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  • A perfect destination for relaxation, a place with good taste and refinement that you feel pampered. Each time I leave with the desire to return.
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  • Exactly what you would expect from the hilton group
  • Oradea, Double tree Hilton, strongly recommended
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  • My Favourite
  • Better than expected
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  • Perfect hotel
  • Wonderful experience!
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  • We met a "big heart" in Sinaia.
  • Perfect Hotel! Perfect Restaurant!
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  • Most Civilized Hotel in Bucharest
  • Excellent Once Again
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  • One of the first choices for a hotel in Bucharest
  • Highly recommended 5 star hotel
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  • elegance + elegance
  • Great hotel, friendly staff
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  • Fantastic Boutique Hotel
  • Beth and Todd Figg
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