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WESROC Bush to Beach Trail

Part of the Whadjuk Trails - an interconnected network of walking trails through Perth's western suburbs.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.19 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Bush to Beach Trail lies on Whadjuk Noongar land. This trail forms the east/ west section of the Whadjuk Trails, currently under ... more »

Tips:  The Bush to Beach Trail can be enjoyed throughout the year. The weather in Perth in the summer can become very hot. It is always... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Lake Jualbup

As well as the lake, the park includes open grassed space, playground equipment, BBQ's, toilets and a water fountain. A masonry building is located in the south-west corner. The lake is generally full during the winter rainy season, but can dry up completely during the summer months. A variety of birdlife reflecting the seasons can be found... More

2. Shenton Bushland

Shenton Bushland was once part of the territory of the Mooro group of the Whadjuk tribe, who would have used it for food and medicinal plants. Since European settlement it has been used as a POW Camp and a rubbish dump.

From 1992, the Friends of Shenton Park Bushland campaigned to retain the bushland for conservation and passive recreation.... More

3. Perry Lakes

Perry Lakes Reserve is located 7km west of Perth's CBD in the suburb of Floreat, and covers an area of 80 hectares. It is a drought refuge for a range of fauna, is adjacent to Bold Park, and includes two lakes, known as the West Lake, and East Lake. These lakes are an important breeding ground for waterbirds, frogs, and turtles. Perry Lakes has... More

4. Bold Park

Bold Park covers 437 hectares making it one of the largest remaining areas of coastal bushland in the Perth metropolitan area. The park was named after William E. Bold, the longest serving Town Clerk of the City of Perth and has a rich and varied history passing through the hands of several notable Perth families. During the 1830’s Henry Trigg was... More

5. Lake Claremont

Lake Claremont is a Conservation Category Wetland and Bush Forever site, important in preserving Perth’s unique biodiversity. Although development has taken its toll over the last century and a half, it was once, according to an old timer, ‘a paradise’ where fresh spring water, snakes, possums, turtles and wildfowl abounded.

Formerly known as ... More

6. Allen Park

Allen Park lies within 1km of the Indian Ocean and stretches inland from foredunes through coastal heath and open tuart woodland. The eastern fringe includes jarrah and large marri trees, some hundreds of years old. The dominant landscape feature of the park is Melon Hill, a 40m high dune with magnificent 360 degree views including Rottnest... More

7. Swanbourne Reserve

Allen Park originated when “Pleasant Valley” farm” owned by the Langoulant family, was sold to the Nedlands Roads Board in 1924/5. Today, a few exotic trees and parts of a limestone retaining wall are all that remain of the dairy on their property, located just south of Sayer Street as one crosses from the Boobook Sector into Allen Park’s Heritage... More

8. Grant Marine Park

One hundred years ago grazing goats and sheep caused severe erosion at Grant Marine Park. In later years weeds and lawn grass dominated the site. Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers and Town of Cottesloe commenced restoration work in 2003. Before work started a survey was taken of 18 remnant local plant species. Paths were constructed, there was a huge... More