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Things to Do in Mae Taeng

Top Attractions in Mae Taeng


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  • Emily T
    10 contributions
    This was such a fantastic place to visit. Quite a drive from Chiang Mai (over an hour) but definitely worth it for us. The national park is stunning and cooler than the city. The waterfall itself is awesome, small but very beautiful and mostly very easy to climb. The top level was the only part which was very steep and slippery and had the potential to be quite dangerous.

    The facilities there are fantastic (clean bathrooms including showers, lots of picnic tables, drinks available) and the grounds were well maintained and very clean.

    I would recommend going as early in the day as possible. We went during low season and while tourist numbers were still quite low due to covid. We arrived about 930 and had the place mostly to ourselves. By the time we left about 1130 it was getting busier, and as it is a fairly small waterfall it could get crowded quite easily.

    There are lots of stairs and this activity is suitable for school age kids and up. There is a small pool near the bottom where little ones could paddle but I personally wouldn’t really want to take preschool kids there. The best part about it is the climbing and it wouldn’t be safe for little kids.

    We hired a taxi for the day and took in other sights, but you could do this in a half day if you left early. Entrance was free.
    Written 28 June 2022
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  • June
    4 contributions
    This was one of my greatest experience in Chiang Mai ever!

    Even we are Thais, It was such an unique and amazing experience and we love it soo much!!

    We have tried elephant-riding before, we was sitting on wooden carrier. But this one is mind-blowing!

    We drove to the camp. Not difficult to find but you need Google maps. Recommend to call for the resevation so that the staffs could prepare the elephants and meals for you in advance.

    I think they have a pick-up service from your hotel, please ask them for more information when you call them.

    It started with providing us some basic information about the elephants. Then they asked us to get change to mahout clothes. Clean clothes providing with chaning room and showers.

    Later they introduced us to meet the herd and let us feed them, pet them, ride on them, even teach us few commands to them. Shortly we started riding on the elephant like a Tarzan!

    My girl was named Ruby, very tall and cute. Soon realized that she loved to grab-and-go some snacks along the way. That's cute!

    Love so much while we were in the canel with the elephants. They love to play spraying the water. You could even command them to spray the water or kiss on your cheeks. They could also lift you up. with its nose. That's just amazing! So fresh!

    While we were riding, we all had a personal mahout to take care all of us. So it's pretty safe in my opinion. The staff and mahout kept asking if we were alright. They were also an amazingly photographter! I was so surprised after seeing all the photos after the trip.

    Balancing myself on the elephants was very challenging! Recommend to bring a case with rope that could wear around your neck or a head wrap for a go pro would be a great idea. But if you do not have it, That's just fine. Mahouts could help you take photos as well.

    it's ok to come alone or with a friend, but you know, the more the merrier with the herd of elephants! you will have so much fun!

    Even it was just few hours, I really had a great moment with my friend, mahouts and of course! this herd of elephants.

    Thanks to K.Joe and his team for taking care all of us. Very nice and friendly staffs.

    PS. Would I go back? OMG!! YES!!
    Written 12 September 2020
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  • MamaSanChiangMai
    ChiangMai283 contributions
    While tourist numbers are still low, now's the perfect opportunity to fully appreciate the astonishing craftsmanship of this entire complex of very different temples. Of particular interest as a photo op, the extraordinarily decorated sculptures standing watch outside each stood out beautifully under a perfectly blue sky. Great time to visit!
    Written 11 February 2022
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  • chiangmaicharlies
    Chiang Mai, Thailand5,615 contributions
    An hour's drive out of central Chiang Mai, Mae Ngat Dam & Reservoir is a typical Thai national park area with plenty of paths to follow.

    Some beautiful views, particularly when the weather is fine.
    Written 7 July 2020
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  • Reslimpan
    Rayong, Thailand2,767 contributions
    Pong Duet Geyser turned out to be a nice little stop on our way to Pai. Small paved road all the way to the park. Entry 300 baht for foreigners, 50 for Thai people and 30 for the car. The tickets will allow for same day visit to Pai hot springs and the Huai Nam Dang national park. We parked at the first parking lot as you entered the place and walked the nature trail which is about 1 km. The geyser was nice to see. There is also a pool for those who are interested in thermal mineral bath. The pool was pretty crowded so we saved our bath for Pai hot springs
    Written 27 December 2021
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  • Thanatchai Nuchanong
    Ratchaburi Province, Thailand4 contributions
    If you come to Chiang Mai this vacation you can go camping, enjoy
    the view and nature at Huai Nam Dang National Park. In the evening you will be able to see the sunset. At night you can sleep under the stars. and in the morning you can see the sea of ​​fog.
    Written 19 August 2021
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  • Hen Puenjai P.
    Bangkok, Thailand45 contributions
    I traveled up North to participate in the 1st Buakaw Mountain Marathon in Chiangmai Province in November 2019, so I took this opportunity to visit Buakaw Village, owned by one of the most famous Muay Thai Fighters, Buakaw Banchamek, who is also my beloved fighter.

