La Vaquita Los Cabos

La Vaquita Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas: Hours, Address, La Vaquita Los Cabos Reviews: 3.5/5

La Vaquita Los Cabos
8:00 PM - 5:00 AM
8:00 PM - 4:00 AM
8:00 PM - 4:00 AM
8:00 PM - 4:00 AM
8:00 PM - 5:00 AM
8:00 PM - 5:00 AM
8:00 PM - 5:00 AM
8:00 PM - 4:00 AM
La Vaquita Cabo is an incredible place where every night of the week the party is lived to the fullest. The fame of this place as one of the wildest Cabo San Lucas nightclubs, has been won by force, because in the nights of La Vaquita there are no limits. Here, the partyholics dance to the rhythm of reggaeton and Latin music until dawn.
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Very good

omar r
3 contributions
Short but fun
Jul. 2021 • Friends
So was a group of 9 of us we got thier at 8pm as all clubs and places are closing at 10pm because of COVID. Did vip bottle services and they put a $500 consumption requirement no entrance charge dress code was very casual. Servers we’re very attentive good music even let us take the bottle we did not finish only con was close at 10pm
Written 24 July 2021
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52 contributions
Fun but Horrible Service
Jul. 2019
The one word to use to describe La Vaquita, is disappointing. We went a few nights during our Cabo stay. Although the first night had a fun atmosphere with the music and balloons, the last night ruined it all. I would not recommend spending your time or money here. We had purchased several drinks and shots each time we went there (total of 3), and on the 3rd visit, there was a group of people in a VIP section near the bar who offered us shots, to celebrate my birthday. After they poured us the shots from their own bottle service, Roger, a server there was extremely rude. He rushed up to us and said if we drank those shots, he would be charging us and we would have to pay. We explained that the bottle was already paid for by that group and they offered it to us to celebrate. He continued shouting at us, with absolutely zero customer service. That's not how you treat any person in your venue that has already spent a lot of money there, encouraged others to join them (so bringing in additional patrons), nor how you treat a human being. He needs to go through additional customer service training, or honestly, be fired since this isn't the job for him. There's a way you go about things, and his lack of awareness and care was disgusting. The other servers and managers were no better either, Christian, Yogi, and Jorge. Don't waste your time here- there are several other clubs that are friendly, accommodating, and have a much better atmosphere. A cow in the ceiling is all this place has to offer- and that's not much.
Written 11 August 2019
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Hi! Juliana! Thanks for coming and sharing us your comments. We've shared the situation with the La Vaquita´s General Manager in order to improve our service. Hope to see you soon
Written 14 August 2019
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Ricky travels
Long Beach, CA4 contributions
interesting experience---little girl abused
Jun. 2019 • Friends
So me and my best friend were out on my first night, her 5th in downtown. so we decided to come out and just have a few drinks. Walking down the BLVD, we came across la Vaquita, and instantly got greeted by one of their promoters offering my friend a free drink. The place seemed pretty chill so we accepted. We were sat at a "reserved" table right next to the bar which was also overseeing the main BLVD where all the other clubs and restaurants were at. As we were having our cocktails a mother and little girl (like 2 years old) come up to us and offer to sell flowers, like in any other tourist area has. we declined and continued on with our night. a few minutes later and gentle man comes up selling flowers as well. we decline and he approaches the woman and little girl and begins to hit the kid and "spartan" kicks her. while all this is happening, all the promoters are just walking around and not doing anything about the abuse that is happening infront of their establishment.

I understand that this happens all across tourist cities but allowing something like that take place infront of your establishment is where the line was crossed. We immediately spoke to our waiter =, who then contacted the promoter's team lead and supposedly he called the cops on them. whether that actually occurred is beyond me.

other than this, the bar was good. good music, nice dance floor and lovely waiters.
Written 26 June 2019
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Mansfield, TX15 contributions
Poor service
Jun. 2019 • Friends
We had a group of 10 people, who had been in the dance club for a couple of hours (had a round of shots and had just ordered our 3rd large bucket of beer) when the waitress who had been serving us took our table we were sitting at,told us to move, and gave it to another group who came in. She told another member of our group that they were going to buy a bottle and we hadn't so we were out. She wouldn't even give us our ticket for us to payout - we had to stand in line at a bar to pay out. They did at least let us poor the beer we had ordered into plastic cups and take it with us. Oh - the group who was given our tables? They left before we did - by the time we paid our check, they had already left. Guess they didn't buy that bottle after all.

It's a nice place - just plan to spend big money for bottle service if you plan to stay any length of time - they will boot you out if you don't.

