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SeaQuest Trumbull
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11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Immerse yourself in a world of discovery as SeaQuest takes you on an adventure through rainforests, deserts and the depths of the seas. With exciting exhibits and activities for families and children of all ages, you’ll be able to get wet with the stingrays, feed the toucans, encounter the caimans, marvel at the sharks, take selfies with the snakes and more. Creating an unforgettable experience for every guest by connecting them with amazing animals from all over the planet.
Suggested duration
2-3 hours
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Very good

Rich M
Oxford, CT1 contribution
Horrible Environment
Jul. 2021
I'm not sure how anyone can say this was a good experience or humane to these animals. After seeing all of the animals either packed in tanks being thrown food all day or large reptiles unable to move in glass enclosures. Pigs just laying in a pen waiting for a little food. This had to be one of the worst feeling I have experienced in a long time. How is this company allowed to treat animals in this nature, beyond sad,
Written 30 July 2021
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Kathleen S
3 contributions
Afternoon surprise for kids
Jul. 2021 • Family
This little gem of an aquarium is located in the mall so it was a perfect excursion on a rainy afternoon. Our entire family enjoying this outing because it was quaint and not overwhelming like larger aquariums. My kids got to enjoy every single attraction there. The up close interactions were fantastic as were the young people working there particularly Ms.Ayanah. She was knowledgeable and had fun and interesting facts to share. I would recommend SeaQuest to others in the area. Give it a try!
Written 23 July 2021
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Jessica L
New York City, NY42 contributions
Understaffed and I'm a little concerned for the animals
Jul. 2021
I am not one of those people who believes all zoos are animal cruelty and leaves low ratings on zoo pages just because they're zoos. But while this place does pay lip service to the message of wildlife conservation and purports to be educational, it is not AZA accredited and it is pretty obvious why once you see it.

I think the staff that works here genuinely cares for the animals and does what they can to make them happy, but there just aren't enough of them on duty, and they can't mitigate the most stress-inducing aspects of this experience for the animals. The majority of the animal enclosures are not even monitored regularly. I can't imagine any animal enjoying a million screaming kids shoving food in their faces all day, and there was nobody around to tell them not to do this in most cases.

I was shocked that for most of the encounters, you're allowed to step into the enclosure with the animal and put your hands all over it without a staff member there to brief you on the best way to interact. There aren't even instructions posted for most of the feeding stations. On a busy day there's no way it'd be possible to keep the animals from being mistreated (not to mention overfed). The wallaby, ducks, and parrots seemed especially on edge when we were there. I saw a duck snap at a kid, and with no staff member around to mediate, it's lucky nothing worse happened. It's also worth noting that it wasn't possible to do about half of the interactions that DID require staff observation because there weren't enough employees available to facilitate them.

I wish this place was less of a small-animal zoo and more of an aquarium, to be honest, because there were aspects of this that were incredibly fun for my little one. The happiest animals, and the most fun feeding experiences, seemed to be the fish and other small animals. The koi would leap out of the water to get the treats, which was great fun, and my son could have watched the bat rays eat all day. Still, I would rather take him to an accredited place next time and let him watch someone else feed the animals.
Written 6 July 2021
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Brooklyn, NY312 contributions
June 2021
Jun. 2021 • Family
Highly recommended!!! 10 out of 10! Place is clean. Animals are well taken care of! Check Groupon for deals! Staff truly cares about animals and are diligent!
Written 12 June 2021
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Alexander H
Zengcheng, China8 contributions
Go watch the cove or blackfish
May 2021 • Friends
Poor innocent animals trapped in tiny tanks that cause depression and short lifespans for the animals.
Written 2 May 2021
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Erica K
New Rochelle, NY30 contributions
Small and Good for Young Kids; Skip the Otter Encounter
Apr. 2021
This is a great starter-aquarium for younger kids since it's smaller and less expensive. It's not very big--we did the whole thing in about an hour and 15 minutes--but they have lots of opportunities to get up close and even interact with a lot of the animals. There were one or two staff members who were really making an effort to teach the kids about different animals and provide experiences for them to touch them.

We did the otter interaction, which was pretty disappointing. The other "premium" interactions all involve petting and really interacting with the animals, but for this we just fed the otters through a tube and didn't even get to touch them. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes. It felt like it should have been more of a "3-token" option rather than $20.

