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#1 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Loved Monkey forrest, I've seen cutest little monkeys in there, amazing temples, ceremonies and nature.
A totally different beautiful and natural park, between scores of free monkey groups which roam very freely and without much inhibitions about human presence there are beautifully preserved and restored pathways ,...
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Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
#2 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
It’s the most beautiful nature I’ve seen so far in Bali , it’s hard to get too the place , but totally worth it !
Very beautiful nature
#3 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
It s a great Photography opportunity plus it s a great walk for nature lovers.
TIP: Go early in the morning (we got there at about 7:30am, park at Sekumpul Waterfall Parking (not the central parking one) It's an easy 1km or so walk with steps down to the base of the waterfall, just follow th...
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#4 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Lots of rice paddys When we arrived at the park a quick safyey breif and instructions if yoi haven't been on an atv before them of we set Rice paddys up close then onto the beach wow talk about fun.
#5 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
The nature and the natural view is amazing, the local guide was very friendly and nice.
We visited the park with a local guide and went for the full tour!
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Tirta Gangga Karangasem
#6 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
It's a beautifully landscaped and well-maintained park with lovely traditional sculptures, tropical flowers, and several large ponds with a multitude of enormous carp which you can feed, which is quite a hilarious...
Peaceful and great views of royal ancient times.Share a time with nature and water, it's a amazing place to see
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#7 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Very nice combination of learning of growing coffee and rice, local family live on the country, nice views on nature, good food and our guide Weda who makes you have a wonderful day!
During our honeymoon to Ubud, we took the ride paddy / village / eco nature walk with Weda as our guide (and he is the best!).
#8 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
This waterfall still aren't most popular attraction in Bali, so it is perfect for people who wants to avoid crowded places and enjoy beauty of nature alone or just with few other viewers.
From the car park to the waterfall is about 400m hiking downhill through very steep tracks and stairs and giant rocks.
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#9 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Nungnung waterfall is one of the best waterfall in bali, fresh air,cold water, green forest,good view and beautifull nature, so recomended to visit.
Impressive waterfall in "Jurassic park" setting
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Pasih Uug Beach Nusa Penida
#10 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Really breathtaking view after those long way trip!! What amazing things Mother Nature can do.. Thanks God, and Juan!
Awesome place for seeing how beautiful nature in short piece of beach.
Ubud Horse Stables Tegalalang
#11 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
The ride was relaxing, and we got the chance to bond with the surrounding of beautiful and authentic Balinese nature, very peaceful.
If you love horses, nature or willing a couple of hours without the mess of Ubud this is the right place!
Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
#12 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
You will park your car or motorcycle on the top of the cliff and you have to go down tens of meters, through narrow and steep stairs (no banister).
I can’t comment on the surface or signposting of the second side-road into the southern car park, not having taken it.
#13 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Staffed by local and international volunteers and a real feel good experience for anyone who loves nature, animals or the environment.
If you love nature, you should visit this turtle conservation centre.
#14 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Wow! If you like nature, doing this is really powerful and thought provoking.
It is a lovely activity to teach children about conservation and Mother Nature.
Les Waterfall Tejakula
#15 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
The last mile is a bit hard to cycle but after a 20 min walk through awsome nature you come to hidden gem.
We were lucky enough to visit after some recent rainfall and it was amazing to stand under the powerful falls and really experience the force of nature.
Nusa Penida Island Nusa Penida
#16 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
I just miss this place, and specially bli Komang who guide us, he such a nice tourguide, and i really love in each place where we explore... when you want to see a nature and beautiful place, exactly this is the p...
Penida is wild and beautiful, amazing nature, nice people and so many places to visit.
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Gunung Payung Beach Nusa Dua Peninsula
#17 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Great for nature tripping and swimming.
After pay entrance fee Rp.4.000 (I was riding motorcycle alone) just park your bike then follow the path down around 15 minutes then you'll find nice white sandy beach.
#18 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Kanto Lampo waterfall gives you a nature feel, as it was real away from the city and hidden under nature's seneric beauty.
From car park, there’s a set of steps heading down, around 100 m.
Melasti Beach Ungasan
#19 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
#20 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Finally, I really appreciate Wayan's help to arrange our trekking trip to Mount Rinjani (Lombok) through his local contact in Rinjani National Park.
For those who love adventure and dare to deal with nature, this sacred mountain will be a great place to visit.
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Devil's Tears Nusa Lembongan
#21 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Definitely worth a visit, especially during the high tide and up-swelling when waves are crushing in and creating an amazing nature show, displaying the raw power of the ocean.
It's also fun to people watch here since everyone's inching forward for the perfect selfie and then a massive wave comes and sprays them with a taste of mother nature.
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#22 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Wear good shoes and comfy clothes, bring lots of water and camera and just enjoy the nature!
The Aling-Aling park is very fun, beautiful and a must-see.
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Bali Bird Park Gianyar
#23 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Bali Bird Park has lots of great birds, two neat Jungle walk-thru enclosures where you can join the birds, and the Birds of Prey demonstration is marvelous.
... was quite high but it worth it while you can meet many species of birds, the ambiance of park also very comfortable, ground area can be right area for kids playing, we really enjoyed our visit in Bali Bird Park.
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#24 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
I was lucky to have a little drizzle while my rafting journey & I haven't experienced nature more beautifully than then, its misty, its green, its fresh & you feel you are in paradise :)
The nature around it was stunning, we saw beautiful blue birds, jungle all around, and passed some beautiful hotels, like The Royal Pita Maha.
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Taman Nusa Sidan
#25 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Had an amazing day out at Taman Nusa Indonesian Cultural Park .The staff were wonderful and very informative and knowledgeable.Taman Nusa provides an opportunity for us to see the rich and diverse history of Indon...
Several cultural dances are performed throughout the park as well as demonstrations of umbrella painting, mat and ikat weaving etc. Very educational for kids and a great cultural experience for everyone.
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#26 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Located at Pura Tegal Wangi street, Jimbaran area, you can visit this beach with motorbike or by car, there is a park area.
This beach have a nature jacuzzi, not far from parking area The road to reach this area is easy and good structure In the morning many local people fishing in this beach
Menjangan Island Pemuteran
#27 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
... fish lived here,,the best point for snorkeling and diving in Bali.The area is protected by Rangers and National Park guards.That why the entrance ticket into menjangan island bit high ( IDR 200.000 per person )
Very nice places for snorkling.. the nature is waooo... most of time i am go there with friend.. so wonderful places... exlent
#28 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
I experienced the best afternoon walk through the traditional village, inside the jungle, smell of the nature, and found this beautiful waterfall in the end.
We loved the nature and it was worth a visit.
#29 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
Highly recommended for those who loves the nature and seeking a quiet atmosphere to reduce the stress from the hustle of bustle and traffic jammed down the south of Bali.
Note if going by car you will have a long walk to the start of the trek but if you go by scooter you park at the start.
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Lake Beratan Tabanan
#30 of 262 Nature & Parks in Bali
The nature at its best when you see green gardens alongside the lake and charming colorful flowers everywhere near to the lake.
... in traditional Balinese boat.Paddle boats are also available.The lake is particularly beautiful during sunrise.Beside the lake there is a park,botanical garden,kids play zone,few restaurants.Entrance fee needed.
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