Basilica of La Merce

Address: Plaza de la Merce, 1

Hours: 10 am to 1 pm, 6 pm to 8 pm.

The Basilica of La Merce is located near the port. The Virgin of La Merce (Our Lady of Mercy) is the patron saint of Barcelona. This church is a late Gothic church and later renovated to a late Baroque style by the architect Josep Mas between 1765 and 1775. It contains a 14th century Gothic statue of Our Lady of Mercy that was made by the artist Pere Moragues. The church has a single nave and there is a plaza in front of the church with the same name. The people of Barcelona hold this Virgin in a profound reverence and every September there is a festival that is dedicated to her. There is a legend that Our Lady of Mercy freed the city from a plague of locusts in 1637, so that is when the City Council named her as the patron saint of the city. Whenever a city sports team wins a championship, it is the custom for the team to go to the church to sing a hymn of gratitude.