Tarihi Karatas Hosgor Hamamı

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Tarihi Karatas Hosgor Hamamı

Tarihi Karatas Hosgor Hamamı

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Stratoni, Greece107 contributions
As Always, The Best Hamam Ever
Oct. 2020 • Friends
I first came here in 2012. I continued to come here for 6 years as I was a resident of Izmir. I moved to Greece in 2018 and I made it my first stop whenever I returned to Izmir, my last visit was last week. I am positive that this is the best hamam that I have ever been too, it’s traditional and all the ladies are so good at what they do, they are second to none, it’s not flash, but it is over 600 years old, don’t come here looking for flashy 5 star surroundings, only come here if you want the best hamam that you have ever had in your life. I always request Leyla and çemsı, but every other lady is just as good, you can’t get any better for 65TL, there is parking onsite, but try to get there early, ladies times are 11am to 5pm. I THINK men are 7am to 11am and 5pm until 9pm. There isn’t much English spoken, but you will be able to communicate enough to get through! Don’t forget to take a clean pair of underwear as you wear the underwear you have on during the hamam, no top (you can wear bikinis if your shy) I always take my own shampoo and conditioner, they shampoo your hair and I prefer to condition my hair myself. They supply the hamam towel (wrap) kese (exfoliating glove) you can request a new one or bring your own) and towels (havlus) for when you are finished, you can also request an oil massage, for a little extra, there are lockup changing rooms, your property is extremely safe. If you feel you had a good experience, feel free to tip, I always do.
Written 28 October 2020
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1 contribution
Simply Amazing
Aug. 2019 • Couples
I felt very relaxed and clean after it. I felt like I was pampered like a baby, by my grandmother.
The lady was very good at her work. She was continuously chatting with me in turkish, which I really couldn't understand, but I still enjoyed it.
Hope I was able to respond her.
Written 15 October 2019
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sheri b
Sannat, Malta62 contributions
Such a fun afternoon!
Jul. 2019
Wonderful afternoon! The building is over 200 years old so it isn't fancy, but the ladies who work there are so good at what they do and such fun. I don't speak Turkish but I laughed and laughed and had the best scrub I've ever had. Might be difficult if you are shy as there's no modesty there!
Written 25 July 2019
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Tbilisi, Georgia121 contributions
Authentic Hamam for locals
Mar. 2019 • Solo
It was a horribly cold and windy day and I had to change my plans, so I decided to check out this Hamam because it was near my apartment. I walked in and one of the ladies came up to me right away and show a small chamber. I put on my swimming suit bottoms and she gave me slippers and a towel to cover up the top. Then she took me to the main area and told me to throw hot water into myself for about 10-15 minutes. Then she scrubbed me for about 20 minutes and I've never felt so dirty in my life because skin particles were everywhere. Then she washed me off and placed me on the marble bed again and covered with bubbles. Then she massaged my whole body from toes to head for about 20 minutes, washed my hair, washed off the soap and led me upstairs where she gave me an oil massage. She offered sugaring afterwards but I didn't feel comfortable doing it in front of everyone else. I don't speak any Turkish and she didn't speak a word of English but our communication with signs and gestures was pretty good. I paid 95 lira for three hours of total bliss and left a 10 lira tıp for the lady.
Bring your own slippers if you don't want to use the ones that are offered there.
Bring your bottoms. I saw some women in full swimming suits and some just in undies.
Bring your toiletries if you want to stay long hours and enjoy a spa day.
Ladies are welcome from 10 to 17, but it's best to arrive early. While I was going through the whole process, there were many other women waiting in line, so the service might get rushed.
It's a very old Hamam, very simple, nothing fancy, just for locals. If you want glamour and high end facilities, check out thermal hotels.
Written 28 March 2019
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Layton, UT215 contributions
Don't even bother!
Oct. 2018 • Solo
I showed up at 1645 (4:45pm) and was stopped at the door. They explained to me that men aren't allowed in until 1700 (5pm), so I waited. 15 min after 5 and I was about to walk out, I should have, and they let me in. I was given a room and told to stop in the sauna. I waited in the sauna for about 15 min and then walked out to see what was next. They told me to go back inside and I'll get a scrub and foam massage. After he got me all wet, I noticed it was a reused scrub glove so I told him no scrub only massage. He seemed irritated and massaged me for about 10min. He rinsed me then said done and pointed to the sauna. After 5 min, I asked for oil massage and he said No. I said ok changed and then walked to pay. I had to pay more because I'm a tourist, what kind of crazy thing is this. I ended paying 60 liras and this is a place not worth coming to. Avoid at all cost!
Written 16 October 2018
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Rohit Bihani
Kolkata (Calcutta), India155 contributions
Unprofessional & laid back attitude
May 2018 • Couples
We had read great reviews about this place but it was a let down. Me and my wife reached here at 8pm and the place was empty. We thought we would get a great service with focused attention.

