressive and the walk up and down covers the most natural and beautiful terrain.
I've travelled a lot (see my profile) and this was one of the best views I've ever seen.
Really impressive... quite the best temple in Kyoto in my view, the prayer halls are just out of this world.. the gardens superb... luckily its a bit of a hidden gem as its a slightly off the beaten track and seem...
... has everything combined in one: beautiful gardens, a small pond/ lake, amazing architecture with 3 different temples inside, gods statues and a small resting room on a hill with great overlooking views of Kyoto.
Itsukushima Shrine Hatsukaichi
... against lush green of the mountains and blue of the ocean The shrine itself has a quiet yet ubiquitous presence Explore the island's many walks, temples, shrines and gardens Views from Mount Misen are spectacular
Apart from being naturally attractive and well-worth the ferry trip from Hiroshima for its scenic attractions alone, there’s plenty of man-made “sights” to see and visit: the Daiganji Temple, dedicated to Goddess...
13 Ways to experience it
Shosha are still very worth the visit for the experience, the history, art, and culture lessons, for the fantastic view of Himeji, for the most delicious vegetarian noodles I’ve tasted, and the list goes on.
We enjoyed our walk past so many sites (and sights) from the temples, to giant trees, to ponds, to burial memorials, to moss gardens - so many details.
The Atomic Bomb Dome, the flame, the memorial plaques in different languages to commemorate the importance of this site in our contemporary History.
Beautifully curated, each landmark has a poignant story behind it and lets you immerse in all that is (or was) Hiroshima.
10 Ways to experience it
The torii can be seen from many vantage points on the island and it is worth it to keep your bearings in mind and look for those views, especially the ones with the torii surrounded by sakura in spring and koyo in...
Fantastic views of the Tori...try to see it when the tide is in and also out as the whole place takes on a different view with the change in the tide.
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Sanjusangendo Temple Higashiyama
A hall of a thousand bigger than life statues a definite site to see, amazingly preserved and intricately beautiful statues.
This UNESCO heritage site is one of special interest if you can be there the Sunday (in mid January) when they commemorate the traditional archery contest through the one long back hallway, dating back centuries.
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Magnificent sights
Beautiful landmark in the middle of this solid hike
Ritsurin Garden Takamatsu
Even in summer when the garden is mostly a palette of greens, textures, and shapes, it is well worth visiting for its superb design and great views.
The composition of landscape, lakes, bridges, tea houses, view points, the Sakura at spring and the autumn colors are all perfect.
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Crossing the bridge shortly after dawn and soaking in the utter serenity of the Shrine is something truly special, and the reverence with which locals treat the site only adds to the charm.
We found it a pleasure to visit Ise Grand Shrine, one of the most important religious and historical sites in Japan, even for those of different religion.
At the top, simply beautiful and absolutely fantastic, the views overlooking the bridge which we had just crossed, and all the surrounding areas.
Cape Kamui Shakotan-cho
This wind swept lighthouse is a 30 minute up and down climb with stunning views of the coast line and the turquoise waters of the sea.
After return to Kamuimisaki, remember walk to the view deck which able to view the whole Cape Kamui was so beautiful!
Mount Fuji Chubu
What a beautiful place we went up to station 5 with fantastic views and an amazing place to visit then on to Hakone with a fantastic trip on the lake in a pirate ship lol the views were amazing the people and the...
Got to see three sites and enjoy a scenic cruise on the immaculate Lake Ashi, and then took in stunning sights while soaring on the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway before returning to Tokyo by bullet train.
36 Ways to experience it
Hasedera Temple Sakurai
But, as the video's title says, visiting Hasedera in any season, it can offer you tranquility and awesome views of covered walkways, buildings, and Buddha besides flowers and Nature.
The view from the landing was wonderful with all the autumn colours in the mountains in front so was well worth the effort of the climb to the top.
Himeji Castle Himeji
Recommend it, just came from there.... gorgeous; awesome view awesome gardens and honestly It's impressive how clean the castle is, I mean it's completely white!! beautiful and I had great weather as well
Himeji castle is authentic and beautiful castle surrounded by gorgeous gardens , it's world heritage listed site , if you combined your castle and Koko -en garden ticket it's very good value at 1040 yen , there's...
3 Ways to experience it
... various mode of transportation is awesome Best part was the snow wall which we enjoyed a lot as the weather was cloudy amazing views of the dam from the top of mountain and also surrounding views were awesome
My wife and I took multiple days to see everything and take time for contingencies, and we're very please with this very relaxing and exhilarating area full of sites, history, and activities.
1 Way to experience it
Daishoin Temple Hatsukaichi
Amazing temple in a beautiful location with excellent views, interesting history and so much to discover!
You need to walk up the stairs to this perfect view and unbelievable place There is a lot to explore as each little temple has something to offer Go into the underground and you will find yourself in a total pitch...
3 Ways to experience it
Amanoyasu Kawara Takachiho-cho
... who have added to the place stone by stone !! On the way back, there is a terrace restaurant called Amaterasu (how else...) where you can have coffee or ice cream with a great view over the valley and river.
I am usually skeptical when I hear the word “magical” used to describe a site.