Blue River Provincial Park

Blue River Provincial Park, Yate: Address, Phone Number, Blue River Provincial Park Reviews: 4.5/5

Blue River Provincial Park
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1 Route Du Pont Perignon, Yate, Grand Terre 98834 New Caledonia

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Very good

Roy B
Auckland, New Zealand22 contributions
Dec. 2019
This is a great place for mountain biking, hiking, exploring and supposedly kayaking. It was drizzling on the day we arrived and the water level was low. After one look at the water we decided not to go kayaking.
The areas history is in chrome mining of which there is still evidence if you go exploring but whatever ended up in the water looks like it killed everything it touched. There are dead trees sticking out of the water everywhere which probably makes for great fun doing a slalom in a kayak but the water still looks toxic. It certainly wasn't blue the day we spent there.
It's still worth a visit to explore and if you're brave, you'll probably enjoy the kayaking.
Written 30 January 2020
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Sydney252 contributions
Jan. 2020 • Family
We found it quite hard to get information on this park but decided to go anyway and hope it would work out. It did.

It was about 1 and a half hour drive from Noumea with only the last 20 minutes being a bit windy and narrow. It was a much easier drive than our one to Prony a few days ago.

We arrived at the Parc and went to the ticket office. The lady was very kind with our very limited French as we purchased our entry tickets for 5 of us and shuttle tickets for 2 of us. The bikes were to be organised at the next stop.

For the shuttle we arrived just after 9 so we were booked on the 1030am (Aller Trip 3) shuttle. The lady suggested we return on the 230pm (Retour Trip 5) shuttle but we opted for the 1pm instead. Images of the shuttle times are attached to make this clearer.

We then left the ticket office and drove for 5 minutes to Pont Perignon. Here we found a parking lot, the Sud Loisirs bike hire shed and toilets. The man at Sud Loisirs was excellent and went through the map in detail. Normal bikes were 3000 francs for the day and entry level electric bikes were 4500 francs for the day. 2 electric and 1 normal bike were hired (and the 1 on the normal bike was quite tired at the end compared to the 2 on the electric bikes).

The 3 on the bike set off at about 1015am and had a great day exploring including swimming in 2 spots past Pont Germain. They arrived back at Pont Perignon between 2 and 230pm.

The 2 of us on the shuttle had a trip out to Pont German where we stopped a couple of times to see the drowned forest and the Giant Kaori. The driver waited for us to get back on the bus each time. In addition the driver stopped when a Cagou was by the side of the road so we could see it. We left the bus at Pont Germain and had almost 2 hours to explore that area. This area had plenty of shade, picnic tables and toilets. This amount of time was sufficient for us but if you wished to do more of the walks you would need more time. Attached is an image of the walks and the time they take to give you an idea of what can be done. The bus then collected us and took us back to Pont Perignon.

The park is exceptionally well maintained. There are many toilets and picnic tables. We did not see anywhere to purchase food in the park so best to take it with you.

As mentioned in some other reviews we also Francois Tran, a tour guide. He was taking a multi generational family group around and they were thrilled with their day. If looking for a guide, it would be worth contacting him. I don't have his details but do recall seeing them in other reviews on Tripadvisor.

Hope this detail helps someone planning a day at this beautiful park.
Written 17 January 2020
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Alison R
Melbourne, Australia64 contributions
Dec. 2019
I spent about four hours here as part of a bird-watching tour group with an expert guide. The variety of bird species to be seen was truly amazing!

The park seemed generally well-maintained. My only reservation was that the caretakers were using noisy leaf-blowers. Something that only creates air pollution and noise pollution for both humans and birds alike, and after all the leaves blow back again anyway!!!
Written 23 December 2019
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Wellington, New Zealand52 contributions
Oct. 2019 • Family
This day was a highlight of our trip to New Caledonia. We booked bikes with Sud Loisir the day before (12000F for 4) and drove out from Nouméa. We paid the park entrance fee (600F each adult) and then it was super easy to collect the bikes with great advice on what to look out for on the map - and off we went! 22km on easy, pretty flat terrain. We saw cagous, kauri, swam in the crystal clear river and had a picnic halfway at one of the many stops. The park is well maintained and it was an excellent family day:) Highly recommended!
Written 9 October 2019
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Robert D
Brooklyn, New York1,768 contributions
Aug. 2019
I took a full day tour to the park and enjoyed it a lot. Our guide, Francois, was able to entice a Kagu to come near the path so we were able to see a Kagu in the wild. He also pointed out many plants along the way. His commentary made the trip so much more enjoyable. It was great to get out of the urban area and see the wilderness part of Grand Terre.
Written 30 September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
1 contribution
Aug. 2019
Well worth a visit. Unusual terrain, unusual plants and lots of birds. Take the bus to see as much as possible. Guides and staff all very helpful and give good information.
Written 1 September 2019
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20 contributions
Jul. 2019
This Parc is certainly the best organized excursion for tourists. Once we got there by car we rented one electric and one regular mountain type bikes, about 10 km each way on flat well maintained road that follows the Blue River and all the fabulous nature to visit. We even got to see the Cagou! Bring a picnic, you can even buy some items at the bike rental, plenty of areas to stop and take in nature. A must see and do, we will certainly return....They also have other trails to choose from, we took the easiest one.
Written 26 August 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

51 contributions
Aug. 2019
This is a really beautiful spot to visit. We hired a car and it's about an hour and a half's drive from Anse Vata on roads that are steep and windy once you get out of Noumea. But we found the place okay, and the man at the info desk where you pay to get in was somewhat helpful. You can only drive so far, so we booked the shuttle to take us to the Kaori tree and back, as per the recommendation of the info desk man. There was no mention of hiring a bike or a kayak, like we were hopeful for. He pointed out where we would be most likely to see the Cagou birds and off we went.

