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El Jem Amphitheatre
Historic Sites, Arenas & Stadiums, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Ancient Ruins
The doors of the medina
Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings, Observation Decks & Towers
El Jem Amphitheatre
Historic Sites, Arenas & Stadiums, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Ancient Ruins
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Centro storico
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Ancient Ruins
El Jem Amphitheatre
Historic Sites, Arenas & Stadiums, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Ancient Ruins
Forte El Ribat
Ancient Ruins, Castles
Great Mosque of Kairouan
Sacred & Religious Sites, Architectural Buildings
Zitouna Mosque
Sacred & Religious Sites
Observation Decks & Towers, Sacred & Religious Sites
Avenue Habib Bourguiba
Historic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Architectural Buildings
Victoria Square
Historic Walking Areas
Place de L'Independance
Historic Walking Areas
Place du 14 Janvier
Historic Walking Areas
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Dougga Beja Governorate
Excellent Roman ruins, well preserved and a lot larger and more spaced out than I expected, I thought it was great, took lots of photos and spent just over an hour at the site.
Dougga is one of the best preserved Roman archaeological sites in North Africa and well worth the 2 or so hours drive out of Tunis.
3 Ways to experience it
El Jem Amphitheatre El-Jem
El Jem provides a backdrop for stunning photos and views, and is a reminder of how integrated the region was into the broader Mediterranean world.
You can also climb steps to the very top level and you will have an amazing view of part of the city of El Jem from there.
9 Ways to experience it
Ranch Adada Djerba Midoun
Chenini Tataouine
We went venturing into Chenini as the sun set over the valley and the views were breathtaking.
3 Ways to experience it
Palace Dar Nejma Ezzahra Sidi Bou Said
Great view of the Port and the walk up to the Palace is full of beautiful streets of with blue doors and white walls.
Not only music museum, musical instruments but also the view from the terraces of the building.
Djerbahood Djerba Island
Forte El Ribat Monastir
Went to the Ribat well worth the 7 Dina each we paid Fantastic views from the top even very windy great culture of Tunisia
Visiting the city of Monastir with its historic sites makes you dive into the story and makes you live unforgettable moments .
Bourghiba Mausoleum Monastir
Such a beautiful place with amazing views.
Centro storico Sidi Bou Said
The blue and white houses are a dreamy landscape and the views on the gulf is perfect.
A breathtaking view on the shore of Tunis throughout the streets of this architectural jewel.
1 Way to experience it
Great Mosque of Kairouan Kairouan
The mosque is beautiful and have an amazing place in history.It is the oldest Muslim place of worship in Africa and is commonly regarded as the fourth holiest site in Islam (after Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem).The...
Very peaceful place, enjoyed walking inside and staying in the main hall, it’s really nice to have a walk around the mosque, very nice Resturant is just close by with very good view
4 Ways to experience it
Ancient Roman Baths Carthage
Difficult to realize that these people have lived there since 3000 years ... ... their smell is still present ... the beach view is magical ... the sun, the clouds and the sky plunge us into a dream without limit!
The baths are amazing and the view of the Med is extraordinary!
2 Ways to experience it
Zitouna Mosque Tunis
It is said that originally the site was occupied by the retreat of a Christian monk and that nearby there was an olive tree, hence the name of the sanctuary: jemaa ez Zitouna or the mosque of the olive tree.
But the stand-off is so small that it is difficult to have a full view of the mosque and enjoy its entirety in one glance.
5 Ways to experience it
Mosque Sidi Sahbi (Mosque of the Barber) Kairouan
Although much is 17-18th Century, the tiles are incredible and the fact that this site is as big a draw as the Great Mosque is incredible.
3 Ways to experience it
Medina of Kairouan Kairouan
4 Ways to experience it
Carthaginian Ruins Carthage
Tunisia has great sights, fantastic land and seascapes and super neighbourhoods especially Sidi Bou Said with its vibrant blues and whites.
Well appointed main museum with sculptures, pottery, mosaics and many other artefacts to view.
7 Ways to experience it
Ribat Sousse
Wonderful view from top
The views from the top of the Ribat are amazing.
Medina of Tunis Tunis
Its more than millennial charming site marries wonderfully what is best in Eastern and Western cultures.
There is also the Zitouna Mosque which you can visit and cafes with nice views you can enjoy.
7 Ways to experience it
El Ghriba Synagogue Djerba Island
I consider this a "must see" Tunisian landmark.
The site is small and quaint.
Grande Mosque Sousse
Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul Tunis
George Sebastian Villa Hammamet
Mahdia's Old Town Mahdia
Beautiful view points once you get to the fort and the arc.
This place is centrally located with views of water.
Decor Star Wars Tunisie Tozeur
very original place in the Tunisian south region very high views you can make photos in the decor of star wars film
We were at the site during the sunset which only enhanced the experience.
4 Ways to experience it
Ruins of Kerkouane Kelibia
This site is extremely vast and the location next to the sea gives it a fabulous location to visit and enjoy yourself.
He basically explained this was the only Punic site in Tunisia which existed before the Romans, and one of the rare Punic sites to be found in the Middle East, so in that respect it's well worth a visit.
Kasbah of Hammamet Hammamet
You can get nice view of the beach and town from here.
Great little Medina and nice streets Not so busy during downturn currently in 2017 Please buy something - merchants and people are struggling Clean nice view of history and how people used to live
Bab El Bhar Tunis
In every side- Bab El Bahr was in center of all reviewers comments, site of priority for all tourists and their destination.
This again is an excellent landmark.
1 Way to experience it
Carthage Aqueduct Carthage
1 Way to experience it
Medina of Sousse Sousse
The narrow streets small shops, smells and sites gives you a true experience of Arabic life.
I was looking for a landmark that turned out to be the grand mosque.
North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial Tunis
Somber & Peaceful American Site
If possibl, have a guide to inform and report on the history of this historic site.
Saint Louis Cathedral Carthage
Its in the museum site and included on the ten dinar ticket.
1 Way to experience it