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NuArt Sculpture Park Bandung
#1 of 196 Museums in Java
I enjoy going to museums everywhere i go.
This master Nyoman nurata created a great private museum with great masterpieces that reminds you of michael angelo and leornado davici.
Museum Batik Danar Hadi Solo
#2 of 196 Museums in Java
Part of this collection should make the rounds of art museums around the world.
... can learn how to make a batik The tour guide tell all about batik every detail oo they have kebaya collection too if you said you loved batik please visit this museum special thanks for mr danar hadi and family
1 Way to experience it
Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta Region
#3 of 196 Museums in Java
I was impressed by both the story and also the collections at the museum, its HUGE collections and every collections has it owns stories, with some mystical atmosphere This museums has to be at the top list for an...
Beautiful museum and lovely tropical grounds, included a guide through the museum, everyone very friendly, great place to shop also, and stop at the above restaurants feels you are back in the 1930s, just lovely.
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Museum Angkut Batu
#4 of 196 Museums in Java
Set on the backdrop of museums with collections from classic americans and european brands.. with different back drop from cities of America, Europe and indonesia.. Definitely a fantastic place for classic car and...
The biggest transportation museum in the world!(i guess..!) This museum is divided into smaller museums with themes such as Buckingham Palace, Japan, Germany, Hollywood & many more...! Each place will tell us & ac...
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Sampoerna Museum Surabaya
#5 of 196 Museums in Java
One of the best museums in Surabaya, this place has so much to offer.
Good fusion food available, insprational and historical museum, old but stylish dining room Bus available to know more about downtown history in Surabaya Amazing!!!
Museum Bank Indonesia Jakarta
#6 of 196 Museums in Java
would suggest to bring kids to Museum BI, on top of that you can do a museum marathon since many museums are around Museum BI (eg: Museum Bank Mandiri, Museum Wayang, etc)
Joining #WisataKotaTua by donation, I am finally able to visit Museum Bank Indonesia along with other museums nearby.
Geology Museum Bandung
#7 of 196 Museums in Java
I'm a big fan of museums and I must say this is one of the best in Indonesia.
This museum is a jewel amongst musea, well detailed and a wide variety of skeletons and bones on display, good overview of geographical locations of the various minerals found in the archipal.
Bogor Palace Bogor
#8 of 196 Museums in Java
Ambarawa Railway Museum Ambarawa
#9 of 196 Museums in Java
This museum combines several aspects of Indonesian history : transportation, regional development, engineering, and national history.
Our cruise ship shore excursion “Borobudur by Train” starts at the beautiful Train Station Tuntang (Stasiun Tuntang) a living museum with a first class waiting room and a display of the different types of cargo th...
National Museum Jakarta
#10 of 196 Museums in Java
Extremely well curated museum with outstanding displays Free English language tours available at nominated times Definitely worth more than one visit An excellent example for other museums in Jakarta to follow
All the other museums charge 5000 idr/pax.
6 Ways to experience it
Affandi Museum Depok
#11 of 196 Museums in Java
Really enjoyed visiting this museum which houses the works of Affandi, one of Indonesia's most fascinating and talented artists.
I would like to learn more about him, and this museum is a very good introduction, as well as being a complete surprise and addition to the wonderful culture on display in Jogja.
Galeri Nasional Indonesia Jakarta
#12 of 196 Museums in Java
After the renovations it's now one of the better museums in Jakarta
Wonderful modern museum
Wildlife Museum Batu
#13 of 196 Museums in Java
It is a great museum They had lots of animals stuffed there, it is great to see how they use the dead animal (die by nature of course) to be seen and organized as diorama the diorama is in such a good story board...
The museum is showcasing varieties of wildlife with beautiful, well decorated and gigantic displays.
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Museum of The Asian-African Conference Bandung
#14 of 196 Museums in Java
Our family loves going to the museum as our kids can learn a lot about the history and this particular museum is also very educational.
History buffs will love this Museum
1 Way to experience it
De Mata Trick Eye 3D Museum Yogyakarta Region
#15 of 196 Museums in Java
85.000 (including De Mata 1, 2 and The Archa - Wax statue museums).
