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We are the South west's premier outdoor pursuits centre. Offering Paintballing, Junior Quad Biking, & Laser Combat Games over 100 acres.Based in between Bristol & Bath you can Shoot your day away at our superb woodland-based Paintballing site, Experience the thrill of riding our Quad Bikes or eliminate your friends using futuristic laser guns. We supply all the Kit and all experience levels are welcome.
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Mason M
1 contribution
Mar. 2022 • Friends
A non understanding owner that after paying a deposit for a group one member couldn't attend due to having a completely unfortunate medical emergency in the day, refused to allow the deposit sum for that person be used to purchase paintballs or even contribute towards the purchase price of paintballs. I found this absolutely ridiculous as the deposit you pay per person is deducted from paintball purchase price anyway, so to then refuse the deposit of the unattendee to be used seems completely obsurd to me and to be honest the overall response from the owner on this matter was ridiculous, aside from that it was rather unorganised with the actual games starting an hour later than it should have, this is not a venue we will be using again it seems this issue is not only isolated to me as seen in the other reviews
Written 21 March 2022
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Oscar L
Bath, UK17 contributions
Mar. 2022 • Friends
Did a half day with a group of 15 of us.
Turned up for 1 and there was probably another 60 odd people there.
We then have to check in and get our paintballs and overalls. This bit was entirely disorganised and a massive faff. There was so much wasted time here and overall by the time the safety brewing commenced it had been 45 mins!

We were then split into 3 large groups. Our group was about 40 people, split into the red and blue team.
We then played 6 games, taking us up until a finish of about 430.

The games themselves were fun as you would expect. The woods themselves are large meaning the playing area is huge, and there is plenty of natural and man made cover.
I actually think the large group size we had was more fun as there was plenty of people to shoot at, however with smaller groups you could probably utilise tactics?

In between each game there was about a 15 minute wait which was a bit long. Personally I think we could easily have fit 8 games in, but I’m sure they have a reason for this.

The toilets themselves (mens as didn’t visit womens) were average in cleanliness, nothing exciting.
You get given coveralls so you can get muddy no problems.
I think I used maybe 350 paintballs but I felt like I was conservative with ammo.

A lot of disorganised waiting
Games are fun and intense
Got 6 games in an afternoon session
Used 350 paintballs easily
Toilets are average
No hot food available, only crisps and cans of drink (reasonable price)

Would I go again?
Probably yes if I had a big group. If I had a smaller group I’d try another paintball place as I’ve heard better reviews
Written 12 March 2022
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Nick T
Wiltshire2 contributions
Mar. 2022
Took my 13YO son and 7 friends for a birthday event and was not disappointed. The whole thing was well-organised and professionally run, and the kids all had a great time. I was apprehensive before going in light of some of the less enthusiastic reviews, but I needn't have worried. It's not cheap, but it's no more expensive than other paintball venues and I feel we got our money's worth.
Written 5 March 2022
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Bristol, UK18 contributions
Oct. 2021 • Friends
Overall I had a good time hence the three star rating, a couple of the games zones were very good particularly convoy. Others not so. Staff were mostly friendly. However there is far far too much waiting around not playing you are meant to play 12-16 games (from their website) in a full day 6-8 in a half we had a full day and did 5 games on each half. Didn't get started till nearly 10 by 1215 we were back told lunch would be 30-45 minutes (which is more than long enough when there is no hot food on site due to covid). We didn't get going again until nearly 2pm by which time numbers had gone from around 22 in the morning to 50-60. I felt like we were just waiting around for the afternoon session to turn up. In the afternoon we played 4 actual games and 1 "use up." Hardly as advertised and we definitely spent far more time waiting around than actually playing. Toilets were disgusting as well filthy first thing in the morning so clearly not cleaned from the day before stayed that way all day.
I wouldn't return there are far better sites in Bristol.
Written 4 October 2021
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Helen B
Birmingham3 contributions
Jul. 2021
Booked this experience as a birthday party for my son.