    Since he moved his gym to Chiangmai last year, the new place looks really nice amidst the greenery of the mountains contrasted with the golden paddy field, planted by him and the staff. There is a club house serving meals, cakes and coffee while other part is Muay Thai Boxing Gym and resorts. I saw many foreigners training Muay Thai at the Gym. You can see Buakaw himself trained at the gym quite frequently and if you are lucky,he maybe hold the pads for you!

    It was good to see my fighter doing what he loved and enjoy his local and quiet life in Mae Tang District. Local people are very nice and also many tourist attractions nearby like a breath taking temple called Wat Ban Den, Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Dam. Sri Lanna National Park and etc.

    If you are Muay Thai lovers or you want to learn some techniques of the "art of eight limbs", Buakaw Village maybe the best choice to try in Chiangmai Province or even drop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere is a pleasant thing to do.
    Written 5 December 2019
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  • Jason
    Mataram, Indonesia445 contributions
    We booked our tickets at a mall display and saved significant money. We arrived early and missed the early crowds of hundreds on buses.

    The park is very well run. We took options suited to our grandkids.

    Ox cart ride and feeding the oxen bananas. Surprisingly fun.

    Elephant ride: classic river walk and steep banks. Fun but could have been longer. The safety bar across the seat on the elephant is great.

    The elephant show was great. Very entertaining. Love that painting.

    The rafting was gentle and very safe. The lunch provided was amazing with at least 5 types of delicious food. Pay for your drinks tho.

    A great day. Highly recommended
    Written 13 July 2019
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  • Danielle L
    Toronto, Canada6 contributions
    I can't say enough good things about this project! I felt like a kid again, in awe of the power and playfulness of the elephants, and splashing about their pools. Our guide Mew was super fun, funny, and thoughtfully answered all our questions. The staff here all worked together cooking, taking photos, or doing set up. The mahouts clearly cared for the elephants, communicated well with them, and enjoyed having visitors - just beware during mud and water fights!
    Everything was according to schedule, all beasts and humans were well-fed, and we had a nice nap in the van going back into town. Highly recommend this tour for anyone who can hike up a steep hill!
    Written 29 January 2020
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  • adamolam
    Kfar Uriah, Israel1 contribution
    Note that not all the floating bungalows are the same. Don't settle if you don't like the first place you are taken by
    Written 5 July 2016
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  • Wingfield73
    Chiang Mai, Thailand863 contributions
    This wat is in two different parts. The main monastery area at the foot of the hill is nice - nothing out of the ordinary beyond the friendly welcome by the monks. But its when you go up to the top of the hill - either a thousand steps to gain merit or an easy drive up the narrow winding road to the summit. The new building itself is spectacular with soaring white pinnacles reminiscent of Gothic churches and has great views over the surrounding countryside. But it is the interior which is impressive as it has been constructed around a still intact and ancient stupa.
    Written 28 February 2019
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  • Clare S
    London, UK38 contributions
    This beautiful location is most certainly off the beaten track and so I would be surprised if it features in any guide books. We were taken here by a local acquaintance. He had never been before, but said it had been recommended by a friend. There is no signage from the road and so it took some time to find, but was totally worth the effort. We drove here from Chiang Mai and it took under 2 hours, through some fantastic scenery with stunning views.

    The tea plantation is small, relative to the commercial operations I had previously visited in Darjeeling. It is managed by the owner, who started growing tea-plants 20 years ago, as part of the 'Royal Project' initiative. He does all the tending by hand. As a result, the area is quite small, but the quality of the tea is superb. We sampled both white tea and green tea, and the owner's own roasted coffee ( - not sure we should own up to that on a tea plantation!), which was delicious. Unfortunately, although small packets of tea are for sale, we couldn't buy the coffee beans as the owner doesn't roast enough to sell.

    In addition to sampling the tea (and coffee), we had the most delicious meal of our entire trip here. It included an extremely tasty fish soup, along with a tea-leaf omelette (surprisingly more-ish) and deep-fried tea leaves with a chilli dipping sauce (easily as tasty as chips, but maybe slightly healthier?). The deep-fried chicken just melted in the mouth!

    The owner doesn't speak English beyond a few words, although we did manage to communicate amusingly using actions and gestures. However, it is worth visiting with someone who can translate from Thai, due to the fact that there is so much to learn about tea-planting, growing, and picking. The demand for the white tea grown here (most of which is apparently shipped to France) is currently outstripping the supply.

    We were slightly bothered by a rather large wasp when the food was brought out. It seemed to take a liking to me in particular, which I found a bit disconcerting. However, the owner came to the rescue with a couple of long-handled fans, and he stood guard over the table while we ate, so that our feast was accompanied by the gentle 'whooshing' sound of the fans. He mentioned that these are the sort of wasps that you don't want to kill, as they then give off particular pheromones that communicate to all their friends that they need to come and attack...
    Written 4 October 2017
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  • Pavel E
    Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic180 contributions
    We had just the half day experience with the elephants. We got to feed them and wash them. We got to ride on them as well. It's great to be so close to these beautiful animals. The downside is, that the organisation is not so great, as well as it is not so clean. However, we would go again if we could. In the meantime they are improoving their facility as we saw.
    Written 7 January 2014
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  • Charles S
    Naples, Fl113 contributions
    Up close experience with elephants. What they eat, get to bathe them in the river. Only elephants should wear Ivory.
    Written 25 January 2020
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