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The Bump Track
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Sydney, Australia49 contributions
The Bump Track
Nov. 2020 • Solo
If you are cycling out from Port Douglas as I did make sure you have clear directions. It is not difficult to find but if you are trying to get there not using the main roads one needs some landmarks.

There is no doubt the Bump Track up to the top has some very steep sections but as a relatively fit 70 year old I found it easy as I climbed slowly and steadily. It took me 40 minutes to get to the top and faster to get down. The track is in good condition with several historical photos with information along the way. The track is semi covered with overhanging trees so one is not in direct sunlight. But it is sweaty work so I would do the walk in the morning.
Written 5 November 2020
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Cairns, Australia5,468 contributions
Challenging & rewarding 12km hike
May 2019 • Friends
I tackled the Bump Track with a local hiking group on the weekend of Port Douglas Carnivale. It’s a fairly challenging hike with a steep uphill section for first 1.5 km, then undulating for next 3.5 km to Robbins Creek. (350 metres elevation in first 2 km). You need to cross Robbins creek and if you’ve got boots you’ll want to take these off as you’re feet will most definitely get wet.

Approx 500 metres beyond the creek we took a side track to Big Mowbray Falls (this track is more narrow and took about 45 mins each way to the top of the falls). Here you can swim/cool off in the water and look out over a spectacular gorge opening out into rainforest. This side track isn’t far from the end of the Bump Track. Total Walk was around 15km if you do the side track (marked by pink ribbon, which I managed to miss the first time round). 12km just for Bump Track.

I saw a black snake basking in the sun on the way back and apparently these are a common sight (I believe they are venomous). The Bump Track has a rich history (as an aboriginal trail and as a link for the early settlers to the hinterland by horse and cart) and there are plenty of info plaques on the way if you’re interested.

