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Restaurant Chez Ali
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Since 1980, the Restaurant Chez Ali of Marrakech offers each evening to its guests a folklore show mixing traditional songs and dances, fantasia and equestrian acrobatics. In a setting worthy of the tales of the Arabian Nights, between imperial palace and tents caidale Chez Ali Marrakech offers a traditional dinner. Bewitched by the legendary Moroccan folklore, you will eat, listen and watch an entertainment restoring the ancestral Berber celebrations. This unique and captivating performance takes place in a typical arena of powder games: The fantasia. The Restaurant Chez Ali Marrakech has reconstituted in the purest tradition this practice. Riders in baroude, weapons and traditional costumes charge as at the time of the battles and demonstrations of strength. It is the mastery and knowledge of ancestral art and a passion for horses. Acrobats as for them ignite the crowds with singular feats and the nobility of their mounts.
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2-3 hours
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Very good

London, UK15 contributions
Amazing place and an experience of a life time
Apr. 2019
1001 nights with a great Moroccan hospitality ,tasty five course meal ,fantastic entertainment,,loved the traditional Moroccan music and dancing away with troops of beautiful belly dancers ,staff were great and attentive
Written 20 February 2020
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Teresa Jane L
Stratford-upon-Avon, UK32 contributions
Don't bother
Feb. 2020
On arrival, the venue looked amazing - very impressive. As we made our way through the grounds, there were different groups of people wearing traditional clothing - I assume representing different 'tribes' but nothing was really explained to us. They all sang, danced, played instruments and they pulled you in so you could take part - they then asked for a tip - something we had to get used to for the rest of the evening.

We sat in large outdoor tents with tables set or dinner. The different courses were delivered by pretty miserable waiters/waitresses. There was plenty of food but none of it was tasty - lots of meats, hardly any veg, lots of cous-cous and bread to fill up on though. The couple on the next table to us where vegetarian and their meal was just various versions of the same food, presented as cous-cous and veg or veg and cous-cous!

Whilst eating the same entertainers came into our tent and preceded with their act around each table - my husband was convinced to join in and play the drums which was fun to watch - once again we had to pay for the privilege.... I wouldn't mind but they all had pretty miserable expressions and they clearly didn't really enjoy entertaining.

The show after the dinner was pretty poor - the lighting was bad, so you couldn't see everything. It didn't have any direction, so it was unclear what was happening.
The annoying thing was our waiter gave us a padded seat to place on top of the concrete blocks around the arena (for people to sit on) and then had the cheek to ask us to pay for the padding after the show.

After the show, we made our way to the exit and was not too impressed with the display of a really tall chap and a really small chap - taking photos with people - not very PC - reminded me of a Victorian circus show - not good at all.

Unlike all the other enjoyable activities we did on this holiday, this was an odd experience and not one I will be repeating. It was fairly expensive (approx £50 per person for dinner - had to pay for drinks and all the tips!) and definitely not worth it, so I'd recommend you give it a miss.
Written 12 February 2020
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zuhair a
Dubai, United Arab Emirates163 contributions
Heritage Moroccan Show with dinner
Jan. 2020
it is nice place and you can see all tribes in one place. the food was not that good and they serve it fast before the show starts, service was not good, nice staff. these people come to your table and starts annoying you to pay them some money while you are dining!!!, it is not a nice way to gain money, no pride of themselves.
Written 12 February 2020
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Abhi S
Brighton, UK94 contributions
Overly priced, poor food quality and not a great show
Feb. 2020 • Family
Visited recently with wife and a young one. The pick-up driver arrived half an hour early and left us and we end up paying for taxi. No apologies from the agency but argument. Arrived on our own the decoration and the atmosphere was different and we enjoyed it but the food was very basic for the price and there were no drinks included. They charged 150 dirham for a small bottle of wine without giving any bills. The entertainment around the table was good but they again demanded money (each individual entertainment group asked). When you pay a premium for a dinner you expect some decency from the restaurant entertainment teams. The show after the dinner was good but not exceptional or amazing. The belly dancing was far middle of a field one can hardly see. Overall ok experience but will not recommended to spend money when you have better things to do.
Written 8 February 2020
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Eduard C
1 contribution
terrible food terrible staff attitude, everyone asking for tips
Jan. 2020
I was just in marrakech for 10 day tourist visit. My agent suggested I visit your ‘SPECTACULAR’ show, so I did with my girlfriend, we are from Bulgaria. My worst time in Maroco was in your restaurant and here is why:

