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Jennie H
Brunswick, Australia12 contributions
Extremely challenging but worth the effort
May 2021
Terrific experience with Kayla. Felt in very safe hands. She set a pretty fast pace, but always knew what was happening in the group, and often circled back to check and advise individuals ( 1 in the group did not make it to the top and waited for us to head back down the mountain).
We pre booked and checked when we arrived on the island - good idea as trip brought forward to avoid inclement weather. Part of good prep and thought by Lord Howe Environmental Tour.
Took gloves, which were useful for roped sections, although did need to be specially vigilant as they made me feel a bit invinsible.
It was a 8 hour constant hike/ climb. Brief stops included plenty of insights into flora and fauna from Kayla. Fascinating. Several species unique to Lord Howe.
I trained for month in advance on stairmaster , which helped, but legs sore afterwards for several days.
Written 16 May 2021
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Michael M
Warrnambool19 contributions
Mount Gower climb, Lord Howe Island
Apr. 2021
Hiking to the top of Mt.Gower on Lord Howe Island requires a solid base of personal fitness, a tolerance of heights and a camera! I travelled with Jack, a fifth generation island resident. Jack punctuates the climb with stories and anecdotes about the mountain and the island. Whilst there are ample food and rest breaks along the way there are also sections where a sustained effort is required. Reaching the peak is rewarded with magnificent views on a clear day and a visit from the Providence Petrels in the breeding/nesting season. Book early as the walk is not offered every day and is dependant on prevailing weather conditions. All climbers receive a certificate and mine has gone straght to the pool room!!
Written 28 April 2021
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Kerrie L
3 contributions
Mt Gower
Apr. 2021 • Couples
Kayla took us up the mountain.
We knew what to expect as we had been up Mount Gower before.
Dean’s video doesn’t mince words so no excuses if you say you didn’t know how hard it would be. You can be left behind because enviro tours has a responsibility to get everyone back to the bus in a reasonable time and before dark.
Thank you for an amazing, exhilarating day. Back on the beach at 2.50pm. Gobsmacked.
Calling one the providence petrels was incredible. Such goofy but amazing birds. To think they leave LHI and don’t touch land for months is incredible because they can sleep whilst flying.
We were in cloud at the top but the views and photos below the cloud line were sensational.
I said twice was enough up and down Gower but Kayla... we might be back.
Kerrie and Bruce.
Written 21 April 2021
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New South Wales, Australia3,042 contributions
Need for a long drop?
Mar. 2021
Believe everything everyone tells you about the Mt Gower climb. It is a challenging assignment, demanding both fitness and upper body strength. It is much more of a mountain climb than a bushwalk. That said it is very rewarding: the exquisite views, the beautiful and varying forests you traverse including the remarkable mountaintop 'cloud forest', and the astounding antics of the resident Providence petrels are all worthy of comment. As was seeing a pair of Woodhens right at the very summit.
I went with Lord Howe Environmental Tours with Dean as our guide, who I thought did an excellent job. He was right on top of the geology and natural history of the island and seemed to do a fine job at shepherding along those towards the tail of our (big) group. In the end I think everyone made it to the top, from where we had a perfect view along the length of the island.
I did make one observation though that worried me. About two hours into the climb we stopped at pristine Erskine Creek, where we could replenish our water bottles. Dean suggested henceforth toileting spots would be few and far between, so for those who might need it he pointed in one direction for the lads and and another one for lasses - with both directions being well away from the creek. He added that to make sure than 'anything involving paper' was well hidden under leaves, detritus etc (including the paper). Being in a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Listed site, that approach did concern me, not just aesthetically but as a possible source of contamination in this unspoiled environment. There are long-drop toilets provided at several remote sites around the island (such as North Bay) and it occurred to me that it would not be a bad thing for the authorities and tour companies could invest in similar facilities at the start of the track up Mt Gower, maybe at Little Island.
Written 19 April 2021
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Adelaide, Australia6 contributions
Mt Gower Climb
Mar. 2021
This hike/climb is absolutely incredible. I don't have a great head for heights and there are some hairy exposed parts that I found mentally very challenging but Georgina from Environmental Tours was amazing and anticipated this and carefully guided me down these sections calmly and with minimum fuss which I was very grateful for. I loved the challenge, the incredible views and most of all the amazing forest and habitat for the Providence Petrels at the summit. Thank you Georgina and Rachel you are both awesome!
Written 28 March 2021
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Sydney, Australia2,602 contributions
Get fit for this
Mar. 2021
Definitely one of the great walks of Australia, but don't just turn up, regardless of your age, and expect to do this easily. Descibed as an 8 hour hike, our group completed in 6.5hrs, but the 10km and 875m rise from sea level tests out even the fittest. There are 3 separate landscapes as you head to the top. With plenty of steep hill sections, rock scrambles and hand rope uphill assists, you'll know you deserve the reward of great views when the summit is achieved. Views are stunning. The trip down, while easier, still demands a full body workout down steep sections. This hike can only be undertaken with a guide, and environmental tours look after you superbly.
Written 26 March 2021
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Bridget W
1 contribution
Great challenging day out
Feb. 2021
I really enjoyed the Mount Gower trek with Kayla from Enviromental Tours. I was glad I trained and took gloves with me for the rope sections.
My main disappointment however was the sped with which we did the climb.We were picked up at 7am from our accommodation and then had to wait till 7.45am at the start of the walk, for every one else to arrive before starting the climb. Maybe because of this Kayla set off at lightening speed and therefore 2 of our group of 4 could not keep up.
We returned pretty quickly as well and arrived back by 3pm. Therefore the day would have been more enjoyable if we could have taken our time and then I feel my friends would have been able to finish the climb.
Written 11 March 2021
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Knockrow, Australia68 contributions
Be prepared
Feb. 2021
Wow wow wow! By far the hardest day hike I’ve ever done but great sense of achievement in completing this very challenging climb. It is NOT a hike. It is a climb and you will need to have trained thoroughly for this unless you are already superbly fit. I am 60 and trained arms, legs and core through fast walks and hill climbs, boot camps with heavy weights, long stair sets, swims and hill cycles. It is a gruelling 8 hour trip . I went with Jack Shick (over 2000 climbs to his name), and young Nelson who climbs barefoot! Not recommended for us. You will need good shoes (runners or trekking shoes), gloves for all the rope sections (and there are many), 2-4 litres of water, (you can refill bottles at the small creek but don’t slip on the mossy rocks), AND keep drinking all day long as you will dehydrate! High quality snack food and lunch plus your camera for the all important summit photo. I took a hat but actually found it a problem because I often didn’t see the low hanging branches. Ouch! I also took one walking stock which I left behind at some point because both hands are needed to climb. You will be under the tree canopy for most of the climb and only have a few vantage points along the way. The views are spectacular, but if you’re going for the view buy a postcard. You will take days to recover and will need to keep moving through the pain the next two days to be back to normal. Do not overestimate your ability.... we had several people drop out along the way and they had to sit in the one spot (alone) until they were “collected” on the way back. Be prepared, train hard and you will be rewarded! This trek is sure to be changed soon (with clip on ropes etc), so get in now to experience it the “old” way.
Written 16 February 2021
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1 contribution
Oct. 2020 • Family
Husband and I climbed. Very hard work but extremely satisfying. Great group of 12 people plus guide Jack Shick. Everyone supported each other in a very encouraging way and friends were made through a challenging experience. Can't rate it highly enough. Beautiful bonding experience with strangers who became friends through doing extremely hard thing together. Height fear was eleviated by the compassionate guide who realised when I was getting a bit freaked out and conversated me through it. Huge bragging rights and self satisfaction. Felt safe with the guide the whole way through and enjoyed the summiting so much. Am of average fitness and found it very hard but not unachievable with the great guide who never stressed us and made us aspire to succeed.
Written 13 February 2021
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Sydney, Australia47 contributions
Mountain Goat Trek
Jan. 2021
I have nicknamed this Mountain Goat Trek. You will need the agility and sure-footedness of a mountain goat. It is not a bushwalk – it is practically a mountain climb. You will need to have been doing regular cardiovascular exercise, have good upper body and core strength, strong legs and stamina.

