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Custom lost
Feb. 2020 • Family
Absolutely appalled and disgusted with the reception service, unbelievably rude, I am shocked. We have been regular weekly customers as our kids absolutely loved it. We will not be returning!!!
Written 28 February 2020
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Lavenham, UK10 contributions
Horrendously Dirty and Expensive
Feb. 2020 • Family
I’ve been before and it’s been good but this visit was awful and I won’t be returning. The lady with the microphone needs to spend more time worrying about the cleanliness of the place than shouting over the tannoy every 5 minutes - I’m afraid this takes all the fun out the place. Whilst I sat with my younger son who had bumped his head, my older (11) and very sensible son accompanied his sister in the toddler area, not using the equipment just keeping an eye on her, so you can imagine my disbelief at being shouted at over the tannoy by said lady that I wasn’t to leave a sibling to look after my daughter in the toddler area! I was absolutely disgusted, especially as I was sitting right by the fence next to it and watch as well. The toilets are filthy, there are pots all over catching water, the hand dryer doesn’t work, the tables were all covered in rubbish/plates/cups and dirty. The floor again, covered in food and rubbish. Staff are rude except for the young girl on reception, who was sweet. For £50 I’d much rather go somewhere welcoming and clean.
Written 3 February 2020
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Colchester, UK243 contributions
fantastic day
Jan. 2020
I love coming here and playing in the ball pit, i find it a step up from other venues. i might also add that the curly fries are amazing.
Written 22 January 2020
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Andrea B
Colchester, UK3 contributions
Staff are rude, place is dirty and smelly!
Jan. 2020 • Family
Staff are rude, service is terrible and the place needs a serious clean. Visited today with our children 1, 7, 11, 12. Did not pay for our 12 year old as he would not play. While we were taking shoes off and sorting ourselves out our 12 year took our 1 year into the under 2s area. 12 year old was simply supervising his little brother, he was not running or playing on anything. They had barely been in there a minute and the woman that appears to be in charge started having a go at us for letting our eldest son in there. She even said "well you wouldn't let him babysit the little one over night would you". We said that he was not playing only watching him for a minute and of course we wouldn't let him babysit over night but that's a stupid comparison because he was looking after him for a minute while we were a few feet away and could see them. She continued to argue and be rude. She eventually stormed off saying she was getting the manage, to which we said yes please we would love to speak to the manager. By the time she went off there were other children in the under 2s area much older than 2 running around and climbing on the equipment as well as under 2s that had no adult in the play area at all, just sat outside of it. She did not speak to one of those children or their parents so we allowed our 12 year old to stay in there with his brother and my husband. Upon leaving we asked why we had not spoken to the manager yet. After arguing again and trying to justify her disgraceful behaviour by lying about what actually happened and claiming all of our children were in there, which they weren't she said that she "sort of is the manager". God only knows what that's supposed to mean! Whilst I understand places have rules surely some common sense should be applied and she should not be speaking to customers that way. If she wants to be so strict on the rules she should police it properly, not just pick on one family!
Aside from that horrible, unnecessary situation that she created the place was dirty and not well maintained. There was a broken chair in the under 2s area which could seriously hurt a little one if they got their fingers caught in it and a little wooden unit that my 1 year old pulled over but thankfully it didn't land on his toes! Carpets are filthy, equipment is dirty and sticky. There are loads of massive cobwebs that are well within reach so no excuse for not cleaning them. Toilets are very dirty and smelly!
If it was possible to rate this place 0 out of 5 I would. We will never go back but I'm sure they don't care as it seems they are actually trying to push their customers away!
Written 18 January 2020
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Shocked customer
1 contribution
Don’t complain about the food
Jan. 2020 • Family
What ever you do not complain about the food the staff get very stroppy and can it handle criticism and get very defensive and make the situation worse by not listening to that customers complaint! then a customer gets Assaulted by another parent! Hi
Written 11 January 2020
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suzanne c
Colchester, UK1 contribution
Yuk icky dirty bleurgh
Jan. 2020 • Family
Visited after school today having not been for quite some time . I have a ten year age gap between my children so used to go many years ago. Boy has this gone down hill! Its filthy and leaves you wishing your bought some sanitizer. We sat on picnic tables along the side ( I think they are the party tables at busy times) the lighting trunking on the yellowing old pub colour ceiling above the tables is thick with dust/dirt. Food splats/stains on ceiling and radiator. The gaps between table slats full of dirt and old food. The menus were actually sticky and stained. Staff standing around. Cobwebs within easy reach (so could be cleaned easily) Food and entrance fee overpriced and not good quality. Childs pizza is a piece of pitta bread with cheese on. Used to love coming here with older children but wont be coming back, left me and family feeling icky. Only a couple of other families there, it used to be heaving after school and I can see why now. Avoid unless you have a handbag sized bottle of dettol!
Written 7 January 2020
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Colchester, UK8 contributions
Too awful for words
Nov. 2019 • Family
Having a few hours spare with the children I visited Childsplay Adventureland as I remembered it used to quite good.All I can say is it has gone downhill dramatically. The entrance price was fairly high considering the floor was so dirty you needed to do a form of hopscotch to get to a table. The play facilities were ok but trouble began when I tried ordering food, and what followed was the most stupid conversation with anybody I have had in my life.
I was told I needed to have cheese on my chips when ordering a chicken burger. I said the menu said it comes with normal chips. She replied it was not possible.
Now I know I never went to Oxford or Cambridge, but surely the way to solve this is..well..just don't add cheese.
So after standing there for several minutes she said she would ask the chef.
That didn't seem to get through though, as I was charged an extra £1.50 for said cheese that wasn't on the menu and I didn't want anyway.
A child also had an accident while I was there and I was amazed how staff were slow to respond.When I asked about this the lady behind the desk said they were unaware of the problem.As if the 10 decibel screams and blood shooting from this childs nose was not enough of an indication.
It's a shame as this place used to be very good so I am not sure what has happened to it.Howerever I will not be going again.
Written 18 November 2019
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Tessa C
London, UK4 contributions
Amazing under 2 area
May 2019 • Family
My little one really enjoyed her trip today. The under 2 s area is large and proper soft play, she could practice her climbing without any concerns. There was even a rope bridge suitable for little tots, adults could also manage to get around the course.

