New York is the fashion capital of the world. With is diverse population and history, New York is the ultimate shopping destination. But where does one go if they are visiting? With so many stores and a lot of ground to cover, where do you start?

Well, first consider budget. New York don't come cheap. Walking down 5th Avenue with an empty wallet is a tease. But what if you could shop designer clothes at prices you could affors? In many countries, stores do not have sales often. In France, stores are only allowed to put their items on sale 2 days out of the year, and they can't pick these days either.

New York is known for having great sales. But what if you could shop for more than just the regular 30% off retail rack? Sample sales are a New York secret not everyone knows about. At samples sales, you'll find previews from new collections, great pieces from past collection or overstock from the current season. Either way, you are walking out with a bag full of goodies at up to 80% off wholesale prices.

For those who are visiting, from UK or France (and other European countries), buying things here comes out much cheaper for them. For New Yorkers, why shop retail when you can get great designer things for uber cheap!?

So, how does one find out about these magical sample sales? There are many websites that list sample sales in the city.

Some designers who have sample sales:


Andrew Mar


Qi Cashmere


Chanel, Valentino & Dolce and Gabanna