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  • MinouDelCairo
    Cairo, Egypt47 contributions
    We love to go to Wekalet El Ghouri especially to watch the Tannoura show that it's really one of a kind show!
    The place is very well maintained and displays the beauty of Egyptian architecture.
    The tannoura performance is an hour show: instruments solos and spiritual band singing and the other half of the show is the whirling dervishes dance! the show runs every Saturday/Monday/Wednesday at 7 PM and we have to be there minimum one hour ahead to buy the tickets (the sold out quickly).
    Highly recommended!
    Written 24 August 2020
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  • Douglas K
    Madison, WI167 contributions
    Most of the reviews of this museum are by people who were visiting the Egyptian Museum. King Tut - Egyptian Museum. Mummies- Egyptian Museum. Most of the photos are of The Egyptian Museum. Photo of the hours and prices for the Egyptian Museum, you guessed it, The Egyptian Museum, not the National Geographic Museum.

    How can so many people be so clueless? This is very sad.
    Written 20 February 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • SHA12311
    Cairo, Egypt764 contributions
    When it was built it had all the right ingredients to make it a success, in terms of size of structures and sheer space as well as layout. The way it is managed is appalling to say the least and it is not well maintained or kept or managed. It is a shame and pity as it should be an international state of the art facility that should be managed as such. Because of the lack of alternatives most large trade fairs take place there.
    Written 2 December 2015
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  • A_Ghany_S_A
    The Hague, The Netherlands2 contributions
    I visited Makan many times to attend their authentic events that one cannot find at any other place in Egypt. The venue itself is beautiful in terms of its interior design and lighting. It brings calm! It has amazing acoustics, which suits the type of music they uniquely present perfectly. I attended concerts for groups from Nubia, Upper Egypt and Port Saïd as well as other groups presenting folk music with their own modern taste. I enjoyed all events I attended at that place! Highly recommended!
    Written 12 February 2020
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  • mennakhouly
    Edmonton, Canada81 contributions
    Walking along this historical place is magical. Shopping everything you need. Cafeterias and restaurants are various.
    Written 4 May 2017
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  • andrep
    Brasilia, DF10 contributions
    I would like to evaluate the touristic sector in Egypt and ask the tourism office of Cairo, and maybe of all country, a better look for this area, regarding the due respect for the tourist. It could be acomplished maybe applying more trainning and instruction to their staffs.

    1. Airport: Since my arrival in the airport of Cairo most of the staff there were rude and sometimes even agressive during the inspections. I dont know if i was choosen for some reason for veryfication, but when i arrived i stayed for more than 2,5 hours there. Nobody told me what was happening or why. I deserved at least some information. A guy made an interview with me. I have a good english and could answer perfectly all the questions. And after that other person searched everything in my bag, asking what was every object there, even the tottaly obvious. And there are people there tormenting the tourists saying that they are from the airport personel, trying to carry your luggage for 3 meters and starting to ask money insistently, all of it in the presence of the airport staff.
    When i came back for my departure of Egypt, again there were tons of people trying to get my money there saying they were from airport staff and asking money. Totally absurd the permition of this behavior there in front of the autorities. They were clearing annoyng every tourist to ask money for some totally unnesessary and not asked "favor". The tourist is already tired and have to front this situation.
    There is still a impressive bureaucratic system of survaillance. For one international flight i had to be searched in four x ray machines. In the fourth, one guy took and object from my luggage saying that it could be used to choke someone in the plane. It was one kind of wire to lock my luggage. Interesting is that me and all others passengers had these kind of objects as shoe lacers, wires and belts in their bodies and luggages. But maybe he liked my luggage locker.

    2. Service in governmental temples and pyramids:
    We tourists pay already a very reasonable price in form of tickets to be in these closed governmental areas. But when we enter there, for example in the temples, there are people everywhere that start to follow us telling something that we didnt asked, for maybe 30 seconds, and subsequently continue to following us asking for money or compensation for what they said. To use the bathroom, every time, there is a person there waiting to receive money, in a place where you already paid a good value in ticket to be there. Resuming, what could be an amazing experience becomes and tottaly annoyng one, because we dont have peace to see the place that we paid to be in. All the time there is somebody approaching and following you to say something that you are not interested and expect money for that. I already paid the ticket. I just want to see the things calmly and have peace. I dont want to see in any room or place of a temple someone ready to ask me money. If it was in the street ok, but it was in a closed governamental structure that already made me to pay for a ticket. In other places of the world i have peace when i pay to enter in a museum or temple. This was a complete weird and strange experience in Egypt, people dont have a minimal peace to see a place that they paid to see, not even can use the bathroom of these paid places in peace.

    3. Experience in public places: unfortunatly i noticed that there is a different menu in practicly all restaurants there, where the prices can be much times more than the prices for locals. When a colleague asked for the egyptian menu the waiter answered no angrily. When you want to buy something, like a souvenir, some people or most of them asks even 10 times the price of a item and you have to paciently try to lower the price. I went to buy something, and the price diminished by 5 in the end. When i noticed that it was the norm there i gave up buying things in Egypt. I dont have pacience or will to bargain indefinitelly with vendors about an absurd price. I and others tourist could buy much more in Egypt if the behavior of the sellers there were different. In touristcs streets there are a lot of policemen, but the sellers dont let the tourists walk in peace for two minutes. The insistence is huge to someone buy something. Its almost impossible to walk there in some main streets and appreciate a simple view for few minutes.

    So, these are just few things that i think the tourism office could work there for the good of touristic sector in Egypt. It is not void criticism. Every place has something to enhance. Doing this i am sure that the tourism in Egypt will bloom imensely and i want to see it happens. I also want to return someday. I hope that it will be the will of authorities there, maybe applying training to the people and touristic staff and teaching how the tourist should be treated.

    Written 17 March 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Ashley B
    Dartmouth, Canada18 contributions
    Admission is 70 Egyptian pounds for non residents. Tour took maybe 10 minutes and was very minimal. If you aren’t interested in reading, I would pass
    Written 7 October 2018
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.