In Singapore nothing is truly that far away, and with its excellent public transportation getting around is easy. The Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ) was put into service in 1987, and has since been augmented by and linked to the Light Rapid Transit. Combined you can often get you within walking distance of most destinations. The maps on the metro system are easy to read, complete with English version, and an EZ-Link card or the NETS Flashpay Card (stored value cards), easily purchased at all MRT stations and bus interchange, makes using the MRT a snap. One card costs S$12 ($5 as the cost of the card and is non-refundable and $7 as the stored value) and can easily be replenished at the MRT stns.

The local buses, namely, SBS Transit and SMRT Buses are comfortable and mostly airconditioned and very cheap. This form of transport only accepts exact change or use your EZlink card - tap it on the card reader when you get on the bus and again at the exit door when you get off the bus. Bus routes are available from large bookshops.  

 Cabs are also available throughout Singapore and the prices are considered reasonable. Taxicabs can be hailed on the street, or at taxi stands around the town. There are numerous stands at major destinations, such as shopping malls and hotels. You can also call to arrange a pick-up, including ordering a cab for an arranged time. The fares are subject to the number of surcharges for driving into the city’s center, during peak hours and from the airport. During peak hours it can be more difficult to obtain a cab, so if plan ahead for those occasions.

Private vehicle use, including rental cars, for use in the Central Area is discouraged (at least unofficially) by the number of  tolls implemented through an electronic road pricing system, which operates during peak hours. Driving in Singapore is actually easy however, thanks to well-marked road signs, which are in English.

 Tip: After arriving at the airport, proceed to the nearest Singapore Visitor's Center and get all the maps and brochures that they offer for free. This will be a big help when planning your itinerary during your stay.

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Map of MRT System