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Musee 1900
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Le Grenier de Capou
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Palais de la Maquette -Musee du jouets
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L'Aude en liberte
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Musee 1900 Arpaillargues
#1 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
There is a nice ambiance in the museum with music from the period, and there are excellent exhibits for the various subjects - cars, car repair, fire departments, music, cafe/restaurants, agriculture.
Also this museum sells some incredibly good small replica vehicles, people, animals.....etc.
#2 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Although the museum features about several thousands of different tractors (rough estimate) there are some rare treasures to be found among the many other machines and vehicles as well.
i was cycling through salviac and saw this sign for a car museum.
Un Siecle de Roulottes Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie
#3 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
This is one of four gypsy caravan museums in the world and offers a really interesting opportunity to learn about the gypsies who lived in each caravan.
we had an amazing time at this museum, all outdoors and all created by a passionate and dedicated, semi retired psychologist , psycho-analyst, musician, history buff, humanist , collector and connoisseur....Pierre.
#4 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Small museums vary as to their level of attraction.
Lagrasse is a great little town with the monastery and now this museum top it off as a fantastic place to go for a lovely day trip.
le Moulin a Papier de Brousses Brousses-et-Villaret
#6 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
#7 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
This interesting style of museum-self guided walk through different areas listening with headphones in different languages.
I really enjoyed this museum dedicated to Brassens.
#9 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
The museum also sells the finest collection/variety of Huguenot crosses (at the best prices) we saw on our trip, and the staff was very friendly and helpful.
Fascinating museum
#10 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
... trove of wrecks and relics from the unique e.g Breguet Sahara and 941S, SO6025 Espadon fuselage and Mirage III in 50th anniversary markings; to the more regular museum fair e.g Super Sabre, Vampire and Hunter.
Aircraft that are restored here are exhibited in the Aeroscopia museum.
Musee-Mine Departemental Cagnac-les-Mines
#11 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
We visited this museum on a cold and windy Sunday morning out of season in March.
#12 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
One of my favourite museums in town.
The setting is simply beautiful and the first level of the museum features many amazing pieces of decorative arts, including some stunning furniture and ceramics.
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#13 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
This centre was originally a Nobel linked dynamite factory that closed some years ago and was left in ruins for many years but the Conseille General has sensitively developed the site as a parkland, museum, simple...
This is an old dynamite factory that's been reclaimed and repurposed as a museum set in a lovely park with it's own beach.
#14 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
The Museum of Le Petit Lourdes is a miniature of Lourdes and Bartres at the time of Bernadette and where Bernadette used to live with her family.
The recorded story played on a tape recorder was a very clever and Tony the curator of the museum was a a true gentleman.
Musee Fabre Montpellier
#15 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
This is one of the most important museums of art in the world and beautifully laid-out.
One of France's best museums outside Paris and the equal of Lille and Rouen.
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Hotel d'Assezat Toulouse
#16 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
It contains a museum with an incredible collection of painting ( la fondation Bemberg ), including Bonnard, Veronese, Titian, Monet, Degas, Gaugin, Matisse, Cezanne.....Allow at last 2 hours of visites ( 8 euros f...
Superb villa and museum
#17 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
From the gorgeous gardens surrounding the museums with the lovely views along the river, to the classic art on show.
ONe of the best art museums I have been to.
Le Pavillon Populaire Montpellier
#18 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Lovely museum, great and free exhibition based mainly on photographs.
This special museum is right off the Place de Comedie and behind the Tourist Office.
#19 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
This museum, along with the Sir John Soane Museum in London are my favorite museums based on the interesting, creative manner of their informative displays.
Really enjoyed this centrally located museum, the medieval sculptures were particularly amazing, well worth the trip on their own
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#20 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
The peice de resistance was an intact 16th Century house beautifully preserved in the centre of the museum.The staff were well informed and helpful- a most impressive visit.
This an important museum for the collection of Neolithic menhirs, household utensils and tools alone.
#21 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Next-- I've been to many art and history museums and have seen some incredible centers of classic statues, but this one beat all.
We have been to loads of Roman Museums, but the number and quality of the sculptures and inscriptions was amazing.
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#22 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
The Modern Art Museum takes pride of place in the centre of Ceret on one of the town's main streets; take a stroll along the boulevard lined with towering plane trees and you will easily find your way to its doors.
A fascinating museum featuring many artists who have passed through Ceret and nearby Collioure, some famous names such as Picasso, Chagall and Dufy, others less well-known like Kremegne and Brioules.
Pic Du Midi La Mongie
#23 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
We really enjoyed our trip but one word of warning...the museum is really interesting but all of the information boards accompanying each exhibit are in Spanish which is fully understandable given it is in Spain b...
Super day, amazing views, interesting museum.
#24 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
All in all it has to be one of the great natural history museums
One of the best museums I have ever been to.
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#25 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
More than 90 museums possess his works.
Designed by a Catalan architect, this modern museum contrasts with the ancient cathedral in Rodez, a charming town.
Musee Ephebe Cap-d'Agde
#26 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
The Museum is in a very nice park setting, has a good lay out of their displays and is light and inviting to wander through, all on one level.
Delightful museum
School Museum Carcassonne Center
#27 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Fascinating small museum
A very nice museum where you can see how schools were a century ago.
#28 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Museum as well attractions were absolutely great!
#29 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
Wonderful new museum of the beautiful tapestries of Dom Robert, a must-see if you are staying in the hotel next door.
BUT the tapestry museum more than makes up for it.
Aeroscopia Blagnac
#30 of 447 Museums in Occitanie
While perhaps smaller that most other aeronautical museums, the Aeroscopia museum had many to offer, including what was perhaps the highlight of our visit: a walk inside the first Concorde ever made and a replica...
The museum caters for both adults and children-there's a pilot simulation game on the ground floor, and the history of aerospace is a fascinating read all along the wall on the top floor.
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