Plenty of little rest areas on the way to the bridge where you park and wait for the shuttle, and we stopped and took some photos and went for some very short walks. We hit the jackpot and happened to be on a shuttle that also had a tour guide on it. Because of this, we were able to listen in and gain some great information about the park and the Cagou. The van stopped at a viewing point of the drowned forest for some quick photos, and the tour guide also made the van stop in the forest so he could lure out the Cagou. Had he not done this, had we not luckily ended up on the same shuttle as the tour guide, we would NOT HAVE SEEN A SINGLE CAGOU. They are not everywhere and common like some other reviews or websites imply. The tour guide used a shovel to disturb the dirt and expose some food, made some bird calls, and along came some Cagou. We got to witness a great display from the dominant bird, and saw a total of four Cagou come to feed. They are very friendly birds and one walked right next to us without hesitation.

After this, we were dropped off at the tallest Kaori tree. We spent a minute looking at the really tall tree, then went for a walk that loops around the area. We saw one other native bird flying around and saw some nice greenery, but that was it. Then it was back on the shuttle and back to the bridge.

I think what we needed to do was arrive earlier in the day so we could spend more time there, and increase our chances of seeing the birds, but even with a brochure from the information centre and using the website the day before, we didn't get any extra info about hiring bikes or kayaks and assumed this would be offered and discussed when purchasing tickets (which it wasn't). Bring your own food and water, and go to the toilet when you purchase your tickets as this appeared to be the only place that had soap (though no towels). Despite our underwhelming visit, it was still one of the better things we did in New Caledonia.
Written 25 August 2019
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Randy Thaman
Colo-I-Suva, Fiji6 contributions
Jun. 2019 • Friends
Fantastic - Wonderful/spectacular vegetation and fern flora and great birds. A voyage into the Jurassic World, san les dinosaurs!! Was very rainy, but gave it a somewhat "cloud foresty" feel and beauty. Out guide/van driver, Gisleine (sp.?) was wonderful, knowledgeable and knew all the spots of special trees, beautiful venus flytraps (insectivorous plants), tree ferns, a bird lookouts. Out of a 10 I would give the trip a 17!! My third time to the Parc. There is always something new for those who see!!
Written 27 June 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Melbourne, Australia19 contributions
Jun. 2019 • Solo
Visited here solo just a couple days ago - June 2019.

I hope this info helps other tourists that are looking for information on this national park as per the other reviews : )

I don’t speak French and I also found it difficult to get information on the place so I just took the chance and decided I’d go have a look for myself. I don’t regret it.

I wasn’t sure how to get out there from Noumea so I hired a car from Budget car rental (circa $100 Australian dollars for the day). The drive was easy to navigate - 1.5hrs from Noumea. Easy road to follow out of town and signed national park entrance. Once you arrive in the national park, I found both the entry gate control and the hut that hires the bikes both had staff that spoke English (with the bike hire place inside the park speaking excellent fluent English with helpful guide maps showing where the Kagu birds and Kaori trees are along the track).

I then hired a bike (mountain bike) and spent the next 3-4 hours exploring the inner park. There is a main road that they recommend you ride along. It is 13km long and roughly every 2-3km they have signs letting you know where you can find the Kagu birds or the huge Kaori trees (depending which marker/sign post you are up to).

I found the birds easily. One (1) was where the first sign post was recommending you drop your bike and take a short 10 minute walk into the rainforest along a little loop trail where the Kagu are found regularly. I then found another 2 just on the road as I was leaving this point. From all reports these endangered birds are seen everyday by tourists so your chances are high for those bird lovers wondering if they will see them if they put this national park on their list of to do things in Noumea!

Regarding the scenery, it was spectacular. One minute I felt like I was riding through the Australian outback with the red dirt and dust then the next minute I was deep in a rainforest with Kagu birds running out on the road where I was cycling.

Once you reach the end of the 13km trail (it is easy and gentle to ride along- not steep at all and there were heaps of young kids doing it with their parents), you turn around and come back out the same road past all the significant sites you saw on the way in ie: the 10 minute walking loop where the Kagu birds can be found and back past the track that leads you to the famous Kaori trees.

One thing I didn’t know about was the kayaks. Ask about them when you hire the bikes. It was just by chance I was passing at the exact time when the kayaks were being dropped to other tourists in a trailer car about halfway up the 13km trail. They had planned to kayak back out and the car with trailer that was dropping the kayaks would then take your bike back to the starting point while you kayak back down the river (not fast flowing and calm enough for young kids). Thankfully they had a spare kayak and let me join them while they took my bike for me. Apparently this is a daily option. Just ask when you’re hiring the bikes if you wish to kayak back down the river. It was great!

I recommend;
(1) getting up early and driving out to the national park aiming to arrive around 10am or earlier to ensure there is a bike available for you to hire (first in best dressed but they do have heaps of them so you would have to be unlucky to miss out so don’t stress too much if you’re after 10am).

(2) Bring your own packed lunch in a small backpack. I just got a salad sandwich made the night before and took a full bottle of water with me. It was more than sufficient and there are a number of lunch spots along the 13km bike trail.

(3) take a camera.... the park doesn’t disappoint!
Written 13 June 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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