S.S. John W. Brown

S.S. John W. Brown, Baltimore: Address, Phone Number, S.S. John W. Brown Reviews: 5/5

S.S. John W. Brown
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One of three remaining Liberty Ships, the S.S. John Brown is open for tours by advance reservation.
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Very good

Bob P
6 contributions
Visited the day before Thanksgiving
Nov. 2019 • Couples
This is truly a hidden gem in Baltimore. You will have to go out of your way to find it and you may have to call ro get in the gate, but you will never find anything close on the east coast. The John W. Brown is an OPERATIONAL WWII cargo ship. The volunteers onboard have not only read about the ship but are proficient in sailing her several times a year. If you have any interest in engineering, be sure to visit the engine room and listen as the volunteer docents describe this operating triple expansion steam engine. We spent half the day talking to these incredible volunteers. The museum spaces were suprisingly well laid out for this restored ship. They outlined the basics about the sailors onboard and the ships history. I cannot recommend enough....worth the trip to visit!!!
Written 27 November 2019
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James M
Lake Norman, NC56 contributions
WWII's Relics Need Our Support!
Sep. 2019
This ship on the other side of the harbor in Baltimore is one of two World War II liberty ships that can be visited (out of almost 2700 built during the war)! The story behind the Liberty Ships is amazing-America pulled together to build the vehicles to get supplies and troops to Europe. As Americans age, the interest in the history of WWII is diminishing-a reason for us to stop and visit this example of American genius. Take the time to go under the harbor to the other side and support the fine volunteers who are keeping this history alive (at least for the time being). Thank them by showing up and admiring the American spirit in its unique form. Without our support, this ship may disappear for future generations . . .
Written 1 October 2019
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15 contributions
Truly Amazing, best ever!
Jun. 2019 • Family
The SS John W. Brown Living History cruise was truly an amazing experience. My sons and I absolutely loved this experience. From start to finish the all volunteer crew was amazin. Highly recommend. If I wasn't so tired form such an amazing day I would write paragraphs about this fantastic view into America's proud history.
Written 15 June 2019
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Joe S
Baltimore, MD8 contributions
Read this before doing this cruise!
Aug. 2018 • Family
I got to do the coolest thing with my daughter! You may recognize the SS John W Brown ship which is docked on Clinton St in Canton. It's a WW2 era troop ship.....an authentic steam ship....one of only 2 in this country. You can go on it for tours but did you also know that you can take the ship out to sea for a cruise? Yes! We did and it was the most amazing experience! This is a living history cruise not a pleasure cruise. If you don't have any interest in learning cool stuff then don't waste your money and time. There are super enthusiastic crew everywhere on this ship just itching to talk to you about navigation, communications, mechanical operations, weapons, supply, accommodations, etc. You could go to the Bridge, Radio Room, Chart Room, Engine Room, the gun turrets,....anywhere you want on the ship and the extremely knowledgable crew will be there to tell you crazy cool information and stories! Every single thing is run just like it was in 1944 and it's fascinating! Oh..and I have to say that this was probably one of the most immersive experiences of my life. For example - you are going to be attacked on this cruise. Yep...about a mile from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge we were visited by an authentic Japanese Fighter Plane who proceeded to make bombing runs on the ship while the crew fired at the plane repeatedly with the large guns. I am talking about a real plane and real guns. Yes...it's a reenactment...but to see a Japanese Zero flying low over the water and straight toward the ship with it's engine wailing and the sound of large guns firing....it's just a really immersive experience. Oh and the Engine Room! I can not even imagine that they let ordinary people down there. It is such an inhospitable environment if you know what I mean. And it was AMAZING! It is several stories large. You have to climb on slippery and steep ladders to get around. Temperatures reach well above 100 degrees and it is not unusual for the top floor to be almost 140 degrees. As soon as you step in you start sweating and you don't stop. Everything is HOT. You don't dare touch anything. Everything feels like it is under so much pressure and about to blow up. There are signs everywhere stating "evacuate the engine room when you hear the gong". It is so loud with a symphony of mechanical noise that you have to yell at the top of your lungs so the person standing right next to you can hear you. The room if full of incredibly large cams, rods, pistons, valves, shafts, etc. Steam shoots from places unexpectedly. If you don't like