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El Muayyad Mosque

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Sandefjord, Norway53 contributions
Beautiful Mosque
Jan. 2020
This mosque is located right next to Bab Zuwaileh which is a less visited side of Islamic Cairo, the mosque itself is very beautiful, I got to visit at night and was the only one there which was an experience by itself, some renovations seem to be ongoing in there and it definitely needs better lighting as many parts were completely dark.
Written 8 January 2020
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Sunnyvale, CA4,576 contributions
Beautiful and wonderful views from the roof
Apr. 2019 • Solo
The mosque is attached and yet separate from two beautiful minarets.

The interior court yard is well done and ornate. On top of the mosque, also sits a dome. Beautiful.

There is a “special access to the roof” paid 100 lb. the views are excellent. But, I would recommend going out the mosque to the right and going up to the minarets- possibly climbing to the top. The views are exceptional and will only cost 40 lb.

Recommended and one of the only places you will ever be able to climb up minarets - next door - as a destination point/area
Written 26 April 2019
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Qaha, Egypt526 contributions
What a beautiful Mosque
Aug. 2017 • Friends
I wasn't imagine how beautiful is this Mosque, it has a tricky entrance like that of Sultan Hassan Mosque. It has very beautiful decorations most of them with gold. Unfortunately, you can't explore all the Mosque as some parts are closed and really it needs more care.
Written 7 August 2017
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Brookline, MA719 contributions
A lovely mosque
Mar. 2017 • Solo
This mosque dates from 1420 although it feels earlier in its plan. The twin minarets of Bab Zuwaila loom over it.
Written 22 April 2017
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Steve S
Bognor Regis, UK745 contributions
nice views of city
Oct. 2014 • Couples
nice building with great panoramic views of Cairo from here .
good interior decoration design and lots of marble very nice
Written 4 July 2015
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Toronto, Canada216 contributions
Great mosque but beware of the caretakers
Oct. 2012 • Solo
This mosque was built by Sultan al-Mu'ayyad Shaykh in 1415 on the site of the prison in which he was previously jailed. It's one of the largest mosques in Cairo. The entrance portal is impressive, and the prayer hall has beautiful painted ceilings and its qibla wall and mihrabs (showing the direction of Mecca) are covered with marble panels and marble mosaics. The courtyard is large and recently restored. Next to the prayer hall is also the mausoleum of the sultan, which is relatively bare but still a good example of the high-domed mausoleums of the time.
The caretakers may also offer to let you climb onto the roof, for a little extra money, but this isn't really worth it since you can get much better views by climbing the minarets nearby with a ticket purchased at Bab Zuweila.

NOTE: The downside to this mosque is that the caretakers are slightly shameless in trying to get money from you. I and my friends have visited on separate occasions and had issues with them. If you haven't experienced this before and would like to know what I mean, read on.

He/they will ask for money as soon as you enter. They may even pretend that there is an official price for students, etc. This is untrue: entrance to mosques is free (the exceptions are those with official government-issued tickets which will have the price printed on them). Donations are expected as a basic courtesy and as a source of revenue for the mosque itself and the caretakers. But do not pay more than what you feel is merited: 10 Egyptian pounds is already more than enough (this could include the 1-2 pounds usually given for guarding your shoes while you visit). To make things easier for you, only give money when you leave the mosque (insist on this), not when you enter, that way you can always leave if demands for money escalate. Don't be rude, but be firm. Only pay a little more if someone unlocks a door for you (e.g. the mausoleum, if closed) or lets you go up to the roof.
Another potential problem is that someone will likely try to guide you and explain some features of the mosque. This is fine if you find it useful or informative, but they will expect some money in return (e.g. 10 pounds or more). Unfortunately, if you just want to visit by yourself and not pay more, they can be hard to shake off, but don't be pressured into paying for something you never wanted.
More problematic still is that the caretaker may claim that the minarets, which are located on top of the nearby city gate (Bab Zuweila), are closed and cannot be visited but that you can climb the roof of the mosque instead. This is also false: the minarets can be visited with an official ticket (15 Egyptian pounds, or 8 for students) bought directly at Bab Zuweila, which is open as a small museum. If you want to visit the minarets, always check there first, not at the mosque. The caretaker is being dishonest by telling you otherwise.
Written 29 October 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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