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Bangkok, Thailand2,822 contributions
Dec. 2021
We have been to Hua Hin many times for holidays, but have never ventured to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park or Phraya Nakhon Cave... in part due to the many reviews that suggested the difficulty in getting to and around the park and climbing to the cave. We're glad we finally decided to visit the park and cave, which are well worth the trip and not nearly as difficult as some portray.

We left our hotel in Hua Hin about 7:30 a.m., which turned out to be about perfect. Getting to the park by car was an easy one hour trip. The cost for entry for foreign visitors is 200 baht; for locals it's 40 baht.

From the ticket booth area, visitors can opt for a short boat ride around the point to Laem Sala Beach, or walk a scenic trail up over a hill and down the other side to arrive at the beach. The day we visited, there didn't seem to be any boats operating, but we would have chosen to hike in any case. The hike to the beach is a couple of kilometers and takes 30 to 40 minutes. There are some very nice views out over Laem Sala Beach and the Gulf of Thailand along the path. Arriving at the beach, the path is perfectly flat for several hundred meters.

From the start of the trail heading up to Phraya Nakhon Cave, to the cave itself is 625 meters but the first 200 meters or so are again flat. From then on, the remaining 425 meters are quite steep, but not as difficult as many make it sound. Anyone who is reasonable fit will not have difficulty with the climb, and there are spots to rest along the way. Some of the steps can be slippery if wet. I'm 66 years old and had no problem making the climb. My wife, who is a bit less fit, struggled somewhat, but also made it in fine shape in the end.

Arriving at the cave itself, visitors walk down into a series of caverns, two of which have collapsed roofs, allowing sunlight to penetrate. The famous spot that all visitors aim for, is the final large cavern, with the pavilion strategically positioned to catch the rays of the sun penetrating the skylight from about 10 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. It is truly a breath-taking scene and worthy of the kazillions of photos that visitors have taken. Beyond the magic of the light shining in on the pavilion, the size of the caverns is also impressive. In two places, entire mini forests are growing within the cave, with trees over 40 meters tall not even reaching half way to the skylight opening of the cave.

When you get back down to the beach from the cave, the restaurant is a nice place for smoothies and other drinks before trekking back over the hill and back to the parking area.
Written 22 December 2021
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Bangkok, Thailand1,363 contributions
Nov. 2021
What an experience to visit the Phraya Nakhon Cave in Sam Roi Yot. What made this experience extra special was the fantastic hike to reach the cave to begin with. We love to hike up mountains and this particular hike did not disappoint. We had to traverse up and down a small mountain to even reach the main mountain which the cave was in. So we had a nice sweat to even begin the main march to the cave. There were considerable people on the main mountain hike but this did not detract from our overall enjoyment of the trek. And once inside all I can say is Wow!! I've seen temples in a cave before but not like this with the sun beaming down on the temple. It was a spiritual experience visiting this awesome site and would recommend this experience for everyone.
Written 29 November 2021
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Pattaya, Thailand92 contributions
Oct. 2021 • Solo
Possibly the most profoundly beautiful place I’ve ever been.

200THB for a foreigner to enter. Depending on your fitness level, if you don’t take the boat, there is a moderate 20 - 30 minute hike along the mountain edge with some stunning beach, forest and gulf views.

There is then a brief walk through some small woods and a restaurant before the hike up to the cave itself begins.

That hike is again, moderate, around 30 - 45 minutes (2KM total distance from start to cave). In my opinion, it is absolutely worth every step for the unique nature of the cave, the collapsed roof in parts throwing sunlight into the huge space and bringing life in the most unexpected places. The temple itself is one of the few times I’ve experienced such a place that is better than any photo or video can portray. Has to be experienced to be believed and if you’re in to it, meditation here is next level.
Written 20 October 2021
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Bangkok, Thailand300 contributions
Mar. 2021 • Family
Took boat but still had to climb..mountanious uneven steps..but reaching inside the cave is so wonderful..then again same way back was too tiring though..
Written 8 April 2021
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Bonnie Z
Bangkok, Thailand137 contributions
Nov. 2020
We went to Phraya Nakhon Cave today and loved it! We only had a short window of time in the morning as we needed to get back to our hotel by noon to check-out so we scoured all these reviews for information on how long it would take.... there were many contradictory reports. In the end, we moved at a brisk pace and due to low numbers of tourists/Covid, only had to wait for others to pass a couple of times. with a lot of people, that would be very different. It took us 1 hour there, 20 minutes to enjoy the center of the cave and 45 minutes to come back.

Here is the situation as we saw it doing the entire hike on foot, no boat:

1) You hike up and then down to the beach (30 minutes) and then up and then down to the cave (30 Minutes)

2) There are steps most of the way up and down, They are often made of rocks and uneven. Wear PE shoes. People in flip flops or sandals will struggle. Some of the rocks are very smooth and can be slippery. If it has been raining, it could be VERY slippery. The ground was dry and we had proper footwear.

3) Carry water. The hike is thirsty work. It is very steep going up and down.

4) I am a 60 year old woman in reasonably good shape and I was able to do it no problem, but I did stop at the view points to catch my breath. I was panting. Small children would struggle as would anyone not sure footed or in the wrong footwear.

5) The cave is lovely regardless but you really want to be there between 9:30 and 11:00 to see the light beaming down on the temple. That is magical.

6) If you think you are going to struggle with the hike, then take the boat as that cuts of 1/3 of the walking. But the hardest walk is really the last part. If you are capable of hiking, just do the hike. Lovely views.

7) the entrance fee allows you access to other National parks/caves in the area for the rest of the day.
Written 15 November 2020
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Bangkok, Thailand55 contributions
Aug. 2020 • Family
This is a fun, if not slightly difficult trek to see a temple in a natural cave. A 400 baht boat ride saves a long trek if you prefer. Foreigners pay 4x more than Thai, something I personally don't agree with as I work and pay tax here. But for 200 baht I wanted to see what it was like. Its 430 meters up a steep incline to the cave, however we say monkeys through the trees which was a lovely distraction. Caves look amazing on a sunny morning with a beam of light piercing through. Worth a visit even if only once. Was disappointed that after paying a boat ride and walking through mud flats to return, there was nowhere to wash my feet unless you paid... A bit cheeky after paying for the boat in the first place.
Written 5 August 2020
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Stein Gunnar Strand
Hua Hin, Thailand41 contributions
Jul. 2020
Terrible place that make all white peoples pay exactly 5 times as much as local people.
I show papers that I work, live and pay tax in Thailand, but no use.

This is not the only place who do this, but is stupid and should not be like this in modern time.
It is not big money, but every one should stop accepting this behavior.
Written 12 July 2020
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Dale S
16 contributions
Jan. 2020
If you are in Sam Roi Yot or nearby (40 minutes) Hua Hin, you won't want to miss this spectacular pavilion set within a limestone cave. You may either take a boat or walk overland, and be advised it is a somewhat strenuous hike to the top of the cave, but well worth it. I would suggest arriving before 11 for the best light.
Written 5 March 2020
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Frances J
12 contributions
Feb. 2020 • Couples
This is a must see attraction, truly amazing. The hike can be quite demanding but it is worth every minute. Great value for money and the boat rides are magical.
Written 4 March 2020
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Finland179 contributions
Feb. 2020
We walked to the cave. It was doable with kids, but would not recommend if you have small kids or otherwise you're not capable of doing some slightly challenging hiking.
The cave was very beautiful, we loved it. Go in the morning as the light is (or at least was ) perfect in mid-February.
Written 25 February 2020
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