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  • It's a lovely, well run hotel with traditional Andean decor, comfortable rooms and a great restaurant. It also has a beautiful garden filled with birds.
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  • Beautiful place in a peaceful setting
  • Amazing stay
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  • Lovely place lovely people
  • Great place, wonderful people!
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  • Second visit was even better than first thanks to my guide Jacob and Chino the boat driver
  • Amazing place, but not if you need those little luxuries ....
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  • Can't say enough about how great this hotel is...
  • Great lodge, incredibly helpful owner
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  • Cozy and memorable
  • Very pleasant stay
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  • Wonderful HOT shower near the market
  • Good value, delicious breakfast
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  • Hotel staff fantastic, room more than comfortable
  • The great reviews were not wrong, FIRST CLASS hotel!!
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  • A Wonderland
  • Great place to relax
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