Shreveport-Bossier is full of relaxing modern convenience wrapped in welcoming Southern charm. Residents take care of the visitors like family, filling them up with the tastiest food and treating them to as much entertainment as they want. Shreveport-Bossier is Louisiana 's Other Side, and here, you'll find a mix of wide open Texas spirit and spicy Cajun attitude.

     Shreveport-Bossier took the tasties of Louisiana and the best of big Texas and blended it into its own brand of entertainment and fun. From big, outdoor festivals to laugh-til-your-side-hurts indoor comedy shows, this northwestern corner of the state has it all. Festivals are its trademark, and they are held from the time the first warm breeze dances across the faces to the time cool air convinces everyone it's time to go indoors. Shreveport Bossier's festivals draw hundreds of thousands, from this state and others, all ready to experience family-friendly fun with loads of good food, days of dancing, art and a whole lot more.

     Some popular festivals include Mardi Gras, Cork ... A Red River Wine Event, Holiday Inn Dixie, Mudbug Madness, Let the Good Times Roll Festival, Riverblast, Harvest and Heritage Tour, and December on the Red.