We went from there to El Squid Roe and had a GREAT TIME - friendly staff, great service and plenty of dancing! Highly recommend Squid Roe for a very fun time!
Written 18 June 2019
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California12 contributions
Very Fun Time, Quiet Midweek but Safe and Friendly
Feb. 2019 • Friends
Brought a group of friends 18-35 years old mid week. We arrived around 11 pm and the club was not very busy, dance floor was pretty empty. However we came for a good time and we were going to make this happen! It seems like the bar staff, waiter, security and DJ were all on board with our plan. I ordered a bottle of tequila right away and we set up camp at the tables right next to the dance floor rather than in the private reserved booths. We wanted to get the dance floor going! Our table service came with the standard sparklers and mixers. It seems that we earned ourselves our own bartender and security person. This meant we felt very comfortable leaving our drinks on the table along with our coats as there was always a staff member watching over them. The DJ took our song requests and the staff let us/encouraged us to dance on the stage and elevated platforms. We kept the bottles of tequila coming until 1:30 am when our group left. It never got busy but we had an awesome time.

At the end of the night when I got the bill (in Pesos) everything was as expected. They charged the amount in for each bottle that was listed on their drink menu I was given at the start of the night. I paid with my US credit card and gave them my ID as well (this is standard in any nightclub I've where I've ever paid for bottle service). I added a 25% tip as we were happy with our service. I kept my bills from all the clubs we visited and compared them to the amount charged in USD when we got home and everything was correct. There were no extra charges.

We will absolutely be coming back in April :)
Written 1 April 2019
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Alberto C
2 contributions
It's an absolute tourist trap!
Jan. 2019 • Solo
Being a Local I thought maybe they'd be a little more courteous to us. Absolutely rude. I havent had more than 2 drinks and the security told me I'm too drunk for the club. We saw a white couple hanging from the rails come in with a red carpet. I do not recommend this place if you're of color. Sorry but I lost my cool. They Definitely don't deserve to be a part of Cabo...
Written 26 January 2019
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Snow Mexican
Wichita, KS61 contributions
Nov. 2018 • Solo
I wandered in here towards the end of my night because the place seemed quite lively. The “salesmen” outside promised cheap beer, etc. (like everywhere in Cabo). Get inside and I order a Corona and they come back with an (in hindsight) un-itemized receipt for 4USD. For a bottle of Corona. He insisted that was the price. Since I had already started drinking and not wanting to start a fight I told him to that I wanted to pay by credit card in Pesos. No problem, but he asks for my ID which was unusual but I stupidly gave it to him. As soon as he walked away I realized my likely mistake and followed him up to the bar. There he is in the back scanning both sides of my credit card and ID with some guy dressed up like a manager watching him! He comes back up a few minutes later and presents another un-itemized receipt, and is holding it so I can’t see the total and gives me a pen and repeated asks me to sign. I take the receipt from him and find out that now my bottle of Corona has inflated to 200 pesos!! ($10USD). I laughed at him, scribbled “NO” on the receipt, grabbed my cards and walked out. On my way home, it occurred to me that my ID has my signature on it, and judging by the other reviews for this bar reporting fraud, I fully expect that they will forge my signature and try to run that bill and more. Already reported it to the CC company so it will be more of a nuisance than anything, but this whole event ruined an otherwise amazing night.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS, and always triple check your bills at any venue, especially late at night after several drinks.
Written 16 November 2018
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San Francisco, CA21 contributions
Sep. 2018 • Friends
We recently visited this establishment, and it happen to be the fight weekend and Independence Day for Mexico. We stumbled upon this place in particular because they were playing 2Pac. Yes, silly reason to pick, but I'm so glad we did. Our waiter was attentive the whole night, and made our night! We had tons of fun dancing, watchin the videos on the big screen and pounding tequila shots! It was packed by the 11/12am - keep in mind party goes til 6am in Cabo! So much fun, I think our waiter's name was Manuel! lol sorry, I was pretty drunk!
Written 2 October 2018
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Merlyn Rosales
Los Angeles, CA128 contributions
Place was DEAD!
Jul. 2018 • Couples
Went there with the wife at round 11 pm (Sunday) hoping to do some clubbing and visited this spot. The cow hanging from the rafters sold the wife :) After an hour I was done. We did make some request and DJ did accommodate us but dancing with less than 10 people in a club is sad! Drinks were OK, prices were what you expect in Cabo clubs. Nothing to get excited over. Only positive thing to write about was the cleanness of the Men's bathroom, did not expect that.
Written 10 August 2018
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Puerto Rico10 contributions
Good For Dance and have fun
Jul. 2018 • Friends
Great Music all the time, but don't pay with credit cards. Pay in 'Pesos'. The place have to evaluate the entire reviews because this is not good for them and for the others place around
Written 9 July 2018
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