Really nice museum and nice staff, give detail from which angle to shoot,there were hundreds of picture we can shoot.
1 Way to experience it
Sangiran Museum and Early Man Site Sragen
#16 of 196 Museums in Java
A Unique museum about a very important part of Human evolution Informative, bi langual and very well done Absolutely recommend this
This museum was closed in part last year for extensive changes.The site and exhibits were updated and it is a great experience to visit this amazing educational site.
1 Way to experience it
Kite Museum of Indonesia Jakarta
#17 of 196 Museums in Java
Because it's a private museum it's open even on Mondays, when the government museums are closed.
Lovely little museum with a small garden, an enthusiastic private guide (included in the entrance fee) and you could build your own little kite (kids must love it), all included in the 15.000 IDR entrance fee.
Indonesian Airforce Museum Yogyakarta Region
#18 of 196 Museums in Java
Great place to see a few uncommon (in the west) Mig airplanes (17, 19, 21, etc.), this museum also houses great classics, such as a Zero, a Vampire and a Mustang, besides other great fighter and bomber planes.
Great Museum for Aviation Geeks!
Yogyakarta Fortress Museum Yogyakarta Region
#19 of 196 Museums in Java
What a wonderful museum here,they have like almost all of the affandi's greatest creation,and they preserve it well and very well maintenance.
I like this place as it has beautiful landscape, a nice museum inside, and a lot of photogenic spots to take pictures at.
Sonobudoyo Museum Yogyakarta Region
#20 of 196 Museums in Java
Visiting this museum which means you can get more valuable knowledge about Javanese,Balinese,Maduranese and Lomboknese.From the old history until the high-end history will be presented by Sonobudoyo.I love when I...
I highly recommend this museum to anyone who enjoys art or history.
1 Way to experience it
Bung Karno Museum and Library Blitar
#21 of 196 Museums in Java
Very attractive place such as amphitheatre, world peace gong, museum and library provide best collections on bung karno subjects
The period where Sukarno came to power was a tumultuous time across the world, and the Bung Karno museum puts the Indonesian part of it all nicely into perspective.
Mount Merapi Museum Sleman
#22 of 196 Museums in Java
Fascinating museum with free guides (ours was just great explaining to us all the details).
This is by far the best volcano museum -- no, the best geology museum -- I have seen anywhere in the world.
Museum of Batik Pekalongan Pekalongan
#23 of 196 Museums in Java
The first time we visited the museum we were well received by the staff, there was a guide that showed very genuine enthusiasm for the history and details around the Batik and batik making.
It is a very nice museum with rare examples of Batik around the country.
Mandiri Museum Jakarta
#24 of 196 Museums in Java
If you guys always go to the mall, chill out at cafe or shopping and spend your money a lot for the weekend, try to visit and enjoy a fun also educated time here in one of the iconic economics museum located at th...
From all museum that I visited in Asia, Mandiri Museum is one of unique and show originality of the history.
Textile Museum (Museum Tekstil) Jakarta
#25 of 196 Museums in Java
The main museum has wonderful examples of batik in glass cases.
The museum itself is very small and unless you're REALLY REALLY interested in Indonesian traditional batik (I am!) then I think you'll find this museum a bit boring.
Museum Kereta Keraton Yogyakarta Region
#26 of 196 Museums in Java
Its a very nice museum.
quirky museum
Wayang Museum Jakarta
#27 of 196 Museums in Java
I had a wonderful time at the Wayang Museum- it's located on the big Fatahillah Square in Old Jakarta, near other museums that are worth a visit.
It is located in Kota Tua and there are a few other museums nearby which you can see together with this Museum.
1 Way to experience it
Museum Benteng Heritage Tangerang
#28 of 196 Museums in Java
Visiting this Benteng Heritage and if you are lucky, you will be guided and meet the owner, who will explain and answer about the Museum and the history of Chinese people who live in Tangerang and Jakarta.
It's good to explore the museum altogether with the traditional market as well as vihara, next to the museum.
Discover Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Region
#29 of 196 Museums in Java
Bosscha Observatory Lembang
#30 of 196 Museums in Java