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Key West, Florida resorts

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Property owner typically means…
  • Verification of owner name and address via valid credit card
  • Direct & personal contact
  • Detailed rental knowledge
  • Flexible dates & rates
  • More options in smaller towns
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Holiday Rental Accommodation on Key West

The diversity of the holiday rental accommodation available on Key West means that there is something available to suit every budget and surely all tastes. From cottages and modest condos, to villas and townhouses, to penthouses and country estates, Key West has it all, meaning that your holiday in Key West can be as free of restriction as possible, at a price you can afford. If you want the freedom to explore Key West at a time and in a manner of your choosing, selecting the holiday rental best suited to your individual requirements is the way to achieve your goal.

Water sports in Key West

The weather and geography of Key West make it an ideal location for a great many different types of water sports. Fishermen of all disciplines can choose from the art of fly fishing for tarpon, to deep sea fishing expeditions from a boat and most options in between. Those simply interested in being out on the water can go pleasure cruising on a charter boat, perhaps to view the dolphins and other marine life, hire a kayak and meander through the waterways at their own pace, or even jump on a jet ski and enjoy some high speed thrills. Scuba divers can admire the natural coral reefs or explore the wrecks in the area, some of which were deliberately sunk to form artificial reefs.

Popular attractions in Key West

The beaches of Key West are both numerous and beautiful but a visit to the Fort Zachary Taylor State Park allows you to combine your beach relaxation and activities with an inexpensive tour of the fort, or perhaps a casual stroll along one of the nature trails. Art lovers will find a great many galleries of interest in Key West, with the majority local to the popular Duval Street part of town. Key West Golf Club is not only about allowing golf lovers to practise their swing, it also has a popular restaurant and bar, which could perhaps serve as a point at which non-golfers can arrange to meet players after their round. One monument not to miss in Key West is the small round landmark which denotes the most southerly part of the continental United States.

Restaurants and bars in Key West

Duval Street is the popular centre of Key West in so many ways, not least when it comes to restaurants. When you are eating out from your Key West holiday rental of an evening, you may wish to sample popular outlets such as Nine One Five or Mangoes, or try the Banana Café for breakfast or lunch. Blue Heaven in the Bahama Village is the place to sample outdoor dining of the highest quality, with an indoor option available if preferred. The bars and clubs of Key West are plentiful in the extreme, with options to suit all tastes and requirements and allow you to party the night away in style.