grease and oil....don't go down there...because it's everywhere. I constantly felt like Caroline and I were in the way but the crew loves to have you there and they will keep you safe and tell you all you want to know about everything in that incredible place. They even let me video record operations during the docking of the ship when we arrived in Cambridge MD. It was just amazing. Like I said.....the most immersive experience. That's not all. Up on deck they had programs throughout the day. Amazing entertainment like the Americas Sweethearts who performed 1940's songs. These ladies tour nationally and were just phenomenal. They also had a barbershop quartet. They had a gentleman (did not get his name) reenact President Roosevelt's address to the country after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They had a wreath ceremony for fallen soldiers and it goes on and on. They even provided lunch in the ships mess hall. I think I paid $150 or so per ticket for this cruise and I have to admit that I would have gladly handed over $500 per ticket. Yes, it's worth it!!!!! If you are a photographer then beware. The ship is loaded with artistic photo opportunities. I think I took over 500 photos and several videos.
Written 14 August 2018
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Chris T
Baltimore, Maryland13 contributions
Incredible Day Cruise
Aug. 2018 • Couples
Spent yesterday with family cruising the Chesapeake Bay on one of just two intact WWII “Liberty” ships. Based out of Baltimore, the SS John W Brown is open for in-port tours a couple days each week, but these cruises occur only once or twice a year. BOOK ONE IF YOU CAN. It was a truly unique, informative, and enjoyable experience.
Written 6 August 2018
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Crisfield, MD379 contributions
Great Ship, and Staff
Aug. 2018 • Solo
Took the trip to Cambridge with return by bus..Very few people were on it. Lots of room to move around . Super friendly staff to answer all your questions. We got breakfast, lunch and dinner. Free parking at terminal. They have a raffle to steer the ship, and I won. What a blast.
Written 5 August 2018
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Bridgewater, New Jersey36 contributions
Welcome to 1944
Jun. 2018 • Family
A truly unique experience as you step on board it is 1944. I met President Roosevelt, Rosie the Riveter and experienced America's Sweethearts performing Andrew Sisters songs flawlessly. We were buzzed by WWII vintage aircraft. The SS John W. Brown is the remaining operating Liberty Ship on the east coast. Manned by a crew of dedicated volunteers.
Written 10 June 2018
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William W
Washington67 contributions
A wonderful experience
Oct. 2017 • Solo
I was fortunate enough to go on board while she was alongside at Fells Point for her 75th. Anniversary. It was a superb visit. The tour with one of the volunteers was interesting and as an ex Merchant Navy person myself we quickly bonded and reminisced. The 2,700 Liberty ships were a vital part of WW11 and contributed significantly to the liberation of Europe. Baltimore is lucky to have one of the final three surviving. The others are in San Francisco and Piraeus. She cruises in the Chesapeake twice a year, I really hope I can be there in either June or September 2018.
Written 29 October 2017
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Washington, DC972 contributions
Much Better Than Expected
Sep. 2017 • Couples
On Saturday, my husband and I took a cruise from the port of Baltimore to just past Annapolis and back to do some research for a book I am writing. We both thought that we would take a tour, get a sense of the atmosphere and have a few questions answered and that would be it. But the day turned out so much better. There were about 700 passengers and over 100 volunteers on the ship, but everything ran so smoothly--from the time we boarded until the time we left.

There were entertainers all day singing songs from WWII and they were good! We were surprised at the quality. There was even a bit of an air show with three types of fighters (two American and one Japanese) buzzing the ship and volunteers firing at the Japanese fighter (blanks, of course). Quite a show.

Two of the crew (all were volunteers) were especially helpful to me in my research, but all of them seemed knowledgeable and all were certainly helpful.

The ship and this cruise serve as a reminder of our history. It really should be a part of high school history curricula.
Written 13 September 2017
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Baltimore, MD38 contributions
A great piece of history hidden under your nose
Jul. 2017 • Family
I've visited the SS John W. Brown twice now, and learned so much each time that I want to go back for more. The ship has an amazing history and just as amazing people taking wonderful care of it. There are countless decks and rooms to explore, each with history oozing from the walls. In some cases, that's literal! Be sure to wear comfortable and non-slip shoes (sneakers; ladies, no heels or you will miss out on a ton of the ship). The ladders are pretty steep!
Written 17 July 2017
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