The kids had a decent time (hence 2 stars) but there are too many things that need to be improved:

1. Improve healthy and safety.
We couldn't hear the safety talk at the beginning. Whoever delivers this talk needs to STAND STILL and in a place which is visible to everyone so they can see the equipment and hear what is being said.
Each camp should have a basic first aid kit. One of my 11 year olds was shot in the back of the head - it would have been good to be able to apply a cold compress but no first aid was available.

2. Communicate clearly.
People (especially) kids should be instructed on how to ration bullets - we weren't sure how many games there would be and the instructors didn't know either. Tell people before the games that they will be based in one camp so they can bring their phones/water/whatever else they need. My kids assumed they were playing on all the sites but sadly not.

3. Have awareness for the environment
If you care for the environment in any way at all then Hamburger Hill: the place is a mess.
The paintballing zones are in wooded areas strewn with litter: plastic bottles, cans, bags, empty cartridges, crisp packets...
It's obvious that no-one cleans the safety area down after a game and there are no recycling bins for the hundreds of plastic bags being used for individual helmets (pointless!)
It's really disappointing that whoever runs Hamburger Hill clearly has no environmental conscience. (The world is on fire bro! Don't you care?)

4. Organise drop off points for equipment after the game.
Surely it's not difficult to provide 3 massive bins for uniform, belts, hoppers rather than everyone leaving their stuff on the floor, on tables, in the toilet?

5. Sort out the smoking / drug problems.
On the way out, there were a couple of young lads smoking weed in the car park - it was pretty obvious to everyone as the smell was all over the site and lots of people were commenting on it. Staff should be confronting this behaviour.

5. Employ decent staff
Our instructor seemed like a decent guy but there were too many members of staff that looked like they were about 14 and had been dragged in off the streets. Most of them seemed mute, wanted to avoid eye contact and were intent on being totally useless.

I won't be paying for my kids to go back to this place. It needs to be slicker and more professional to warrant the prices being charged.
Written 31 July 2021
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Eleri Phillips
3 contributions
Jul. 2021
We visited Hamburger Hill for paintballing last week with our rehabilitation charity Key4Life, the instructors were so accommodating for our large group and everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We will definitely be visiting again with other groups of our participants, thank you for an amazing day out!
Written 12 July 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Bristol, UK1 contribution
May 2021
The good stuff, paintball is fun, the site fields of play are massive lots of different fields but they dont use them all. (understandablily you have to walk further for more terrain) Very big site lots of military stuff lying around. Staff are friendly. Markers air were checked throughout the day so thats a good point. Most people could say they had a good day out. The safety speech was very good.

The bad stuff. Markers leaked balls out the barrels and were poorly maintained. The tippmann 98 requires a tippmann 98 ball retainer (spare part very cheap) to be regularily replaced clearly not the case when balls kept dropping out of barrels pointed at the ground. Resulting in 2-3 ball shots and blockages. This was observed on muliptle markers. Organisation of games could have been speeded up there was a lot of waiting around. Marshells were not actively checking splats during game and was VERY ANNOYING THAT people hit were not being actively asked to leave the field. Never saw one person asked to leave the field of play which on a good site happens on a regular basis.

The very bad part, at the end of the match game over called. (in fairness not the fault of the company or staff ) but the bad behaviour of other punters resulted in paintballs being used up..... with indscriminate firing resulting inocent kids getting shot with no recourse as a parent i was very annoyed!!

Now why didnt i raise this at the time with the company question???? All the stuff have mentioned takes time to sort out not during the field of play. Felt that poor behaviour on site is not punished by the company , the example at the end should be punished with a fine of some kind. Normally if friends etc want to all shoot each other close range stag due etc they told at lunch time if they want a mini game by themselves at the end etc just for this purpose. Bad behaviour is something that the company has to manage basically and could do with some improvment.