It was also fairly crowded for Covid-times; no real enforcement of social distancing.
Written 26 April 2021
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Jasmine M
2 contributions
Worth the visit
Mar. 2021 • Family
My cousins were on spring break and because of covid they haven’t been able to do school trips. We drove an hour to Seaquest and it was worth it. It’s very interactive we got to pet a ton of animals and it was great. It’s pretty small but worth it none the less. The employees were all super nice. Although they seemed a little stress and busy. They have hand washing stations and hand sanitizer everywhere. It was super clean too.
My main complaint is the feeding machines kept eating up our coins. We lost like 3 coins which normally wouldn’t be an issue but the coins are expensive.
Overall a great please to visit. Staff is great, place is clean and the experience is well worth a drive and the entrance price.
Written 31 March 2021
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Michael D
1 contribution
Get out the house and through these doors!!!
Mar. 2021
I frequent Sea Quest nearly every week with my 7 year old son. We have a great experience every time, even with the masks.
I see a lot of wasteful comments pointing out the animal enclosures that look too small. Honestly there are 3 that look this way; kinkajou, toucan, and sloth but when you see how they stay in their den, near a heater, or on a perch you can see clearly this is more than enough space for them to move around freely when they feel the need to play.
No animal should be caged but the workers do an excellent job to make sure they are well taken care of compared to many places we've been to or seen online when in captivity.
There is so much in this place and I hope they could expand to bring more love to the animals as well as the community that needs it.
If you have ever been to the Beardsley Zoo then you should not complain about price for what you receive with Sea Quest.
The tokens are $2 a piece or less with a discount or you buy more but you don't have to buy tokens to enjoy this place.
When you do think about the cost that is offset by the low ticket prices.
If you are visiting once or more than that you should look for the discounts that can save you around $4 per ticket and if you get a year membership you can get free tokens as well as pay for itself in a couple of visits that you will get to enjoy on rainy days (like right now, see you there!! Our 9th time in 2 months!!)
If you get a membership you also get discounts on tickets and possibly tokens or animal events.
I don't even want to write this review because I want this place all to myself but there is plenty to go around and you will love it.
Use common sense, if you have a child reaching towards an animals face... yeah they are animals... they can go for a nibble. No one of them is breaking skin.

I was critical before this place opened, before I had ever visited.I paid for tickets at regular price 2 times for my son and I before figuring out they had discounts in a simple google search.
In the times of Covid, this place is a godsend!
Get out of the house, come look at how these workers love their jobs, and share some love with the animals as well as make some new friends with the newbies who may be overwhelmed by the experience.
Be Seeing You!
Written 18 March 2021
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Heather C
1 contribution
Great experience at Sea Quest
Feb. 2021
Very hands on for the kids. Guests are able to enter and interact with almost every animal. Unique opportunities that are not usually available at standard zoos (kinkajou, sloth, kangaroo). You can use tokens to feed an alligator from a fishing pole, hand feed hundreds of parakeets in an enclosure, play with bengal kittens, etc. Walking through the exhibits, the staff was friendly and encouraged additional interactions including holding a python and parrots. We opted for the additional VIP experience which included 3 interactions and 6 tokens. My kids had an amazing experience swimming in the tank with sting rays, small sharks and tropical fish. They were then able to feed and pet the sloth and kinkajou. The facility is small and only takes about 2 hours to see everything, yet the experiences are truly once in a lifetime! I highly recommend!!
Written 18 February 2021
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New York City, NY10 contributions
Feb. 2021 • Family
It’s a bit of a bait and switch. You pay to get in and then to do anything you have to pay more using tokens and each token is $2, and most of the more interesting things require 3+ tokens. But frankly, I was most worried for the sad, cramped conditions of the animals. It was smelly, crowded, and not well maintained. Not to mention how crowded it was for COVID-19. They have all these signs that say that everything was cleaned with the 19-step cleaning process, which is cute, I guess. Covid-19 - 19 step cleaning? But I find it hard to believe that there is any standard.

And it’s in a mall. No natural light, no ventilation. Not for the animals or the humans during a pandemic.
Written 16 February 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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