When we arrived at the parking we were impressed by the luxury environment. I saw over the fence I brightly lit tall building and music was coming out from there. I asked my driver what is this. He relied very angrily: “this is not your business, just go inside, keep quiet, stay with the group and don’t ask too many questions”. …!!!…great first impression, something obviously instills fear around your place. We got inside. I was impressed by the chanting groups dressed in colorful clothes. I was not impressed when I started taking pictures and EVERYONE, started showing me bills in their palm and asking for money. It was terrible !!! It was like a beggar show - give me, give me, give me! I got disgusted, stoped filming, sat down and waited for hopefully excellent food, suitable to the luxury environment. We waited over 30-40 minutes and we were very hungry. Finally a busy waiter came rushing to our table, did not greet us, did not smile, just pored quickly 2 been soups, slapped them on our table and disappeared. The soup looked awful - a brown mud. We tasted it and it was terrible - a semi sour mud of squished beens. I had better been soup in the army !!! So we pushed it to the side and waited for the next meal. Another 30 minutes another rushed waiter came, removed the been mud and did not even ask us what is wrong with it. Then they slapped on the table a dish with some meat and plums. The meat was not tasty, was full of bones and skin, and was tough to chew. We hated it and pushed it to the side. By this time we were very hungry and asked for bread. Again someone removed the meat dish, did not ask what is wrong with it and they brought us chicken dish. The bowl was huge, but when we removed the cover, it was mostly cus-cus. There was very small half chicken inside, very very small, so we ate that. It was not bad, but not excellent as we expected. Of course we did not eat cus-cus, because it was dry and hard the swallow. In our country cus-cus is a typical national dish, and they make it 100 times better than in you restaurant. So we ate the chicken only and pushed the rest to the side. We were still hungry, so we ordered more bread. The bread got to us, so we decided to order some water and tea. They told us that drinks are not included in the price !!! No one did not tell us this before hand, no one. The price of the water and tea was outrageous !!! So we ordered more bread :) Finally the ‘desert’ came !!! Oh my God, you call this desert ?!?!? It was thin slices ob bread covered with the cheapest ‘cream’ on Earth - the so called ‘cream’ was simply water, sugar and flour. This is what you could feed your pigs in the village. We did not eat this tasteless empty calory bomb. While we we trying to eat something, a group of ‘dancers’ came to our table and started yelling in our ears, I mean yelling. One so called dancer was pulling me by the hand to get up and dance with them. I did with my girl, and a few minutes later, the same lady started puling my hand and showing me the bill in her hand, meaning: give me money, give, give, give !! I got discusted, sat down and my mood was totally spoiled…and I was hungry. The ‘best’ was at the end. When dinner was over, the same waiter, who never asked us once why we do not eat the served food, told us that we HAVE TO pay him for the service. I laughed at that and asked him if he cares that we paid a lot of money for terrible food, we did not eat much, and we are still hungry. He left without any reply, apparently angry that he did not get a tip. Why don’t you tell your aggressive employees that tip must be EARNED with good service and not with arrogant insistance !!!

Then they invited us the the ‘gran show’ wit the horse riders. Are you kidding me, you call this a show ??? We saw some men riding horses and doing simple tricks. I have seen similar show in my country, in Russia and in Ukraine. The difference is night and day. Your riders can only clean the boots, of the REAL horse rider professionals. I was watching this joke of a show and did not know whether to laugh or cry. Oh and one last word. Me and my girl are professional folk dancers in our country. We KNOW what it means to dance !!! Your so called dancers are pathetic, they do not dance, they shake their bums in an extremely unattractive and even ugly manner. They show no grace, no technique, no competence, no professionalism.

So this is my ‘great’ experience of your joke of a show and joke of a dinner. Thank you for making me pay a lot of money for a total waste of my time. I will remember Chez Ali as my worst experience in Marroco, where they care only about taking your money and not about having an unforgetable meal and great entertainment. Shame on you !!! The owner is probably a billoneair, he is obviously very very rich, and if he really cared about his customers, he could make it, but obviously profit is his ultimate goal.
Written 19 January 2020
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Mount Kisco, NY9 contributions
Jan. 2020

- Disintersted traditional musicians playing their instruments only interested in tips
- Eager "artists" trying to pose for photos - again only for tips
- No choice in food - enormous quantities of tasteless stuff
- Awful service
- Bunch of "traditonal" dancers at the dining table who clearly did not want to be there.
- Overpriced wine and beer
- Kind of Cheesy, tourist-trap
Written 7 January 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Donal B
Dublin, Ireland66 contributions
A tourist trap. Avoid. A disservice to Moroccan culture.
Dec. 2019
90 minutes by coach to get there. Disengaged traditional musicians. No choice food. Overpriced wine. Dark, unlit arena. Disengaged waiting staff. Wailing and discordant druming from "traditonal" dancers at the dining table who clearly did not want to be there.Embarrassing for all concerned. Invisible belly dancer. Grotesque "giant" and "dwarf" at the entrance to the Ali Baba cave of plastic stalactites - WTF. Good horse show - if you could see it in the dark from the concrete steps. Guns very loud.
90 minutes coach drive due to pick-ups at 3 hotels! With no apologies or explanations!
Written 28 December 2019
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1 contribution
Chez Ali
Dec. 2019 • Family
I agree wholeheartedly with many of the reviews I have just read. Its a tourist trap, a place you will never return to, full of coaches busing in unwitting tourists and the food and service is awful as compared to what you can find (for much less) in this magical city. We were not aware that it is cash only and with our family settled at a table I then had no option but to get up and drive 3 miles to an ATM (as suggested by the shady looking manager) to get cash.
Service is awful; you try and catch the attention of staff and they will just walk right past you.
The local dancing and singing is, to put it mildly, a little painful to watch; clearly the staff would also rather be anywhere else.
We have really enjoyed Marrakech with the exception of this one outlier - we recommend you avoid at all costs.
Written 28 December 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

23 contributions
Great show
Dec. 2019 • Friends
Really enjoyed this show,A very very warm welcome.The restaurant was a kind of enormous beautifull tent, dancers came around to table.Bit slow bringing each course out but very nice and polite. On entering it is a cave design with treasures.Show followed meal with acrobats and horse back riders, great.Would have been better if explained a bit more what each bit was about.Good fun though! A nice evening out.
Written 18 December 2019
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tony b
Lliria, Spain1,154 contributions
A must see event
Nov. 2019
Its a great night out and well worth the 45 euros for a meal and a show.The only down side is when the groups visit the tables, they all expect to be paid.
Written 13 December 2019
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