Would i go back ? yes i would i feel that maybe what happend on the day was one off. the comments i have made can easily be acted on. So yes i will be back.
Written 9 May 2021
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1 contribution
Apr. 2021 • Friends
This has to be one of the worst places I have been to regardless of what type of industry the staff were some of the most arrogant, rudest, careless people I have met.

1. The staff chain smoke so much the safe zones were smokey, its disgusting! When asked if we could step outside because of the smoke we were told. 'Your allowed to smoke in here'. We didn't mind them smoking just didn't want to sit in it.

2. They endulge cheating. Several team members pointed out that someone kept wiping away their paint which caused our team to keep losing. However instead of dealing with the issue they responded with 'just get on with it'. It was later discovered that these were the Marshall friends!

3. The staff don't wear their masks during the games as this prevents them from smoking. However they enfocre the rule themselves. This doesn't make sense to me.

4. The staff are rude and lazy. Not one staff member asked if we were enjoying our day and barley spoke to us as they were occupied on their phones or smoking (Again).

5. Faulty Equipment. My gun broke 3 times causing me to spill around 300 balls (about £20) I took it to the Marshall each time this happened and they 'fixed it'. Clearly not, which meant I also missed out on 3 games. When it came to the final round and I complained that I had no paint left due to the gun breaking I was given 50 balls as compensation and had to use the same gun which was still broken.

6. If your looking to go during covid time dont! There is no restrictions in place, they take way to many bookings we estimated around 60/70 people were having lunch at the same time.
Whilst lunch was outdoors there was no social distancing between the tables. They also were taking bookings over the government guidelines as some tables had 15 people sat around them.

As well as this the facilities were disgusting piss soaked floors in the toilets and rubbish everywhere. When asking where a bin was I was told by a member of staff to just 'chuck it on the floor.

Me and the entire party I went with all feel that this place should be shut down or inspected as it is out right disgusting on all levels.
Written 19 April 2021
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Bath, UK60 contributions
Sep. 2020 • Friends
Fun day out- paintball is expensive so that is expected.
The only put down (especially during covid) is when another party had taken the masks from our table, worn them and then opened and put on their own. When we informed the staff they just said ‘I don’t know what we can do’ ‘there’s nothing where we can do’. For the sake of not ruining the day, I put on the mask that had been worn by a stranger before me which was quite uncomfortable and unnerving during Covid...
Written 14 September 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Amelia G
8 contributions
Aug. 2020 • Friends
Bought this experience for my Dad for Father’s Day, travelling 1 hour and 20 minutes to the venue, we were so excited to give paintballing a try - only to be utterly disappointed. On arriving to the venue the employee manning the car park informed us that there were ‘too many’ people at the venue, hence why the car park was so full, this unnerved us, not only because we were concerned that our car would be blocked in, as were the other cars but because of Covid also. On entering the facility we quickly realised that there were no measurements taken to ensure that people socially distanced as a great number of people were packed into the reception area. We were then informed that the ‘hot meal’ which was included in the ‘all day’ experience would not be available due to Covid (this we received no compensation for) and were surprised by the fact that there were still snacks on sale to customers. We were then told that we would not have the 100 free balls as advertised until the afternoon session, we said that we may not stay until the afternoon session and asked that we have the free balls now but were told that we could not (we paid for a full day of paintballing at £25 yet received no balls?!) Having bought this as a gift I was so embarrassed that my dad had to pay an additional £8 for the 100 balls for the morning session already having paid an extra £10 on top of my £25 gift to move the date forward (due to Covid), I quickly realised that other people were paying an additional £35 for 500 balls, meaning that our 50 balls each wouldn’t have lasted very long. The member of staff speaking to us did not seem to appreciate our complaint and offered no resolution and with that we left. The day seemed to us to be the perfect example of false advertising and bad customer service.
If you are willing to pay the additional fees you might just enjoy yourself, but for us, the whole day turned out to be an inconvenience and a waste of fuel.
Written 22 August 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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