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  • A dining experience that is as much fine theatre as gourmet eating. Tastes are many and varied.
Cuisines: French, Australian, Contemporary
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  • My new favourite restaurant on the Gold Coast with the Best food
  • Stunning
Cuisines: French
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  • What an adventure!
  • fantastic
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  • Yes this where I want to eat every day!
  • tesuyas review
Cuisines: Seafood, Asian fusion
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  • Tasting menu was fantastic!
  • Best in Brizzie
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  • Fantastic food, service and view!
  • PeeWees Tops the food chain
Cuisines: Australian
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  • Great place to dine!
  • Deserves to be #1
Cuisines: Seafood, International
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  • One of the best restaurants in Australia
  • Another fantastic family night out
Cuisines: Asian, Chinese
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  • Wow - what a lovely evening - and on my birthday too!
  • Spend the 3.5 hours on the 8 course tasting menu
Cuisines: Australian, Contemporary, Eclectic, Fusion
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  • Fabulous food
  • One of our absolute favourites
Cuisines: Spanish, Tapas, International
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