I really enjoyed my visit and will definitely be going again.
Written 30 May 2019
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Colchester, UK5 contributions
Doesnt feel safe or hygienic
Apr. 2019 • Family
I have been visiting child's play for years as had always prefffered it because it always seemed that little bit quieter but I won't be returning.

The toilets are in need of an update and venue as a whole needs a deep clean. Not enough healthy options on food and venue smelled of chips. When ordering a coffee the member of staff had to look at 3 mugs before he found a clean one.

I witnessed a horrendous incident between adults at the centre where one particular group of people got extremely aggressive and abusive to a group of mum's. From what I could gather, a child from each group were involved an a squabble which resulted in one mum hurling abuse at another. At one point this group were shouting and swearing at this table of mum's in front of children you could see these mums looked incredibly intimidated and frightened. The staff, clearly felt the same and rather that ask the agressive group to leave or at very least calm down, started questioning the frightened mum's who ended up leaving. It showed the staff were unable to handle the incident and were too scared themselves to deal with the agressive group. 

When I looked round the centre, mum's looked horrified to see the group continue to get angrier, louder and swear more and I myself left shortly afterwards. 

Unfortunately now this group have put me off returning through fear of seeing them. I no longer feel it's a safe environment for children due to the clientele the centre seems to be attracting (probably due to your competitive prices) I would rather pay more and feel safe in an environment which is supposed to be fun and safe for my children. I can only imagine how those poor mum's feel.

I know the venue are not to blame for aggressive parents. But it's clear they have no guidance on handling them and dealing with these issues which makes me feel unsafe.
Written 10 April 2019
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xxc4txx9 contributions
Thoroughly recommend
Mar. 2019 • Family
I recently visited here with 2 children I take care of. It was so refreshing to go to a soft play where if bigger children weren't playing nicely they were politely asked to stop making it a lovely place for both big and little children to play. The staff were vely welcoming and were pro active in keeping the eating area clean and tidy as and when people had finished eating. I would recommend this soft play and will be going back the children absolutely loved it and were confident in exploring all of the areas. They had a fantastic time.
Written 19 March 2019
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