We were asked to change and go inside. The place has a sauna room and no steam room. Sauna was ok, and after that we moved on to the marble hammam slab. It was absolutely cold! Traditionally, we are supposed to lie there for 10-15 mins. But within a minute, a man came for our scrub service. He scrubbed and finished in 2 mins. He immediately continued with the soap wash and competed that in another 2 mins flat! We were out of the hammam area in 20 mins in a rushed service.

This was to be followed by an oil massage. While we waited wrapped in our towels in the reception area with the main doors of the hammam open to the street side, our service guy chose to go for a smoke. He returned after 5 mins and then again vanished outside for a second round of smoking. When we pointed this out, the guy at the reception went to call him. Strangely, he was the only guy available to give all the services.

He came in and lazily started to set up a table in the open balcony of the first floor for the massage service. Both me and my wife were quite amazed at that and decided to quit the service. We paid and walked out.

Going for a highly rated hammam experience, we left with a very basic scrub & soap wash service. Disappointing!
Written 16 May 2018
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Eddy K
16 contributions
Excellent local Hamam
May 2017 • Solo
Solo visit to Hamam. Turkish bathhouse. Thanks to the staff and Ali who scrubs you down and you feel super clean afterwards. Highly recommended!
Written 20 May 2017
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Cologne, Germany116 contributions
Ladies' Morning at the spa... welcoming and warm
Mar. 2017 • Solo
I (well, my wife, I'm her ghost writer...) spent an hour at the spa this morning, treated to a scrub-down and a soap massage. I chose not take the oil massage, which in retrospect I probably should have enjoyed!
Despite not sharing a common language, I felt well taken care of, and cared for. The staff was attentive, and provided me with little necessities I had neglected to bring (a pair of flip-flops and a second towel). *** for those of you adventuring without the benefit of a local guide, if you go to a hamam, you'll need two towels - preferably one thin one for the massage, etc. (it will get completely wet...) and one regular one to dowel off after - bikini bottom (tops aren't needed...), and flip-flops! Any personal cosmetics, too, of course, but they'll provide everything else for thee experience. ***
I was give a key "my" personal little changing room, where I could safely leave my belongings for the duration of my stay - and, if I had chosen to, where I could have taken a nap after the experience. They started me off in the sauna to warm up a bit, then Ada (my scrubber/masseuse) picked me up and took me to big marble room (I presume this is the hamam...?) with a warm "table" (big enough for six people...!) and with a mixture of gestures and words, she guided me through the process, making me feel comfortable the whole time. Her sensitivity and conscientious attention to my needs and responses assured that I felt in good hands (literally and figuratively!) at all times. The process was thorough enough to not be hurried, but also active and fast enough to not let me get cold or shriveled!
A delight in all ways - and all this for 50 Lire! I warmly (!!) recommend this for anyone seeking a relaxing local experience.
And don't be put off by the exterior - it looks a bit like a construction site - inside, all things that matter are great!
Written 19 March 2017
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Neibi V
Sydney, Australia10 contributions
Authentic and special
Nov. 2016 • Solo
Guaranteed to make you feel like a local within minutes! And a sparkling clean silky smooth local in about an hour!
In terms of the service, while it is not what you would call lux, I felt truely pampered and special.
The building is probably a hundred years old, so it has a rustic charm and reminds you that the beautiful community of Izmir ladies have been gathering here for decades! It is clear that the locals all come to socialise and unwind - from 8 year olds to elderly ladies. They don't make you feel like an outsider at all which adds to the experience - they were more than willing to pass your towel or share some shampoo if required.
Being an obvious foreigner the staff immediately picked me as a novice and guided me through the process with loving hand signals and minimal English, so language wasn't a problem.
I chose the kahve (coffee) massage rather than to yağ (oil) because it seemed more exotic but planning to go back for the oil option next week because that looked wonderful too!
The whole process (scrub, massage, soap bubbles and shampoo) is leisurely but efficient- who knew there were so many places on you to scrub, lather and exfoliate!
Definitely felt 10 years younger by the end, in terms of relaxation and silky smooth softness!
And I lingered for half an hour or so to have a tea, no pressure to go or stay or leave a tip. I left a tip by volunteering it in fact.
*Tips for newbies:
Don't forget to pack some spare undies, because yours will get soaked!
Don't forget to take a plastic bag to carry soaked undies home in!
If you are a dry skinned whitey like me - take some moisturiser for your thirsty skin afterwards, especially in winter when your skin is already feeling the bite of the wind.
Enjoy the experience as it is intended and trust that everyone basically looks the same in our undies, because I guarantee you, you'll feel like your with family by the end and you'll leave with a warm glow in your heart!
Written 20 November 2016
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Casablanca, Morocco21 contributions
Nice Hamam in Izmir
Sep. 2016
Men allowed from 17:00 to 23:00. Quiet and cozy atmosphere. Scrub and massage maybe a little too quick but overall very nice experience. Reccomended.
Written 20 September 2016
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