If you plan to do much shopping in Positano, invest in a good backpack or one of those grocery baskets on wheels, or you'll feel like the Greek, Sisyphus, with his rock as the city of Positano is a hill city in the truest sense. The only difference is you'll be carrying (or pulling) ceramics, clothing, jewelry, and other such goodies.  

Positano is popular for its beachwear and casual clothing. At Via del Brigantino, located near the beach, of course, you'll find the perfect swimsuit to sunbath or actually use in the water. Umberto Caro on Via Pasitia sells locally-made pottery with the rich, vibrant colors you expect to find in such a rich vibrant community as Positano. They specialize in dishes and cookware, and if you've never used ceramic cookware, especially from Italy, don't pass this place up!

For original souvenirs do not miss Idee d'Arte on the beach. 

Angelo Fusco is a jewelry shop in town that specializes in cameos and coral jewelry. You'll find Angelo's in Positano's main square, not far from the beach. Another jewelry shop is GAF on Piazza Duomo, one of the oldest shops around, offering watches for both men and women, as well as gold and silver jewelry. For the ultimate in Positano souvenirs, visit La Bottega dei Sogni, on Via Casa Vollaro. You'll find everything from silver items to lingerie there, as well as some unique items you'll definitely want to bring home.

For definite, Italian-flavored ceramics, check out Conterranneo Ceramics, with bold colors and designs that reflect the local "color" of Italy and Positano. You'll find this shop at Supportico dei Ferrari.