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Olallie Mountain Bike Trail

An amazing afternoon ride on some great single track trails.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  An amazing single track descent makes this 5 mile climb and 2,000 foot elevation gain on a forest road well worth it! You will... more »

Tips:  From I-5 take state Highway 126 from Eugene until you get to the town of McKenzie Bridge. Turn right on Forest Service Road 2683 ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of the Ride

Start your 5 mile ride up Forrest Road 1993. Sometimes the road is steep and you'll definitely be tired, but trust me, the descent is well worth the effort. If you have two cars you could easily make this a shuttle run taking turns on the single track descent!

2. Viewpoint - Almost There!

From the top of this final ridge you should be able to see Mt. Washington and the Three Sisters. If it is spring time you'll probably see a bunch of wildflowers too. From here keep an eye out for Forrest Service Road 340 which you'll spot behind a big green gate. At first the loose gravel road climbs steeply but then it levels off and even... More

3. Top of Ride

A sweet panorama of the view from the top of the Olallie Mountain trail can be had here. On clear days you should be able to see all the way to the Sisters and possibly even to Jefferson and Mt. Hood in the far distance. In the summer you should see plenty of wildflowers as well. Start heading down the left fork in the road but GO SLOWLY or... More

4. Single Track Trail Junction

Olallie Trail 3529 is a single track mountain bike trail that can be easily missed if you don't go slowly enough. It doubles back down the ridge from which you are riding away from so be careful not to pass it or you'll be biking back up the hill to find it! You'll now have 3.5 miles of amazingly smooth single track to rally down. Enjoy!

... More