We did our trek with Lord Howe Environmental Tours. If unsure, book the tour online and when you arrive at Lord Howe Island, go visit them straightaway and watch the video. Dean does not mince his words (“You need to be mountain fit right now”) and the video shows you the degree of difficulty involved (except what you see is only a few minutes’ excerpt and you will need to multiply that by hours). You can talk to them if you have any doubts and you can cancel for a full refund with >24 hours notice.

Your muscles will be sore for 3 days after this trek, so consider when you wish to do this – but also keeping in mind that this trek may get cancelled/rescheduled in wet weather. We did see a few people return from this trek with injuries but if you take your time and don’t take risks, injury is avoidable.

I would recommend gloves (there is a lot of rope work) and clothes that you wouldn’t mind tossing out (it can get really muddy). I would also prepare as for an endurance event – carb-load the day before and obviously bring high energy snacks and lots of water.

Now that I’ve mentioned all this scary stuff, it was an amazing trek! I loved every minute of it - even though internally I had tears and never wanted to see another rope climb ever again. It was challenging and you can choose to go with the faster (8 hour) or the slower (10 hour) group. The views are stunning and the oceanic mist forest near the summit is spectacular. There is a real sense of achievement upon reaching the summit but that is only half the battle. Going down is just as tough and there’s a greater sense of achievement when you reach the end.
The guides (Dean and Kayla) are incredibly experienced and give lots of information along the way.

Give it a go – but start your fitness regime now so that you will enjoy the day!
Written 4 January 2021
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