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  • Great hotel in the historic center of Santa Marta
  • beautiful hotel and location
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  • Unexpectedly great! A little oasis in Mompos
  • Great small hotel in a beautiful town
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  • Beautiful hotel with lovely staff!
  • LOVED this Hotel
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  • What a helpful friendly person!
  • I loved Sunset Hotel!
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  • Amazing place and outstanding service
  • Every detail is perfect
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  • Excellent service and great place to stay
  • Good location in historic center,
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  • Very homey atmoshere, nice break from chain hotels
  • An Absolute Gem! You Must stay here!
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  • We made some new friends here!
  • Paradise in the Coffee Triangle
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  • This was one of our best places to stay
  • Just what we needed!
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  • Excellent place to stay
  • LOVED this hotel!
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