To get there, drive a few kms south of Port Douglas and turn left just before the Mowbray Bridge down Mowbray River Road. Keep going down and turn onto Connolly Rd and continue until you get to the end over some dirt road sections.
Written 13 November 2019
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Bundaberg, Australia8 contributions
Walking on the Bump Track
Aug. 2019 • Friends
This was a good hike but very steep at the start with no chance of a warmup.
Some excellent scenery and a nice lookout about halfway along.
Lots of information boards along the way to stop and read while you catch your breath.
We did come across a snake but it was no bother.
Friendly donkey at the end of the walk.
Written 25 August 2019
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Melissa L
Melbourne, Australia23 contributions
May 2019 • Couples
I attempted this a few years ago, but wasn't prepared for how steep the first few km's are so only made it about 2 kms then turned back. If only I knew it got a lot easier just past the point I gave up!
This time, I was prepared, had lots of water and a backpack plus a few snacks.
We made it to the creek, did have to use a few fallen tree branches to make crossing it a little easier, but we got through with no wet shoes or socks.
Overall, it was about 3 hours for just over 12kms. Was a really good walk and along the way there are information signs telling you the history of the track, the signs seem to stop once you get past the creek.
Really beautiful surroundings and a really great walk.
Written 31 May 2019
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New York133 contributions
Bump Track Soundwalk
Jan. 2019 • Solo
I share the sentiments and impressions that folks have expressed here. The Bump Track is worth it for both its natural history and history. Apart from a few steep parts, as described in other reviews, it is a pleasant hike: a wide, clear track under canopy cover of the forest. For those interested in hearing birds as well as seeing them, I highly recommend getting out early--very early. I arrived at the Black Mountain trailhead at 4:00am under a clear sky with not even a breath of wind. I walked along the track for an hour before pausing. About an hour before sunrise, the forest started to come to life, reaching a crescendo of birdsong as the sun hit the upper canopy. By 6:00am all was pretty quiet again. The dawn chorus is magical and lasts about an hour. Breakfast on the trail and a pleasant walk back out in the cool of the morning with shafts of sunlight coming through the trees. If you do venture out in the wee hours of the morning, be sure to bring insect repellent and a torch (I prefer a headlamp as it allows me to keep my hands free). The eye shine gives you some idea of what is out there: blue-green iridescent for insects and spiders and larger, lighter greenish tint for toads and frogs.
Written 6 January 2019
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Scott L
2 contributions
Steep beginning for ultimate reward
Jun. 2018 • Couples
The first 1.5km is steep. After that it is undulating for the remaining 3.5km. You cross one creek - hopping from stone to stone (not difficult). There is a side walk off to a waterfall that is marked with pink ties. We didn’t take that path. The walk is 6km one way. We did the 12km return from Conolly Road in around 2 hours 40 mins. Car park is easy to find and well sign posted from the road. There are some information posts situated along the walk that were really interesting! Wow, that track sure makes you appreciate how hard travel was back in earlier 1900s. Saw three black snakes, lovely bird song along the way, and beautiful rainforest. Overall a lovely way - not too far from port Douglas - to spend a morning.
Written 16 June 2018
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Sydney, Australia21 contributions
Steep climb with rewarding views
Jan. 2017 • Solo
I started the track from Connolly Road, which is accessed from Captain Cook Highway, then Mowbray River Road. The start of the track from this end is well indicated. The track runs from Connolly Road to Black Mountain Road for 6 kilometres, so the return trip in total is 12 km. The main lookout however is after about 1.5 km of steep climb. I walked all the way to Black Mountain Road and back, and the return trip took me 3 hours 10 minutes, walking at a good pace. Robbins Creek was actually quite full, as it had been raining heavily the night before, so I had to take my shoes off to cross it. The water at its deepest was about 60cm. About 500 metres before you get to Black Mountain road there is a track that is indicated with marker tape that I presume leads to Mowbray Falls. These falls looked incredible even from quite a distance after the heavy rainfall. You will see them from the track on your right as you walk towards Black Mountain Road.
Written 16 January 2017
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Jane C
Australia20 contributions
Wildlife, views, aerobic workout
Aug. 2016 • Solo
I walk the Bump Track every week from Connelly Road in the Mowbray River valley to Robbins Creek. The first part, as far as the Landing, is a heart-pumping slog up, up and further up. But the good thing is it's mostly shaded by the beautiful tall forest all around you. After the Landing, the track evens out to a delightful, undulating forest walk to Robbins Creek. A birdwatcher's delight - I have seen a Victoria's Riflebird performing its mating display to an awe-struck female bird. This is the highlight so far of my frequent visits to the Bump Track but each week I see something wonderful - black snakes basking in the sun, an echidna foraging with its snout for ants under dry leaves, a lovely goanna and many species of tropical birds. Even if you don't see the birds, their calls echo through the forest. Exhausting uphill but invigorating and enjoyable at the same time. Make the effort to go past the Landing as far as Robbins Creek - you'll love it.
Written 11 August 2016
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Woongarrah, Australia197 contributions
Great workout, good view
Aug. 2015 • Couples
Staying in Port Douglas we were looking for a different walk from the normal beach. Found the Bump Track with its interesting history of buffalo carts, off the beaten track past the Big4 Campsite.
We saw a number of fitness fanatics who ran down the hill and questioned one about the length of the walk as one of the signs mentions 3 hours. She told us, if we took it easily (we're 66&69) it might take an hour and a quarter return to the viewpoint.
It is a hard walk, not for anyone with bad knees etc. but the view from the viewpoint was pretty good. We also saw a lovely waterfall off to the right on the way up just past the Slatey bullocks made it up here is just amazing.
We felt very virtuous once we arrived at the foot of the track once more.
Written 27 August 2015
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Harvey, Australia2 contributions
Exercise enthusiasts
Jan. 2015 • Family
A direct uphill old track once the only overpass from beach to hinterland many years ago.Locals use it -mountain bikers, walkers and joggers. A direct uphill slogg not for the weak hearted but well worth the trek for amazing view.
Written 20 January 2015
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